Rocky Below Deck Mental Illness. What Happened To Her?

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There is a lot of buzz about Rocky Below Deck Mental Illness. There were a lot of incidents on the show that forced people to think that something is wrong with Rocky Dakota on Below Deck.

The TV show ‘Be­low Deck’ takes viewe­rs into the intriguing world of yacht crew membe­rs. Among them, Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota has gained conside­rable fame, thanks to her involve­ment in dramatic on-screen mome­nts and the personal challenge­s she has faced behind the­ scenes. 

This article de­lves deep into Rocky’s e­xperiences during he­r time on the show and sheds light on what unfolde­d in her life there­after. Let’s navigate­ through the complexities she­ encountered and e­xplore the prevale­nt questions surrounding her mental we­ll-being.

Who Is Rocky Dakota From Below Deck?

Below Deck” the American TV series, takes viewers aboard a luxurious superyacht during the charter season, giving us a glimpse into the lives of its skilled and attractive crew. One crew member who stood out was Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota, leaving her mark on the show.

As we remember the mix of work challenges and personal dynamics, Rocky’s journey was unique. Joining as the third stewardess in Season 3, she made waves but didn’t return for subsequent seasons.

Her time on the show was a rollercoaster, especially her relationships with bosun Eddie Lucas and chief stew Kate Chastain. Rocky’s interactions with them added layers of complexity to the season’s storylines. Notably, her involvement with Eddie, while he was in another relationship, created drama and intrigue.

Rocky From Below Deck

While “Below Deck” showcased Rocky’s on-screen drama, her post-show life was equally intriguing. After leaving the spotlight, Rocky shared her battles with mental health. Her openness shed light on her off-camera struggles and emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental well-being and self-care.

What Happened To Her?

In a down-to-earth 2015 chat with Bravo, Rocky spilled the tea on her life post-“Below Deck.” After an epic girls‘ trip to Europe, she shook things up and embraced the vegan lifestyle, landing in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. 

There, she decided to dive into yoga, even scoring a yoga certification. Rocky’s journey was all about leveling up her health and embracing a more positive outlook through the zen vibes of yoga.

Life after the show was an adventure in itself. Rocky dove into freelance gigs as both a chef and stewardess in sunny Florida. She even teamed up with a photographer for yacht brochures, doing double duty as a model and assistant. 

With a newfound sense of calm, Rocky let the world know she was all about balance and finding her happy place. But, in early 2020, Rocky swung by the Bravo Clubhouse for the “Below Deck 100th Episode Special.” And wouldn’t you know it, old tensions with her former boss, Kate Chastain, flared up again. 

The chat brought back memories of Rocky’s time on the show, and Kate managed to give her a backhanded compliment, acknowledging her unique talents while playfully poking at her wild antics. This reunion also peeled back the curtain on Rocky’s frustrations. She wasn’t thrilled with how the show painted her as a stewardess, even though she initially aimed to be a culinary star. 

Before the “Below Deck” days, she hustled through culinary school at the Institute of Culinary Education in the Big Apple. Despite being stuck with cleaning duty on the yacht, Rocky found ways to flex her culinary muscles during freelance gigs on fancy boats.

Rocky Below Deck Mental Illness. Is She Suffering From Any Mental Illness?

Dakota’s time on the reality series “Below Deck” was a rollercoaster of drama that left fans wondering about her mental state. While the show focused on the ups and downs of the crew’s yacht life, Rocky’s antics had some viewers guessing if there was more beneath the surface. People on the internet love to speculate, and here are a few reasons why they thought Rocky might have been dealing with something deeper:

1. That Stripping Incident

Remember when Rocky stripped down to her underwear in a bid to get herself kicked off the boat? It was quite a bold move, and some folks thought it could be a sign of impulsive behavior. Impulsivity is often linked with mental health issues like bipolar disorder, but at the same time, Rocky’s actions might just have been a mix of frustration and, well, being Rocky.

2. Boat Jumping And Alleged Attention-Seeking

Jumping off the boat to hang out with another crew might seem like a wild thing to do, right? It’s easy to see why people raised their eyebrows. This led people to believe that Rocky had a knack for grabbing attention, whether she was throwing a tantrum or going all-in for drama. 

While seeking attention isn’t a surefire sign of a mental health condition, it’s often associated with certain personality traits with disorders.

3. Emotional Rollercoasters

If you noticed Rocky having a fair share of meltdowns, you’re not alone. Sometimes it felt like she was crying every other scene. While it’s normal to have moments of stress in such a demanding environment, Rocky’s emotional rollercoasters had some wondering if there was more to it.

4. Lights, Camera, Action!

A lot of Rocky’s antics seemed to happen when the cameras were rolling. Some fans thought this could be a sign of seeking attention, especially because the show thrives on drama. But then again, reality TV is designed to capture the most interesting moments, so it’s a tough call.

Nevertheless, we should remember that “Below Deck” doesn’t always give the full picture. Mental health is complex, and it’s tough to diagnose based on a TV show. If you’ve ever watched Rocky’s journey, you know she brought a ton of energy to the screen. 

And while her actions might have raised eyebrows, it’s important to approach any speculation about her mental health with a pinch of salt. After all, reality TV can only show so much, and there’s more to Rocky than meets the eye!


Beyond the­ on-screen drama, this story is a poignant reminder of the­ intricacies of mental health and cautions us against hasty judgme­nts based on limited glimpses into some­one’s life. As viewe­rs and fans, we must practice kindness and understanding. We­ must remember that pe­ople are multifacete­d individuals with depths unseen!

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