Leigh Ann Caldwell Illness. Is Washington Post’s Journalist Suffering Brain Cancer?

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Recently there is a lot of speculation about Washington Post’s journalist Leigh Ann Caldwell Illness. There are a lot of rumors that she has been suffering from brain cancer and using a wig to hide her baldness. But all these rumors seem baseless.

Leigh Ann Caldwell is a well-known American Journalist who works as a political reporter for The Washington Post. Caldwell spent most of her childhood in Las Vegas where she grew up to be a skilled swimmer. Her keen interest in the field perhaps motivated her to choose sports journalism later on in life. 

Recently there have been a lot of rumors about the journalist’s health. People have been speculating that she might be suffering from cancer and has gone bold due to the illness. Let’s find out the reality about Leigh Ann Caldwell illness and health update.

Leigh Ann Caldwell Illness: Is Washington Post Journalist Suffering From Brain Cancer?

Leigh Ann Caldwell has recently been an object of constant speculation regarding her health. Many users on the internet have taken to various social media platforms to claim that the journalist is using a wig to mask her baldness in the wake of her treatment for brain cancer. This widespread news has prompted various people to express their concern for her. 

However, it is important to note that these rumors have no basis or evidence to support them. The Washington Post reporter had remained silent on the matter, offering no response to either confirm or deny the claims. Hence, it is safe to assume that these speculations lack any credibility to be considered true.

The reason for the increase in such speculations could be because of her hairdo, which is frequently mistaken for illness. Moreover, hair loss associated with brain tumor treatment is all the more common, hence the multitude of rumors regarding the matter. 

Leigh Ann Caldwell Illness
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Leigh Ann Caldwell: Health Update.

Apart from her false illness reports circulating the internet, Leigh Ann Caldwell’s health had never been a matter of concern. She seems to be in good health and had never spoken about suffering from any chronic illnesses. She is always in great shape, be it in her live shows or when she is appearing on the carpet for events, she manages to look as fabulous as ever, giving no reason to think otherwise. 

Does She Wear A Wig? 

Leigh Ann Caldwell has maintained her hairstyle for quite a long time, and they have recently prompted questions about whether she indeed wears a wig or it’s her natural hair. These speculations have increased ever since rumors about her suffering from brain cancer have been going about. 

As hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy used in cancer treatment, many are believing that her condition forced her to use wigs to mask her baldness. However, Leigh Ann Caldwell had not spoken in favor of these claims nor did she admit to using wigs publically. There isn’t enough evidence to suggest that she uses wigs, hence all the news regarding the matter is nothing more than rumors. 

Leigh Ann Caldwell’s Career In Journalism 

Following high school, she achieved a four-year scholarship to attend North Carolina State University to pursue distance swimming. She graduated in 2000, majoring in communications and political science. 

After she finished her education, she moved to New York City to freelance in journalism. She had been a part of various ventures and initiatives in her career, including the launch of Radio Rootz, a youth education initiative. Despite her prior interest in sports journalism, her professional work had mainly revolved around political news. 

“I decided when I was 10 years old when I was watching the summer Olympics I wanted to be Bob Costas,” Caldwell revealed to ITK. “I ended up choosing political journalism over sports, but I’d still like to cover the Olympics someday.”

In 2008, she hosted a daily election show by the name ‘Election Unspun’ where she discussed extensively the United States Presidential election. In 2014, he joined NBC News to serve as a Capitol until she moved to CAA in 2019. As of 2022, she joined The Washington Post as a political reporter where she writes morning newsletters and hosts various live events. 


Leigh Ann Caldwell is a renowned American Journalist who works for The Washington Post. She was an accomplished swimmer in her growing up years, which motivated her to pursue sports journalism professionally. However, she now predominantly works in the field of political journalism. In recent times, Leigh Ann Caldwell has been subjected to various speculations and rumors about her illness. 

Many reports claim that the reporter has been suffering from brain cancer, due to which she has lost hair. A few reports also claim that she now uses wigs to mask her baldness. However, Leigh Ann had never confirmed these claims nor has spoken in favor of these speculations.

Moreover, she has been sporting the same hairstyle for quite a while and she looks to be in great health. Without confirmation from credible sources, these claims and rumors have no proven truth.

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