Sophie Brussaux Plastic Surgery: Is Mom Of Drake’s Baby Natural Beauty Or Cosmetic Magic?

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Sophie Brussaux plastic surgery: A lot of speculations have been raised about the former adult star’s appearance change. People strongly believe that her facial changes are not due to a natural aging process but because of some cosmetic enhancement procedure.

Sophie Brussaux is a former adult movie star spending time with her passion for painting. The artwork is bold, creative, and a perfect mixture of high-saturated colors. She also has a dedicated Instagram page (@SophieKnowsArt) and a website for her art gallery. 

Despite all the art, she got herself in the news due to a nose job speculation. There was an online argument where people believed that Sophie as opted for some cosmetic surgery to make her nose look better. But is it true or yet another baseless speculation? 

Who Is Sophie Brussaux?

Born on 1 August 1989, the 34-year-old artist is yet unknown in the entertainment world. It wasn’t until 2018 that Drake accepted that Adonis was his son. He said he was not hiding his son from the world but rather hiding the world from his son. 

The mother of Adonis is Sophie Brussaux. She was earlier known by her stage name- Rosee Divine. The couple met in early 2017 and since then shared an affectionate bond. The two were captured by a paparazzi in 2017 having a dinner date in Amsterdam. 

Sophie Brussaux and her artwork
Sophie Brussaux and her artwork of Drake & son Adonis Image: Instagram/Sophie Brussaux Plastic

Later Sophie proclaimed that Drake asked her to have an abortion. On 11th October 2017, Sophie gave birth to a child- Adonis. She posted pictures of her baby bump and baby shower consistently on Instagram. 

Her comment section was full of hateful comments from the rapper’s fan base and she felt threatened.  The rapper is not shy of mentioning his son Adonis despite his up-down relationship with the boy’s mama. 

Her profile says that she is an award-winning artist. Sophie went to Bordeaux International School to complete a degree in International Relations and Wealth management. The French artist was always fond of art, as a kid she always enjoyed dancing, singing, and painting. 

She also got featured in a TV show with four other people called “Mistresses of Atlanta” on which people having alleged affairs with celebrities were featured. The show never really worked and it was a flop. 

Sophie Brussaux Plastic Surgery

People are highly interested in knowing the truth about her plastic surgeries. There were endless comments on her profile calling Sophie fake and unnatural. The supreme beauty standards in today’s time are helping the cosmetic surgery world to thrive. People are not shy of taking unnatural ways to fix a tiny blemish. Despite this, most of the celebs don’t open up about their cosmetic surgeries, ending up giving their fans false hopes and unrealistic expectations. Recently, Sophie Brussaux was under suspicion of plastic surgery as her pictures seem a little sketchy. 

She uploaded a picture in a bodycon dress in which the nose looked sharp and more defined which was completely different earlier. People were sure that she opted for a nose job and people also wanted to know whether she had permanently colored her hair blonde. 

She has been criticized for alleged plastic surgery since the beginning. The pictures are clear proof that her upturned nose and defined chin are not a result of aging. A change of such extent is not possible just by using an Instagram filter or even due to a different camera angle. 

However, despite all the regular speculations about her plastic surgery, Sophie has never said a word about it. She feels it’s better to stay quiet on such rumors. But this has given a chance to the online trolls to make fun of her cosmetic surgeries. 

On top of that, we can only say that she looks stunning with her nose and chin. 

Sophie Brussaux receiving her UN Habitat award
Sophie Brussaux receiving her UN Habitat award Image: Instagram/Sophie Brussaux Plastic

Sophie Art Gallery

Sophie is an excellent painter and artist as she had a deep passion for art since the beginning. She creates surreal art pieces that are a mixture of boldness and pop culture. Even the portraits made by her look stunning and are appreciated by people worldwide. There have been numerous exhibitions of her art in museums and art shows. She also made art for Pop Francis as she felt proud to present that art to him. 

The art pieces are also sometimes filled with nationalism towards France. Recently, on Ftaher’s day, she made a huge art piece of Drake and her son Adonis which was loved by the people online. 

With over 600 thousand followers on Instagram, Momma is quite famous. She also has a separate art page and a website where she uploads all her art pieces. 

Apart from the art, she is passionate about traveling around the Globe. She constantly uploads pictures of her on vacation with her son Adonis. She is in her 30s and works hard to keep herself in good shape. We believe she puts effort into the gym and eats healthy food to maintain a well-toned body. 

Whether she has been under a knife or not, one thing is certain- with a paintbrush in her hand, she is unstoppable.

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  1. Are rumors about Sophie Brussaux’s Plastic Surgery true?

    Nothing has been accepted or denied by her but there is definitely a big change in her facial appearance.

  2. What relation does Sophie Brussaux have with Drake?

    She is the mother of her son Adonis.

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