Laura Geller Weight Loss, Illness, Plastic Surgery, And Her Makeup Review.

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Laura Geller is one of the most eminent makeup artists in America, reckoned for being a visionary entrepreneur with laudable creative prowess. Recently she looks a little different than she looked in her previous appearances. People are speculating Laura Geller weight loss might be the reason behind this change.

Laura Geller is passionate about wearable makeup looks and has gained massive popularity with her magnetic personality. From working as a makeup artist on the sets of TV shows and movies during the 90s, Laura Geller is now hailed as a makeup guru by eminent celebrities in the top global fashion circuit. 

Laura Geller’s transformative insights on cosmetics found much appreciation from a wide range of audiences, and her makeup and beauty insights have also been published in famous magazines like Cosmopolitan. Since she debuted in the line of beauty and makeup, Laura has collaborated with many Broadway shows and TV programs on channels such as NBC, CBS, HBO, and AMC. Recently, Laura has been a target of the public’s speculations for her clearly noticeable weight loss transformation. Let us find out more about this in today’s post.

Laura Geller Weight Loss. How Did She Lose Weight?

Laura Geller weight loss transformation has been a topic of controversy, with many people appreciating her for choosing well-being, while many others suspecting it is due to some illness or plastic surgery.

It all began when people observed that 65-year-old makeup guru Geller’s face and neck appeared significantly slimmer when compared to her earlier photos. They closely compared her before and after images and concluded that while she had mostly lost chubbiness due to baby fat from her neck and face regions, she looked much trimmed down, overall, minus the flabs, and much healthier too. 

Netizens commented that she undoubtedly looked much fitter than before and also pretty vibrant and congratulated her on choosing to stay fit. Along with loads of appreciation, some others have called out the people commenting on her weight loss, saying that it is rude to point out someone’s physical transformation. There is absolutely no point in pointing out if a person is thin or fat or if there has been some change in their physical appearance. And in the case of Geller, comments about her looking slim or not are totally not required.

There are some rumors that her dedication to staying fit might have started during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Laura has not addressed any comments about her weight loss, which leaves us with no clue about her major physical transformation – the how and why of it.

Is Laura Geller Sick?

There are no recent reports about Laura Geller being ill, but a few years back, she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1. In one of her interviews, Laura opened up about her “unforgettable mammogram appointment” back in May 2019, where she was diagnosed with the ailment and later on, underwent inter-operative radiation therapy. After a year of undergoing treatment, Geller was declared healthy and cancer-free. 

A person who chooses to maintain her privacy, Laura spoke about dodging a bullet and how early detection had actually saved her. But despite early diagnosis, the outcome is not the same for all, so she feels lucky in that way. She also added that she does not think it is worth talking about her experience, since she knows colleagues and friends who have experienced worse after diagnosis, but through her story, wanted to share the message and give hope to those in need. 

She donated 1500 USD to the center where she was treated, for the benefit of their research and contributions. Laura also launched a limited pink edition of her popular Lambswool Paddle Brush, to raise awareness about breast cancer and the benefits of early detection.

Laura Geller Plastic Surgery Rumors

Laura Geller looks amazing even at the age of 65 and that’s the biggest reason behind the speculation of her undergoing plastic surgery or taking the help of a cosmetic enhancement to make her look more attractive. But as we all know Laura Geller is an amazing makeup artist and knows what makes her look good on camera. She hasn’t taken the help of any plastic surgery just natural makeup and the makeup skills that make her look at this age.

Her Makeup Line Review

Laura Geller launched her makeup range way back in 1997 and established a massive beauty empire that caters to people with mainly sensitive skin and mature skin. She is known for her terrific expertise in making makeup wearable for all, with a focus on how to make aging look good on everyone. And she has been quite a revolutionary when it comes to makeup aesthetics, with a rich and innovative makeup line that makes her brand truly a class apart. 

Laura Geller Makeup Artist
Image Credit: Instagram / Lauren Geller

Her makeup products are cruelty-free and contain ingredients like mica, dimethicone, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide, which are generally present in other brand products too. So it is no different in that way, but some critics feel that her makeup range cannot be particularly considered as “clean makeup”. Some of her products are much better than the others, but they are generally quite good and satisfactory, with a lightweight, long-wearing formula for a buttery finish. 

You can buy her makeup on her website Laura Geller Beauty, and the most sought-after product in her brand is the Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation.


Despite changes in her physical appearance, Laura Geller continues to be the hailed makeup guru and entrepreneur of all time; an inspiration for this generation of makeup enthusiasts and for many to come.

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