Anntonia Porsild – Miss Universe Thailand 2023: Natural Beauty or Plastic Surgery Effects?


When the names of the winners were announced on the eve of 19th November 2023, Anntonia Porsild gushed with joy as she became the runner of this global event. Sheynnis Palacios from Australia was able to overtake Anntonia by the barest of margins to become Miss Universe 2023. The journey of becoming Miss Universe 2023 runner-up was never easy for Anntonia. 

The charming Thai-Danish model, Anntonia Porslid, has bagged several beauty awards and pageant titles. She has been a budding name in the modeling industry as she has won awards like Miss Supranational Thailand 2019, Miss Supranational 2019, and Miss Universe Thailand 2023. When stepped foot on the ramp walk of Miss Universe 2023 representing her motherland Thailand, the judges were impressed by her looks and confidence. 

Despite all the achievements in life she was not able to save herself from some internet-born rumors. People on the social media platform are accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her looks. Anntonia has not opened up about it but we’ll do a deep analysis of her looks to find the truth. 

Know More About The Miss Universe Runner-Up- Anntonia Porsild

The event was held in San Salvador, El Salvador where Anntonia wore a custom gown with embellishments like sequins, pearls, and rhinestones. She went with the trend of crystal-embellished gowns with star-shaped patterns and beading embroidery. 

Porslid is a graduate of marketing and public relations from Stamford International University. The recognition for her came from participating in the first season of The Face Thailand. She was able to clear several rounds and eventually made it to the top 15 where she was a member of the Ploy Chermeran’s team. 

Soon after the show was over she went on to win the renowned title in Thailand- Miss Supranational Thailand in 2019, which won her a ticket to the Miss Supranational competition in the same year. Later, with her beauty and intelligence, she became the first Thai to win the Miss Supranational competition. Now, with the second position in Miss Universe, Anntonia has achieved almost every model’s dream. 

Surprisingly, Anntonia has an Indian connection as she was born in a city in India to a Danish father and a Thai mother. She has lived in most parts of the world like Spain, Denmark, and Vietnam. She was a representative of Nakhon Ratchasima province in the Miss Thailand pageant. 

The 27-year-old believes in empathy as the question asked to the top 5 was- If you could speak to a room full of students about online bullying, what would you say? And the answer by Anntonia was impactful that gave a glimpse of her personality and persona. She said “I would say to not listen to what people have to say because in the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is up to us on how we react to it.

Use our voice to stand up for what is right, and be the change that we want to see in the world by leading by example. Don’t listen to the hate because it doesn’t shape us, but what shapes us is how we get back up and how we move forward from that”, and the answer was backed by a round of applause. 

Anntonia expressed her thoughts about social media as she is keen to use social media platforms to spread love and positivity. She thinks these platforms are the tools to inspire millions of people all at once. She is willing to do philanthropic work to give back to her people. Her positive thought process and aspirations are the reason behind her success. 

The diversity in her family and culture also contributed to shaping such an alluring personality. As her father is Danish and her mother is Thai, she was able to learn about multiple cultures. Also, her childhood was in several countries which allowed her to open her arms to accept the diversity of culture around the globe. 

Anntonia Porsild Plastic Surgery Rumors

The beauty queen is under the radar of online trolls who are claiming her looks are a product of surgery. However, if we compare her old pictures with the new ones we can see- Anntonia has transitioned into a gorgeous woman with little to no difference in facial features. The face structure is still the same with a slight difference. 

The proportion of her nose, eyelids, chin, and lips doesn’t look unnatural, and even her physique looks completely natural. The only noticeable change is her hairstyle and makeup, which is a part of any beauty competition. 

Thus, the conclusion is that all rumors are nothing more than a made-up story that was made to criticize the natural beauty of Anntonia Porslid. Her perseverance, aspirations and constant hard work is the real reason behind her success.

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