Julie Banderas Weight Loss And Speculations From Marriage To Divorce


Julie Banderas suddenly became the talk of the town last year around February after she surprised her audience by revealing during her show, that she was about to get divorced. This astonishing turn of events happened during a live Valentine’s Day news segment, airing on Fox News channel, in which Banderas appeared as a guest on the comedy show “Gutfeld!” 

Well, such surprising revelations on live TV are the quickest to create a buzz and cause a stir among the people watching and the public. So this news spread like wildfire and people could not contain their curiosity about Julie Banderas and what was happening in her personal life. 

Banderas has been a familiar face on TV, even before she revealed to the audience this juicy update about her private life. Earlier, she had called out one of her former male colleagues, when he had allegedly uttered misogynistic comments, hinting at her body weight. Though she did not name the person, claiming that that might jeopardize his career and image, she did voice her disgust at his offensive comments that he would never marry a fat woman. Allegedly, the man had told her that he would marry only a hot woman and not a fat one so that their kids would not be fat.

Who Is Julie Banderas?

Julie Banderas is an American TV news anchor who is associated with the Fox News channel. Most people will know her as the host of the evening news program titled “Fox Report Weekend”, from which she later moved on to host weekday news programs. Julie Banderas is currently serving as the primary fill-in news anchor for weekday programs like “America’s Newsroom”, “Outnumbered”, and “The Faulkner Focus”. Apart from these, she can also be seen as the guest anchor on the panel talk show, “The Big Weekend Show”, and appears frequently as a panelist on the political satire talk show “Gutfeld!”, hosted by Greg Gutfeld.

Born Julie Bidwell in September 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut, Julie Banderas is the daughter of Howard Dexter Bidwell, a Navy veteran, and Fabiola R, who is an immigrant from Colombia. Banderas graduated from Emerson College in Boston and kick-started her career at WLVI-TV in Boston. She started working as a local news anchor for WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She then also worked with WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut which is her hometown, WBRE-TV in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and WNYW in New York City. 

Known for her commanding on-screen presence, devotion to her work, and insightful news reporting, she steadily climbed the higher rungs of success and garnered widespread fame and recognition. In March 2005, she started working with the Fox News channel in the role of general-assignment reporter, and in 2008 she became the substitute for Laurie Dhue and started hosting “Fox Report Weekend”. She went on maternity leave in 2010 and resumed work by the end of that year when she was reassigned to the role of general news correspondent with Fox News.

Details About Julie Banderas’s Weight Loss

During her impressive journalistic career that spans decades, Julie has established herself as an ace journalist through her versatility, efficiency, and commitment to her craft. However, she has not totally been a stranger to body-shaming – there have been multiple instances when she was a target of offensive comments about her body weight. But in recent times, the public has been discussing her after they noticed changes in her appearance, raising talks about her apparent weight loss transformation.

Last year, during Christmas, Julie posted some pictures of herself and her family discussing their yearly holiday customs. It is from those photos that people suddenly seemed to notice that Julie had lost some weight, though they did not really notice this transformation while it was happening even when they watched her on screen.

Those who watch her news shows know very well that Julie Banderas has not been particularly slim, people have seen her as being overweight. But in these recent images, her plumpness seemed to be missing – her earlier round and chubby face looked a lot leaner, which did not escape people’s eyes. 

When asked about her weight loss journey, Banderas said that she decided to go for it for the sake of physical and mental well-being. She follows a healthy and balanced diet plan that is rich in vitamins and lean proteins and also exercises daily. She keeps herself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and goes for occasional juice cleanses and vacations filled with activities like skiing.

Married Life And Divorce Speculations

Julie Banderas got married to financial advisor Andrew Sansone back in August 2009, following their engagement which she announced in September 2008 during an episode of “America’s Election Headquarters”. Reportedly, after Sansone held a knife to her throat, she feared for her life and decided to separate from her husband with whom she has three beautiful children. Spousal abuse is a very serious issue, Andrew Sansone has been cleared of all allegations after a trial deemed Julie Banderas’ testimony as inconsistent with her original charges against him.

However, after almost 14 years of marital bliss, in December 2022, there was an announcement from Banderas on Twitter. She declared her separation from Sansone, after which came the surprising revelation from her on “Gutfeld” that they are getting a divorce. She bluntly commented against the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day and did not even hold back any information when she was counter-questioned by the host of the show, Greg Gutfeld.

It all happened when Greg Gutfeld started talking with her about Valentine’s Day and asked if she was expecting to receive some special gift from her husband. Once she disclosed that she and her then-husband were going to get a divorce, she even urged her fellow panelists on the show and the live audience to clap for her. Claiming that those who knew her closely would also know that her announcement of this divorce should be applauded – her comment was “If you know me, you’ll clap”.

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