Wynonna Judd Weight Loss. Illness Or Plastic Surgery Is Not Behind Her 55 Lbs Weight Loss.

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Losing 55 pounds in just 7 months, isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is and that’s why the internet is buzzing about Wynonna Judd weight loss. Being strict on herself about what type of food to consume which one to restrict help the country singer in losing 55 pounds and achieving the desired physique.

Wynonna Judd is a famous American country music singer who also happens to be among the most extensively renowned and awarded female musicians in the history of country music. In her stellar music career, she has had a total of 19 hit singles that featured as Number 1 hits, which includes those she sang with the band “The Judds”. Wynonna shot to fame during the 1980s when she was part of a singing duo with her mom, but later on, in 1991, they disbanded and she began her solo career. She launched 8 studio albums along with a holiday album, a live album and two complied albums along with 20 singles. 

Born as Christina Claire Ciminella in May 1964 in Kentucky, she adopted the stage name “Wynonna” when she toured with her mother Naomi for concerts. Her stage name was inspired by her song “Route 66”, in which the lyrics mention the town called Winona in Arizona. Wynonna Judd experienced breakthrough success from 1992 to 1998, which only kept expanding as she gave her career new directions turning into a novelist and author, and also participated as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2013.  

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss. Her Recent Appearance At CMT Awards Amazed Everyone.

Recently, when Wynonna attended the CMT Music Awards 2023, she grabbed major attention from the viewers for her dramatic weight loss transformation. The 58-year-old award-winning singer looked drastically different, which caught many people in disbelief as they wondered if it was the same Wynonna Judd from before.

This is not the first time Wynonna has been bombarded with comments about her body weight, but this is definitely the first time because of her massive weight loss. But her awareness and weight loss journey began when she started dealing with serious health complications and experienced near-fatal experiences not once but twice!

Her concerns about her health started in 2006 – she was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs, for which she underwent surgery. She was still recovering from a head-on collision accident; it had been just 4 months. After her lung surgery and this near-fatal accident, she started realizing the value of life and the importance of taking care of our health. Soon after her recovery, she kicked off her weight loss journey, and it has been many years now that she is known for her dedication to it. 

Wynonna Judd Performing On Stage
Wynonna Judd Performing On Stage Image: Instagram/Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd is also known for endorsing the FDA-approved OTC weight-loss pill called “Alli” since 2009 and features in various national campaigns of this product.

How Wynonna Lost 55 Pounds In Just 7 Months?

People have been amazed to see Wynonna in great shape and health, she looks so much healthier and fitter than ever, they feel. According to reports, the popular country singer lost a whopping 55 pounds in just 7 months. 

In one of her interviews, she said that owing to her hectic work schedule, she hardly had the time or energy to cook meals at home. So she used to rely on take-outs, and actually, she also enjoyed eating out, being a self-proclaimed foodie. The first thing she did to lose weight was abstain from eating outside and avoid ready-to-eat food items like plague! She confessed how extremely difficult it was for her to control herself from eating pizzas and burgers, and only have fresh veggies and fruits for the sake of her health. 

Wynonna Judd With Mother Naomi Judd
Wynonna Judd With Mother Naomi Judd Image: Instagram/Wynonna Judd

She also totally gave up drinking sweet drinks and sugary foods to shed excess weight. Earlier, she used to have several donuts like chips, but today, she does not keep a single donut anywhere in her house. Wynonna Judd was also candid about her stress eating disorder, which she had to overcome, and she also started taking long brisk walks every single day. After losing weight, she says that she can walk uphill easily without feeling distressed or puking. 

But How Did She Gain Weight Over The Years?

In a 2004 Oprah Winfrey Show episode, she openly talked about her severe obsession with food and how she was toiling to break free of this obsession and lose weight. She explained that her weight was actually the symptom, not the problem because the problem was her habit of stress eating.

Wynonna Judd With Husband
Wynonna Judd With Husband Image: Instagram/Wynonna Judd

The pressures of working in the music industry can trigger different health conditions and habits, with anxiety and stress topping the list. To deal with work stress, Wynonna used to eat to feel soothed, and she would easily gobble up multiple donuts at one go! This stress-eating syndrome led her to gain weight over the years, not to mention that she is a foodie and loves to gorge on chips, burgers, pizzas, and all the delicious fast food from restaurants.

Is Wynonna Suffering From Some Illness Or Is Plastic Surgery Behind Her Recent Appearance Change?

Her massive change in physical appearance prompted many people to start speculating that Wynonna must have undergone plastic surgery. While there is no news about her suffering from some health disorder, the public cannot seem to digest that she lost all these pounds naturally – they feel that liposuction should deserve the credit.

Besides, in her recent appearance at the CMT Music Awards, the curiously smooth and wrinkle-free face and the youthful look of the 58-year-old singer triggered all these rumors. Viewers cannot stop speculating that she has had multiple works done to attain her current appearance, including her drastic weight loss transformation. They believe that starting from a nose job and Botox fillers to breast augmentation surgery and liposuction; Wynonna Judd has been under the knife several times. 

However, while she has been candid about her stress-eating disorder, challenges with mental well-being, and weight loss struggles, Wynonna has never really addressed any comments related to her alleged plastic surgery for weight loss or any other change in physical appearance. 

Finally! 5 Dress Sizes Down.

After downing 55 pounds and five sizes of dresses, Wynonna Judd is currently living her best life. Her two major health scares and near-death experiences have changed her mindset toward life. She says it feels like Miss America after her weight loss and could not have been happier.


  1. How Many Pounds Did Wynonna Judd Lose?

    In just 7 months Wynonna lost around 55 pounds of weight.

  2. How has Wynonna lost weight in recent times?

    Restricting her from eating Pizzas and burgers, stopping having surgery drinks, and only eating fresh veggies and fruits helped Wynonna in losing weight in recent times in 2023.

  3. Has Wynonna used Ozempic for weight loss?

    There might be some internet buzzing and speculation about Wynonna’s Ozempic use of sudden weight loss but nothing has been accepted or denied from the country singer’s side yet.

  4. Is Wynonna Suffering From Any Illness?

    Wynonna Judd’s sudden transformation has raised many bars of speculations and her illness is one of those speculations. In previous years she has faced some health issues but as of now in 2023, Wynonna Judd is completely fine and healthy

  5. Has Wynonna Judd undergone plastic surgery?

    From nose job to liposuction to breast surgery people have been asking a lot of questions online about Wynonna Judd’s new look. But all these seem to have no reality in them.

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