Alicia Keys Pregnant On Piano: Rumors From Weight Gain To Pregnancy Top Dating Usher In 2024


One of the world’s most popular music artists in the late ’90s, 43-year-old Alicia Keys is making headlines again in 2024 after her sizzling appearance in the Super Bowl show at halftime. The singer wowed the audience in a head-to-toe gorgeous red Dolce & Gabbana bejeweled bodysuit and a red billowing cape, as she made it to the stage alongside Usher during Super Bowl’s halftime show.

Her skin was glowing, courtesy of her very own skincare range Keys Soulcare, not to forget the amazing makeup artist Dotti who waved magic with the makeup, complementing the red hot outfit Alicia Keys wore at the event.

Alicia Keys is an American singer and songwriter, who was born in January 1981 in Manhattan, New York City, and named after her godmother who hails from Puerto Rico. Alicia Keys underwent classical training to become a pianist, and she had this wonderful gift as a composer at the tender age of 12, which helped her bag a deal with Columbia Records when she was only 15 years old.

“Songs In A Minor”, her debut studio album was a huge commercial and critical success, which sold more than 12 million copies all over the world. Keys’ chart-busting number-one single “Fallin’” was part of the same album which went on to receive 5 Grammy Awards in 2002.

Her second studio album titled “The Diary Of Alicia Keys”, released in 2003 also saw stellar success and won 4 Grammy Awards. It contained superhit songs such as “If I Ain’t Got You”, “Diary”, and “You Don’t Know My Name, to name a few.

This award-winning singer-songwriter has sold more than 90 million records globally – she has earned a total of 16 Grammys, and has been mentioned by VH1 in their list of “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time”. Apart from her sensational music career, Alicia Keys also garnered recognition for her philanthropic work and humanitarianism. She was even awarded the Ambassador of Conscience, by Amnesty International. 

Has Alicia Keys Gained Weight Recently?

Alicia Keys’ appearance with Usher during the halftime show of the 2024 Super Bowl event has set the bees buzzing all over social media. Netizens think that there is certainly some change in the physical appearance of the 43-year-old singer – it seemed to them that she has gained some weight.

Usher is famous for having brought out many famous music artists as his guests, during his show at the Super Bowl LVIII halftime. This year, he brought along Alicia Keys, the winner of 16 Grammy Awards, and together they performed their duet track “My Boo” on stage. This song, “My Boo”, was released back in the year 2004 – it was a duet sung by Alicia Keys and Usher, which went to become Keys’ second single that reached the hilt of popularity to become number one. 

The outfit that Alicia Keys wore on stage has grabbed massive attention for being another masterpiece from the house of Dolce & Gabbana. It is a stunning red bodysuit with embellishments and an equally ravishing red cape that Keys was wearing, and her radiant glowing skin that people could not take their eyes off! However, the audience could not ignore the fact that she seemed to have gained some extra pounds – they could even spot her belly through her body-hugging attire. 

For the record, this is not the first time Alicia Keys has been the subject of people’s comments directed at her body. In the past, she has openly spoken about pushing back hard against our society’s impossible standards of beauty and physicality.

She got candid on how social media tends to create a delusional and “distorted reality” that people do not even realize they are consuming, and ultimately, it stealthily affects their perception of themselves too. Keys said that she has battled self-esteem problems since childhood, but has gradually learned to prioritize her psychological health and wellbeing, despite the negativities inflicted on her by social media.

Is Her Pregnancy Is The Reason Behind Weight Gain?

People’s observations of her seeming gain in body weight invariably set rumors flying across the Internet – and what else can it be other than suspicions of pregnancy? Yes, the public has set the rumor mills rolling, wondering whether Alicia Keys is pregnant in 2024 and expecting her third child. 

However, there is no news or any form of data available on the Internet, which might even point us to confirm claims made by people that Alicia Keys is pregnant. There is no official statement offered, by the singer herself, to either deny or confirm the speculations about her expecting a baby this year. 

So, no matter if people claim to have observed a baby bump through her stunning red D&G outfit, we cannot agree or deny that Alicia Keys is pregnant this year. Back in 2010, she got married to Swizz Beatz, the famous hip-hop artiste and producer – the couple are happy parents to two young sons.

Is She Dating Usher? 

Alicia Keys and Usher’s association goes back many years to 2004 when the duo sang “My Boo”, their superhit duet. Since that time, on many occasions, there have been rumors suggesting that Usher and Keys are close to each other not merely as friends but romantically as well. And yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime performance only added fuel to this fire, as people started suspecting about them being a couple, owing to their alleged “closeness” on stage.

However, these suspicions are baseless because Alicia Keys is happily married to her husband Swizz Beatz and they are proud parents to their sons. On the other hand, Usher, the popular American R&B and pop singer-songwriter recently got a marriage license with his long-time girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. The duo made their relationship public in 2019, and together, they also have two children – a daughter and a son.

To wrap up, all we can say is that there are no records indicating that Usher and Alicia Keys are in a relationship, despite social media being rife with such speculations.

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