How Mexican Actress Angelica Vale Lost Weight.


Angelica Vale shot to headlines last year after launching their debut podcast titled, “Angelicales Podcast”, on 8th March, commemorated as International Women’s Day, with the iconic Angelica Maria, on Latina Podcasters Network. 

Angelica Vale, born in November 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico, is a Mexican-American actor, singer, comedian, impersonator and radio personality. She is the daughter of Angelica Maria, the legendary Mexican singer, and actor, who is better known as “La Novia de Mexico”, and Raul Vale, an eminent comedian. Angelica Vale’s acting career began around 30 years ago, but she got her breakthrough role, back in 2006, when she portrayed the lead character in “La Fea Mas Bella”, a popular Mexican telenovela, alongside her real-life mom, Angelica Maria. 

Her career brought her to the USA, and she finally became a naturalized American citizen in 2016, while she chose to retain her Mexican citizenship too. But she stepped into the world of acting when she was just a child and got a chance in the film titled “El Gran Triunfo” in 1981, where she played the role of the daughter of Mexican superstar Rio Tovar. 

Vale is a prolific singer, like her mother, and has also lent her voice to several soundtracks in “La Fea Mas Bella”. She also received extensive recognition and fame for her impersonations of various famous singers and actors, including Shakira, Laura Leon, Thalia, and Veronica Castro. She has an illustrious radio career too, having started hosting popular Latin or reggaeton midday programs on “Cali 93.9” KLLI in Los Angeles in October 2019.

By January 2020, she had already moved to morning shows and got her own sidekick named Jose Quintero, who became the junior producer of the show at KLVE.

But she, along with her mom, Angelica Maria, are among those very rare mother-daughter entertainer duos to have been named in the prestigious Paseo de las Luminarias at Mexico City’s Plaza de las Estrellas. They have garnered tremendous recognition and praise for their work in the TV and recording industry, and even have their own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Has Angelica Vale Lost Weight?

After the launch of the mother-daughter duo’s podcast, last year, Angelica Vale has shot to the headlines, once again. And this time it is because she bowled over the audience with her weight loss transformation, looking stunning in a short and tight-fitted dress that flattered her frame beautifully.

When she posted photos of her appearance in the “90s Pop Tour Presentation’, she looked practically unrecognizable in a golden miniskirt and high boots. The audience and her fans could not contain their wonder and happiness and flooded social media with comments that lauded her weight loss transformation and showered her with their support and amazement. 

In a recent interview, when asked about her weight loss journey, Vale revealed that she had lost a massive 20 kilos over the past year. She went candid about her experience and said that she had been a target of body shaming and bullying since her childhood and had to digest comments about her body weight from the public very frequently.

Reportedly, after the birth of Daniel Nicolas, her son, she was suffering from some kind of postpartum hormonal imbalance, which caused her to gain weight excessively. After seeking medical advice from her gynecologist, she was suggested to shed all those unwanted calories and kilos before she entered her menopausal phase.

How Did She Lose Weight?

Angelica Vale talked about how, after her doctor advised her to lose weight before she went into her menopause, she embarked on a journey to prioritize her health to a transformative phase of growth and self-development. But she has always been very grateful for receiving all the love and appreciation that she has received to date, and she opened up about her weight loss journey that has helped her balance healthy body weight and well-being.

She said that following a disciplined lifestyle and going for hormone treatment helped her shed all those extra unwanted pounds. She had been searching for this hormone treatment for many years and finally, her doctor agreed to put her through that treatment, which led to detoxification of her body to lose weight.

Vale said that earlier she could not lose weight because her hormones were out of balance, which was restored after she went through that hormone treatment advised by her doctor. After her pregnancies, she started including healthy food in her diet plan and also began to work out religiously, but they did not turn out very effective. 

Her endocrinologist prescribed a few tests, which revealed her hormonal imbalance, after which she was prescribed hormonal shots and medications as part of the treatment. She also emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline in our lifestyle, to maintain a healthy body weight and our overall well-being. 

Angelica Vale And Omar Merchant

Angelica Vale has been a favorite muse of the paparazzi since the early 90s, who specifically aimed to throw light on her love life and romantic interests. She was quite familiar with the ways of the paparazzi, having seen her mother being chased by them. 

There have been various rumors and rave speculations of her involvement with Mexican singer and actor Alejandro Ibarra, with whom she was allegedly engaged, and would tie the knot. However, that was far from true, since the duo had later broken up after Vale bagged the role of Margarita in “Bendita Mentira”. 

She was also rumored to have been in an affair with Jose Luis Figueroa, the singer, while he was still in a relationship with Ninel Conde. Angelica Vale was also alleged to be in a relationship with Jaime Camil, who, according to Vale’s family friend Cristina Saralegui, was really in love with each other.

We do not know much about the alleged involvement of Angelica Vale and Omar Merchant. Interestingly, enough, despite the frequent intrusion of the paparazzi, Vale has managed to keep her private life away from their prying eyes.

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