Melanie Martinez’s Weight Gain Is Talk Of The Town. Her Perfume “CRY BABY”


Recently, in November 2023, Melanie Martinez declared the launch of her “Portals Perfume” fragrance range, which is a collection of 4 fragrances developed in collaboration with Flower Shop Perfumes. The singer’s recent weight gain is trending news these days.

Melanie Martinez is a 28-year-old American singer and songwriter who has gained huge popularity for her work in the Indie pop, alternative pop, electropop, and alternative rock genres. In 2012, she shot to fame after participating in the third season of “The Voice”, the smash hit American TV talent hunt show.

Her talent amazed the audience and the judges, and after the show was over, Atlantic Records signed her up, and Melanie released “Dollhouse”, her debut single. A few years later, in 2015, she released her first studio album titled, “Cry Baby”, which earned a double platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Melanie Martinez’s Weight Gain Story

A sensational music artist with over a million followers on Instagram, Melanie Martinez has recently become a topic of discussion among the public. And this time, it is not for any new album that she has launched, but for her weight gain.

From her before and after pictures from 3 years apart, it is clear that she has put on a few pounds – and her weight gain, even if distinct, is not overwhelming. However, fans do not miss a single beat when it comes to body shaming and spreading rumors. While some people have sided with her, saying that she is now a grown woman, others have slammed her with pregnancy speculations since her thighs and hips seemed to be wider than before. 

One time, back in 2017, there were rumors that Melanie Martinez was pregnant – but more than 6 years have passed after that. And never even once did the singer address or react to any of these speculations about her expecting a baby. However, some people have commented that her binge eating disorder has caused her to put on some weight. Some of her followers suspect that she might have completely stopped working out. They all have been wondering what might be the actual cause of her weight gain since not much information is available about her personal life.

Her Latest Album

Earlier this year, in February, a teaser video was released that contained the words “RIP Crybaby“, and a snippet of a brand-new song playing in the background. After this first teaser, several more teaser videos were released, representing a myriad of themes depicting rebirth in various visual forms. In one of these teasers, Melanie was seen “hatching from an egg as a pink fairy creature”. Finally, her latest album, “Portals” was revealed on her official website, and on 31st March 2023, the album was launched. 

“Portals” is Martinez’s studio album number 3 released through Atlantic Records; it comes after her 2-year hiatus from launching new music. Interestingly, the singer archived all her Instagram posts before the teaser of her new album was posted, which aroused the curiosity of her fans and followers.

Before the official release of her latest album called “Portals”, Melanie’s official website was already showcasing the cover of the album, and the album merchandise was made available for purchase. 

Did She Follow Any Diet?

Melanie’s fans will agree to the fact, that the superstar singer has always been known for her amazing physique – her slender body type. That is the reason why when people saw that she had gained a few pounds, the change struck them clearly and they got curious to find out what led to her weight transformation. It is not known as yet, whether Melanie followed any particular diet regimen that caused her to gain weight.

However, according to some sources, she had some kind of eating disorder, more specifically a binge eating disorder. This has been attributed to being the most likely reason for her gaining weight. Nothing more is known about this disorder, or her possible diet plan – or anything more related to this.

Her Perfume “Cry Baby”

Martinez launched her range of exclusive perfumes named “Cry Baby Perfume Milk”, and introduced it to the public through a commercial that was dropped back in October 2016. She said that right at the moment when she completed writing the lyrics for her chartbuster hit “Cry Baby”, she had been cultivating the idea of launching a fragrance in this line. Melanie Martinez’s record label, “Atlantic Records” had taken on the direct distributorship of her “Cry Baby” fragrance, which makes them the first music record label distributing perfume.   

The official website of the “Cry Baby” fragrance describes this merchandise as “feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic”. It has a rich sweet and silky smell like that of milky gourmand – a heavenly blend of sweet burnt caramel and deep woody flavors that can entice our senses instantly. 

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