Speculations Around Monica Crowley Plastic Surgery And Her Marriage 2023.


Renowned US politician and public figure Monica Crowley remains in the news for various reasons. This time is for her appearance. People have been speculating a lot about Monica Crowley plastic surgery.

Monica Elizabeth Crowley is one of the most prominent political figures in the USA – she used to be the Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Treasury for Public Affairs and served from July 2019 to January 2021 during Trump’s presidency.

Much before she was appointed in the role, Crowley had been in the news for countless reasons – she shot to instant fame from being the stunning Fox News political correspondent to assuming a role in the President’s office as a Republican lobbyist. In 2016 December, the office of former US President Donald Trump announced that Monica Crowley was slated to assume the role of the National Security Council as the deputy advisor for national security. However, she withdrew when she was exposed after plagiarizing parts of her PhD dissertation in 2000 and parts of her book “What The (Bleep) Just Happened” in 2012.

Who Is Monica Crowley?

Born in September 1968 near Sierra Vista in Arozina, Monica Crowley completed her BA program in political science from Hamilton’s Colgate University and then completed her Ph.D. in international relations in 2000 from Columbia University, during which she was found to have plagiarized parts of her doctorate thesis. 

Crowley has worked with leading news broadcasting corporations in the USA, starting with Fox News Channel back in 1996, when she assumed the role of a foreign affairs correspondent and political analyst. She has written extensively for leading US dailies, including the New York Post, The New Yorker, and The Wall Street Journal to the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, and more. Crowley has also worked on radio as a commentator during the mid-90s on the National Public Radio’s show, “Morning Edition“. She also hosts her very own show on radio, namely, “The Monica Crowley Show“, which is nationally syndicated, and is also a regular part of “The John Batchelor Show”.

Monica Crowley has had an illustrious career from the very beginning and even shared close ties to former president Richard Nixon – she worked as an editorial consultant and advisor on Nixon’s books and even published books about him after his death. She garnered greater media attention once she assumed the role in the President’s office under the Donald Trump regime and was infamous for spreading conspiracy theories about ex-US president Barack Obama.

In 1999, she was also accused of journalistic plagiarism of a column that she wrote in The Wall Street Journal, about Richard Nixon, that bore “striking similarities” to what Paul Johnson wrote about 11 years ago. But when she was contacted for her comment on the issue by a New York Times reporter, she blatantly denied these allegations. Years later, she went on record in a Fox News show with Sean Hannity, that what happened with her was a clear case of a “political hit job” and she stamped it as despicable too.

Some probes carried out by CNN in 2017 revealed heavy plagiarism in the book authored by Crowley and launched in 2012, “What The (Bleep) Just Happened” – the detailed report published on this matter revealed 50 examples of plagiarism.

Monica Crowley Plastic Surgery: Rumors And Reality

Apart from getting tremendous attention for her political delinquencies, Monica Crowley has also garnered recognition for her stunning looks and sparkling style on TV. She has always been known as a gorgeous political journalist with a strong personality. But even in her late 50s, when Crowley looked curiously youthful, she invariably sparked rumors of going under the knife.

After looking at her before and after photos, the public has bombarded her with comments after suspecting that she opted for plastic surgery in an attempt to reverse the natural process of aging. Someone even said something like Crowley’s slippery and smooth forehead and her puffed-up face are clear giveaways that she went under the knife. As such, people seem to be pretty confident that she has had Botox injections, cheek fillers, and lip fillers as well, to make her face wrinkle-free and smooth.

However, these rumors or comments have not yet been addressed by Crowley – she has chosen to keep it private and not react or talk about anything to do with allegations about her plastic surgery. 

Is She Married?

We all know about the marvelous accomplishments of Monica Crowley in her trailblazing career path – but little do we know about her personal life and marital status. Though countless speculations have done their rounds, time and again, we still do not know, for certain, if she is married or who her husband is. Gossip columns and social media are rife with speculations about Crowley’s romantic pursuits, but no reliable information has ever been found to indicate whether she has a husband or partner. 

Some reports indicated that Bill Seigel is her boyfriend after the duo was spotted multiple times at gatherings – but none have actually given any name to their relationship.

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