Elle King Weight Loss 2023. Her Diet, Workout, And PCOS And Before-After.

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Elle King Weight Loss is always a motivational and inspirational journey for many. The famous American singer and songwriter Elle King are not just known for her impeccable musical talent but also for how bravely she has overcome the challenges in her inspiring journey.

Elle King has been in the limelight recently for her weight loss journey, especially after pregnancy. This also makes us reflect on her challenging experience with PCOS. 

Despite the struggles, Elle, with unyielding determination and the unwavering support of her fiancé, Dan Tooker, managed to overcome these life hurdles while focusing on her health and well-being. In this article, we’re gonna delve into her story and discuss how she navigated through these hardships to emerge stronger and healthier than ever!

Elle King Weight Loss Journey

Elle King’s weight loss journey started when she faced some tough times during her pregnancy. Similar to any other women who undergo the same situation the singer also experienced several pregnancy losses and had to deal with the complications of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

It is a condition that can potentially influence fertility. Things were even more difficult for her since she was also going through a divorce which only added up to the chaos. But Elle didn’t let these obstacles hold her back. With the unconditional support of her fiance Dan Tooker, she was ultimately able to start a family while also working on her well-being. Once a baby was born, it made her realize that she needs to take care of herself as well.

The singer always wanted to start a family and was pretty the mind about it but this time it was needed to prioritize her own well-being as well. It was around this time that she finally took the decision to make some significant changes in her daily routine. This made her take extra measures to start a weight loss journey and shade some extra pounds, especially after pregnancy. 

Elle King Before After
Source: Instagram / Elle King

Her Diet And Workout Routine

Although the singer has not really opened up about the close details of her diet and workout, there have been some rumors and speculations on the matter. The fans obviously have their speculations. When it comes to her diet, Elle might have focused on eating healthy and balanced meals. This can possibly mean that she might have switched to healthier food options such as including more fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains in her daily diet.

As for her exercise routine, Elle might have incorporated regular physical activity into her life. It could be things like cardio workouts such as jogging or cycling to burn calories and boost her fitness. Strength training exercises like lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises may have helped her build muscle and increase her overall strength.

Above all, let’s just remember, these are just guesses since Elle hasn’t spilled the beans on her exact methods. Everyone’s experience with weight loss or weight gain is different and the key is always finding what fits your own preferences and goals.

Her Struggle With PCOS  

As we saw before, the singer had to previously deal with the health complications of Pcos especially after going through two pregnancy losses. PCOS messed with her hormones and made it harder for her to have regular cycles and get pregnant. It was a real struggle.

But Elle didn’t give up. She sought help from a fertility specialist and finally got pregnant naturally. She found out the exciting news on Christmas Day in 2020. However, the pain of her past losses still haunted her. It was tough to fully enjoy the current pregnancy when she had been through so much heartache before.

To cope with her fears, Elle decided to share the news with her family and closest friends early on. She wanted their support and love in case things got tough again. She knew that having a strong support system was crucial during such a delicate and emotional time.

During her pregnancy, Elle also took some wise words from her dad to heart. He told her that life gives you only two big surprises: when you’re born and when you die. This is also a major reason why she and her partner finally decided not to determine the baby’s gender before birth. They wanted the excitement and joy of the surprise.

On September 1, 2021, Elle and Dan welcomed their baby boy, Lucky Levi Tooker, into the world. It was a moment of pure joy for them, and Elle proudly shared the news on Instagram, posting a sweet photo of the happy family.


Elle’s journey through weight loss, battling PCOS, and experiencing pregnancy losses is nothing short of inspiring. She faced her struggles head-on, highlighting the importance of resilience and determination in overcoming adversity. The journey is quite inspirational and the perfect example of how nothing is impossible with a strong will, a clear mindset, and an unbreakable support system!

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