Is Sarah Rafferty Undergone Plastic Surgery? Beauty Secret Of Donna From Suits


Sarah Rafferty is a very familiar face for all those who consider themselves fans of the hugely popular legal drama “Suits”. Known as Donna from Suits and also popular for her roles in Chicago Meds and Bones, Sarah always remains in the news for roles.

Suits” is an American legal drama, that aired from 2011 to 2019, and became a record-breaking hit show, breaking streaming records, once it was made available to viewers on Netflix. With 18 billion minutes of streaming recorded in July itself, this series is one of the most-watched content ever, considering all streaming services platforms.  In “Suits”, Dona Paulsen is an iconic character played by Sarah Rafferty and one of the most formidable personalities at the legal firm.

Rafferty has recently been in the headlines, speaking about the unprecedented resurgence of “Suits” on Netflix, and expressing her never-ending gratitude to the audience for showering the show with their love and acceptance. Recently, she made an appearance in the drama “My Life With The Walter Boys“, which is Netflix’s adaptation of the book by Ali Novak. If you are a “Grey’s Anatomy” person, you will also know Sarah Rafferty for playing the role of Suzanne Britland in this drama series, or for her acting in “Chicago Med”. These two series also garnered tremendous popularity and were released after “Suits”, thereby catapulting Rafferty to further heights of fame.

Reality Behind Sarah Rafferty’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Owing to her extensive popularity, Sarah Rafferty garnered a huge base of fans and followers – which translates to being constantly under the scrutinizing spotlight that comes with being famous. The public has been intently watching her deliver mind-lowing performances and also observing how her appearance kept changing over time. Being a highly glamorous woman, Sarah has often been suspected of opting for plastic surgery; people are deeply curious about her flawless beauty.

According to many people, Rafferty’s before and after images are enough proof that she has gone for cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance and maintain her looks. Starting from Botox injections or fillers, an eyelid lift, and a nose job, to facial resurfacing and facelift – she might have resorted to all these options and more.

Her face looks stunningly fresh and youthful, devoid of any fine lines and wrinkles, something that is quite unusual at her age. Besides, her nose appears to be sharper and pointier than before, and her cheeks look fuller with no sagginess at all – something that has triggered plastic surgery suspicions. Her eyes appear to be more “opened up“, and her face looks ever so glowing and smoothened, which can only be credited to the facial resurfacing procedure.

However, Rafferty has never acknowledged going under the knife – she has never addressed or reacted to any of the countless comments bombarded at her. 

Who Is She And Her Career Details?

A fan-favorite actor much loved for her powerful acting skills, Sarah Rafferty was born in December 1972 and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. After graduating back in 1989 from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, she took admission to Hamilton College and majored in Theatre and English. Thereafter, during her junior year, Sarah went to the UK to study theatre at the University of Oxford and earned her master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama.

Sarah shot to instant stardom after playing the lead character role of Donna Roberta Paulsen in the USA Network’s legal drama series “Suits“. Donna, the intimidating legal secretary, has wowed the audience with her scene-stealing persona and power and immediately became a huge hit among the viewers. However, the 50-year-old actor has worked in various other movies and television projects too, some of the most notable ones being ‘Grey’s Anatomy“, “Chicago Med“, “The Practice“, and “Six Feet Under“.

Fans have been looking forward to seeing Sarah grace the TV screens once again, as she returns on Netflix soon, with the 10-episode series titled “My Life With The Walter Boys” based on Ali Novak’s novel. The filming phase for this brand-new drama series is now completed, and the release date is expected to be announced very soon.

In her personal space, Sarah Rafferty is married to Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka Seppälä aka Santtu Seppälä, and they are proud parents to two beautiful daughters, Iris Friday and Oona Gray. Santtu Seppälä works with the Angeleno Group as the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development.

Final Take

Plastic surgery rumors about celebrities are quite common nowadays, and it takes only a few photos of them on social media, to stir up a whole buzz among Netizens. As is the case with most celebs, such speculations and comments are never acknowledged or addressed – the same is the case with Sarah Rafferty. Sarah has also not acknowledged or reacted to any of these speculations about her going under the knife. So as of now, we can only say that these are nothing but unfounded rumors being spread by the public.

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