Is Maisie Williams’ Recent Weight Loss For A New Role?


Maisie Williams is no stranger to all of those who have watched “Game Of Thrones”, the epic fantasy TV series on HBO that has become a cult favorite. Maisie Williams portrayed the role of Arya Stark, one of the lead characters in this HBO fantasy epic series, and garnered fame as well as critical appreciation for her work. Owing to her outstanding work in “Game Of Thrones” she even received two nominations for the Emmy Awards.

Born in Bristol, England, in April 1997, Margaret Constance Williams is a famous English actor, and a trained gymnast, who is equally expert in ballet, pointe dance, musical theatre, tap dance, freestyle, and trampolining. She earned the nickname “Maisie” due to her apparent resemblance to the popular UK comic cartoon character from “The Perishers”, and came to be known by that name since her early childhood. She went to the Primary School in Clutton and Norton Hill School located in the town of Midsomer Norton but later secured admission at Bath Dance College to pursue a program in Performing Arts, aspiring to become a professional dancer. However, Maisie Williams left school and started home education because, by the time she turned 12, she had already started her professional acting career. 

She bagged the role of Arya Stark in one of the largest, and most eclectic ensemble casts for “Game Of Thrones” – Maisie was just 12 years old then. Regarded as an anti-heroine, Maisie’s portrayal of Arya Stark rapidly turned into a fan favorite, and became one of the core protagonists on this blockbuster TV series. Apart from “GOT”, Maisie Williams has worked in countless other TV projects – she played the role of Ashildr in the BBC sci-fi “Doctor Who”, and was the lead character in the action drama “Two Weeks To Live”, and portrayed Jordan the punk rock icon in “Pistol”. She also starred in popular British films “Cyberbully” and “iBoy” a teen thriller. Along with British films and TV series, Maisie has also lent her voice to Camme McCloud in the American web series “Gen:Lock”.

How Did Maisie Williams Lose Weight

Maisie Williams has recently been in the headlines for her massive weight loss transformation, grabbing attention from all over the world. As per reports, the “GOT” alum had shed almost a whopping 25 pounds and also talked about the physically as well as mentally exhausting weight loss regime she had to undergo.

In an interview, Maisie spoke about her transformation in detail, of course, adding that the entire journey was closely supervised by authorized medical professionals who would track her heartbeat, blood pressure, and other vital parameters regularly. 

According to Williams, she was eating very less, and meditating most of the time by setting up an ambiance in her apartment by burning incense and candles. She used to wake up in the wee hours of dawn at 4 AM every single day to start sweating out fluids so that she could lose weight. And in the night before, at around 7 PM or 8 PM, she would be allowed to consume food items that were dehydrating and salty, like some smoked salmon along with a small glass of wine. At bath time, she would opt for a boiling-hot bath loaded with salts, after which she would hit the bed and get some sleep for about 3 hours maximum, before waking up and having “a handful of nuts”.

This routine was so tough and grueling, that it impacted her normal sleep cycle – at one point in time she had trouble falling asleep at night. She recalled that her sleep was disturbed and she would keep waking up, having nightmares, and feeling confined. It was almost like having a sleep paralysis, dreaming of being attacked or trapped, she recounted in one of her recent interviews. 

Maisie Williams explained that she had lost most of her body weight by “sweating out fluid” and restricting her food consumption enormously. She also mentioned hitting the treadmill while watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. 

Has She Lost Weight For A New Role?

Williams revealed that the reason she went through this excruciating weight loss transformation is because of getting into the character of Christian Dior’s younger sister in a new Apple TV+ series. She is portraying Catherine Dior, sister of the famous fashion designer, in a new 10-part series titled “The New Look”, which is adapted from the book called, “Miss Dior: A Story Of Courage And Culture”. 

In this series that depicts how fashion designers Christian Dior and Coco Chanel navigated the horrors of World War II, we also come to know about the lesser-heard story of Catherine Dior’s courage and grit. Catherine was detained and tortured in 1944 by the Gestapo after she joined the Resistance as a fighter. She was sent to a German concentration camp before finally being released in 1945. 

Maisie Williams had to lose an enormous 25 pounds, to deliver the role of an emaciated Catherine Dior, with conviction. She said that she would often wake up with jolts, having nightmares about the horrors of the character that she was playing in “The New Look”. And that every day while filming, she was constantly reminded of the fact that she was actually portraying the horrors of war that “humans are capable of inflicting on one another”.

However, Williams believes that it is also a story about magic, love, and hope because ultimately, they were trying to project an uplifting perspective to the audience.

She spent the entire year 2022 in Paris for the filming of this series after being cast in Catherine Dior’s role in February 2022. Getting into the skin of her character demanded a lot of care and research, which reshaped her view of the effects of World War II in a way she had never imagined.

The whole filming process was tough and relentless, but she did not mind; she got lost in her role and kept striving until filming one scene was completed.

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