Rumors About Totally Killer’s Kiernan Shipka Plastic Surgery And Veneers.

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People have been talking about Totally Killer’s actress Kiernan Shipka plastic surgery. Speculations about her Veneers were raised after she met with a popular Implantologist Dr. Elbaz.

Kiernan Brennan Shipka is an American actor who is best recognized for portraying the character Sally Draper in the popular AMC series called “Mad Men“. When Kiernan Shipka was a little girl of 6 years, she landed the role of Sally Draper, which proved to be a major breakthrough in her acting career.

Apart from starring in “Mad Men“, Kiernan acted in various other movies and series and proved her mettle as a hugely talented actor. She has also gained widespread appreciation for playing BD Hyman in the FX anthology serial “Feud”, and lending her voice for Jinora in the spinoff to “Avatar: The Last Airbender” namely “The Legend of Korra”. From smaller roles during the initial stages of her career to playing lead characters in recent times, Kiernan Shipka has emerged as a versatile talent. In her role as Sabrina in Netflix’s comic series, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, she has beautifully blended style, kindness, and darkness into her character, which has resonated widely with her audience taking her stardom even higher.

Kiernan Shipka Plastic Surgery Speculations And The Reality.

Kiernan Shipka is admired and recognized globally, not only for being an incredibly talented actor but also for her angelic pretty face and athletic physique. Going by her photos on her Instagram account, it is clear that she loves to wear crop tops and post mirror selfies, flaunting her gorgeous smile and washboard abs.

Over the years, she has maintained her physique well, and she is a regular at the gym, too, sweating it out religiously. She keeps wowing her fans and followers from all over the world and has featured on the cover of the Vogue magazine quite a few times. People cannot stop admiring how well-kept she is and how concerned she is about living a healthy and active lifestyle, which results in such pristine gorgeousness and a body to die for!

Actress Kiernan Shipka
Actress Kiernan Shipka Image: Instagram/Actress Kiernan

She even looks flawless in pictures taken by the paparazzi when she hits the streets or is out and about shopping, and everywhere she looks drop-dead gorgeous and in perfect shape. Her perfection has often triggered waves of speculation among the public, who tend to suspect that Kiernan must have gone under the knife. How else can a person attain this level of perfection in their appearance and maintain it consistently throughout the years?

However, there is no evidence or any statement to suggest that Kiernan Shipka has ever opted for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. She used to be cherubic cute when she was a child artist, and over the years she has grown and evolved into a beautiful young lady with one of the prettiest faces one has ever seen in Hollywood.

All that we know is that Kiernan trains regularly at the gym and sticks to a strict diet regimen to keep her weight under tabs. She prefers to eat healthy food most of the time but does give in to occasional indulgences as well. 

People Say She Opted For Veneers

There is no doubt that Kiernan Shipka has been blessed with perfect looks, the perfect body, and the perfect smile too. Her million-dollar smile and beautiful face has captivated the hearts and imagination of her millions of fans. However, some people feel that she has undergone some cosmetic dental procedures after they claim to have noticed some subtle differences in her teeth over the years.

If you see her pretty photos of when she was a child artist, you will see that she has naturally ovoid teeth, but her recent images reveal slightly square and bigger teeth. According to some sources, her gum-to-teeth ratio is also pretty much balanced and healthy, which makes her smile infectious and captivating, and her two central incisors used to be more petite and a tad bit shorter than her other teeth. But in recent photos, you can notice that the shape has subtly changed to become more square-ish and the color is brighter and more uniform.

Speculations say that she has opted for dental veneers or bonding, which are hugely popular for enhancing the appearance of our teeth. Veneers can also help rectify various dental problems like misaligned, chipped, or cracked teeth. 

As per some news sources, the actor visited celebrity periodontist and Implantologist, Dr. Elbaz, in Beverly Hills, who performed a gum-lift procedure and placed porcelain veneers on her teeth. As a result, much less gums are visible now when Kiernan Shipka smiles, and her teeth are all pearly white and bright.

She Is Just Stunning!

Very few people have a face and smile as stunning as Kiernan Shipka’s, so it is tough to imagine why she would want to change anything about her looks, in the first place. After learning of her dental veneers, many of her fans feel that this has given her a more “Hollywood-y” smile which has somewhat robbed her of her uniqueness.


  1. Has Kiernan Shipka opted for Veneers?

    There has been speculation after she visited celebrity dentist Dr. Elbaz at his clinic people noticed some changes in her teeth.

  2. How does she maintain her lean physique?

    Kiernan Shipka never misses her gym and always likes to have a balanced and healthy diet and that’s the secret behind her fitness.

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