Amy Schumer On Jimmy Fallon Sparked Rumors About Pregnancy & Weight Gain


Amy Schumer is an American actor, standup comedian, director, producer, and writer who shot to stardom after appearing in the 2015 rom-com “Trainwreck”. This movie, written by Schumer herself, marked her acting debut and earned her nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

An award-winning actor-comedian, Amy Schumer was born in June 1981 in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. She happens to be the second cousin of Chuck Schumer, the US Senator and Senate Majority Leader. She graduated from Towson University in 2003 with a degree in theatre, and after moving to New York, she acted in Broadway plays.

She launched her career as a stand-up comedian in June 2004, making her debut performance at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Amy Schumer feels that her big break into this industry happened when she recorded a live episode titled, “Live At Gotham”, for Comedy Central.

Her life and career changed forever when Schumer appeared as a contestant on NBC’s reality competition show “Last Comic Standing” in its 5th season, back in 2007. Riding on her wave of success, Amy became the star of the sketch comedy series on Comedy Central, “Inside Amy Schumer”.

She was also the co-writer, co-producer, and creator of this series from 2013 to 2016, for which she earned the prestigious Peabody Award and 5 nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards. She eventually won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2015, for the segment Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. Amy also starred in the rom-com film “I Feel Pretty”; and her Broadway debut with “Meteor Shower”, earned her a Tony Award for Best Actress In A Play.

Apart from being a comedian and actor, Amy Schumer is also an accomplished author – her memoir “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”, launched in 2016, became a New York Times Non-fiction Bestseller. 

Has Amy Schumer Gained Weight?

Amy Schumer is no stranger when it comes to body-shaming – she has frequently been a topic of juicy gossip and loads of speculations owing to her body weight. However, she is one of those Hollywood celebs who are very well-reckoned for being candid and sharing reality with her fans and followers. Recently, she posted a photo of herself on social media, looking every bit “snatched”, as she posed and celebrated her body flaunting her 40 extra pounds. She posted an Instagram story, a topless mirror selfie, wearing her black undergarments with cutouts at the hip region as a gesture of celebrating her curves and bulges.

Schumer ditched her shirt to click this undergarment selfie in her bathroom which has a standalone bathtub, a glass shower, and a rack to warm towels against the backdrop of a green leaf-printed wallpaper. You can see that Amy is wearing a wide smile and no makeup on her face – her one arm is thrown up to show her excitement in capturing her curves, while her other arm is covering her chest.

What is most interesting to note here is the caption she chose for her mirror selfie – “Still got it” – a solid depiction of confidence and a shout-out for body positivity. Of course, as expected from the award-winning comedian, her sense of humor was very much present as she added in parentheses “(40 extra lbs)”! 

And this is not the first time she has done it,, last year also in October, hilarity ensued after she posted some of her before and after images and humored her fans with the effects of aging. 

Is She Pregnant?

Soon after her 1.3 million followers on Instagram saw this bold and confident body-positive selfie of Amy Schumer, they set the buzz going about what might have led Amy to gain weight – is she pregnant? However, no reports or data indicate that the Emmy-winning actor and standup comedian is expecting a baby. She is already the mother of her 4-year-old son, Gene, who she shares with her husband Chris Fischer to whom she got married in 2018.

However, in case you got curious upon hearing the mention of Amy Schumer and “pregnant”, then let us tell you that Schumer is all set to produce and appear in a brand new film titled “Kinda Pregnant”. This movie, directed by Tyler Spindel of “The Out-Laws” fame, is planned to be aired on Netflix. 

This film, “Kinda Pregnant”, is composed by Julie Paiva and is about the girl Lainy, portrayed by Amy Schumer, who feels jealous after her best friend gets pregnant. Lainy starts wearing a false baby bump and accidentally one day meets the man whom she has always dreamt of. The additional producers of this film, alongside Schumer, include Adam Sandler, Kevin Grady, Tim Herlihy, and others. 

Amy Schumer On Jimmy Fallon

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, a hugely popular American late-night show, is NBC’s longest-running talk show hosted by comedian and actor Jimmy Fallon. This show has garnered 2 Primetime Emmy Awards, and is a household favorite for many years now, with Jimmy Fallon being its sixth host.

Amy Schumer, one of Hollywood’s best-known standup comedians and actors, has been on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” several times. Very recently, i.e., on 13th February 2024, she appeared on this fan-favorite celeb talk show again, entertaining hundreds and thousands of viewers. Yesterday’s brand-new episode boasted a star-studded list of guests and a mix of music and comedy. 

Schumer talked about the upcoming Season 2 of her show on Hulu, titled “Life & Beth”, a comedy series written and directed by her; she is the executive producer of this show and stars in it too. The second season is much awaited by her fans, after its sensational first season, and is scheduled to drop on 16th February. Season 2 also consists of 10 episodes like the previous one, and all of them will be released together for the audience, who are waiting with bated breath to see what Amy Schumer has got for them this time.

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