Martha Stewart Weight Loss 2023 And Plastic Surgery.

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Everyone is noticing Martha Stewart weight loss after she appeared on Sports Illustrated 2023 issue. Even at the age of 81, she has been maintaining her health and looking amazingly gorgeous. Martha maintains a healthy diet routine to stay fit.

Martha Stewart is an American television personality and author who is always applauded for being so fit and active at 81! Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, she is also a best-selling author who is often seen sharing her insights and tips about how to live a healthy and wholesome life. Recently, Martha Stewart grabbed the attention of the internet with the Sports Illustrated 2023 issue, where she is featured on the cover page. She looks absolutely fabulous in a swimsuit and her fans can’t help but wonder, does she age at all? 

Some might find it hard to believe that this popular TV host is 81, and is actually the oldest person to be featured in the magazine. How exactly did Martha achieve this? Does she follow any specific diet? How many hours does she spend in the gym? Did she opt for any surgical treatments to enhance her appearance? In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about Martha Stewart weight loss, her fitness secret, and what it takes to remain on top of one’s game at this age. 

Did She Lose Some Weight? 

Martha Stewart is one of the fittest celebrities who has always followed a healthy lifestyle. From childhood, she was encouraged by her parents to consume a healthy diet, prioritize physical exercise and keep her mind active and peaceful. She doesn’t indulge too much in junk food and is enthusiastic about organic food and cooking. Due to this, Martha managed to remain fit and healthy for most of her life!

 Martha Stewart’s day starts with green juice packed with loads of vegetables and other nutritious ingredients that give her the energy to start her day. This juice also helps in weight management. Following this, she enjoys a stroll in the garden to get the body’s metabolism started. Since she had always been a person to take good care of her body, Martha Stewart manages to look younger than she actually is. By following a healthy lifestyle, she also has better control over her weight. 

Martha Stewart Weight Loss
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Martha Stewart’s Diet. 

Martha Stewart’s diet is quite interesting, as she keeps it so simple and basic that it seems almost effortless. While her meals are not out of the ordinary, her ingredients definitely stand out. Martha Stewart emphasizes organic food and grows her own vegetables on her farm. She also replaces traditional white flour with healthier alternatives while baking. These simple lifestyle changes have managed to reap great results in the long run. 

Martha Stewart starts her morning with a nutritious green juice that contains mint leaves, parsley, cucumber, and orange with peel, ginger, celery, and pineapples. She claims that it isn’t very savory but is definitely great for the body. This simple drink gives you certain necessary nutrients essential to maintain your skin and scalp health. 

Martha is also not big on snacking or ordering fast food but rather prefers to have light meals such as a tuna salad. She also likes to bake but makes sure she uses healthier alternatives to flour. She enjoys a glass of wine every once in a while and doesn’t deprive herself of foods that she loves.

The key to having a healthy relationship with food is to not take extreme measures but incorporate minor changes when necessary. Indulge in simple treats but maintain a balance, which is what Martha Stewart does to remain consistent in living a healthy lifestyle. 

What Does Her Exercise Routine Look Like?

Martha Stewart had always been encouraged to remain active as a child and often went for walks and bike riding. She also enjoys horseback riding. Martha has a personal trainer, Mary Tedesco, who assists her in working out at least three times a week.

She focuses on training her entire body, for which her gym is well equipped with weights, a peloton, a DB machine, etc. Every once in a while, she indulges in yoga and some stretching which helps in remaining flexible.

Martha Stewart On Sports Illustrated 2023 Edition

Martha Steward hit the headlines recently for being featured on the cover page of Sports Illustrated 2023 edition, where she can be seen donning a swimsuit. She claimed that the motivation for this stems from the fact that she wanted to show people that one can look great even at her age. That cover page sure does prove that she succeeded. However, what did it take for her to achieve that look? 

According to reports, Martha Stewart stayed away from bread and pasta for almost two months to cut down on carbs. She also spent time doing pilates every other day, which helps in strengthening one’s muscles and giving them a toned appearance. Moreover, since Martha Stewart has always been keen on leading a healthy lifestyle, it helped her significantly to prepare for the shoot without having to make too many compromises. 

Did Martha Stewart Undergo Plastic Surgery? 

Martha Stewart has always been a devoted subscriber to a nutritious diet that helps her stay healthy. Her diet includes a variety of juices and smoothies packed with various vegetables and fruits which significantly contribute to keeping her skin healthy.

She claims that this is the secret to her glowing skin at the age of 81 and that she never let any knife touch her body. Many of her fans have speculated if she had undergone any facelift surgery to enhance her appearance, but Martha had never claimed to have opted for surgical procedures.

However, she has undergone botox and Juvederm therapy as they were essential for her to help heal the wound on her face following a dog bite. She also uses radio frequency to improve her skin, particularly in delicate areas of the body. In this procedure, energy travels into the deeper layers of the skin and promotes collagen synthesis which helps in improving the texture of the skin. Apart from this, Martha has not admitted to having opted for any cosmetic surgeries. 


Martha Stewart is a popular American celebrity who is known for her television shows and best-selling novels. Recently, this media personality hit the tabloids by featuring on the Sports Illustrated 2023 edition, setting a record for being the oldest person to do so. Martha wanted to show people that one can look amazing even at her age and encourage people to make healthy life choices.

Martha Stewart was raised to prioritize her health as a child and she continues to follow a healthy lifestyle even now. She does so by consuming nutritious diets that are grown organically on her farm and putting in the effort to replace certain ingredients with healthier alternatives. She also prioritizes her physical and mental fitness which helps her remain active and energised, and does not take the assistance of surgical treatments to enhance her appearance. 

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