Gemma Ward Weight Gain And Her Relationship With Heath Ledger Decoded.

Key Takeaways

Australian model and former girlfriend of late actor Heath Ledger has been in the news recently. People are talking a lot these days about Gemma Ward weight gain. In the past, she went through various issues and took a toll on her mental health.

The modeling realm is all about glamour, and shimmer. But all the fancy dresses and dazzle hide a dark spot. You need to be in good shape throughout your life as a model. The slightest of weight gain can end your career. A similar incident happened with one of the finest models from Australia- Gemma Ward, who was neglected and betrayed by the modeling world. 

But in 2023 she’s knocking on the doors of the modeling world again. But what happened to her and what was the reason for that weight gain? We’ll unravel everything in this article. 

Early Life

Gemma Ward is an Australian model-actor who was the face of many fashion brands. She was born in a city in Western Australia on 2nd November 1987. Her passion for acting started when she was part of a drama at her school. 

The Rise And Fall Of Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward has always been on a rollercoaster ride in her career. She was escorted at the age of fourteen and her alluring personality caught everyone’s attention. She was just 15 years old during her appearance at the Australian Fashion Week in May 2003. 

One of the biggest achievements of her life came when she was just 16 years old as she got featured on American magazine Vogue. She became the youngest model to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Her charm and fragile looks gave her numerous loving fans. She was among the top models at a very young age. Her success made her the potential contender for the next big face in the fashion world after Elle Macpherson.

She got to live the dream phase of any model during her teenage days. Gemma was the top pick of all the fashion designers and the center of attraction during her catwalk. Her face was popular during those days. Her net worth was around $3 million in 2007 at the mere age of 20. 

But her dream run came to an end when some personal life problems and weight gain issues took away the spotlight from her. She was going through a rough patch and this situation forced her to take an early retirement from her modeling career. 

Reason Behind Gemma Ward Weight Gain

Gemma Ward’s weight gain stories have always been a trending topic in the modeling world. The weight norms for a model are very harsh and you need to be perfectly in shape to walk down the ramp. It is found that most of the models are underweight which weakens their immunity and health is compromised. 

One of the first reasons for Gemma’s weight gain was her health. She started her career as a teenager and had to maintain a certain weight which caused her certain health concerns. After 2007 she wanted to gain weight and the weight gain was rather healthy. Although she accumulated some fat during the process which wasn’t concerning. 

Gemma Ward Transformation

The other aspect of this weight gain was stress. Gremma went through the severe loss of her loved ones which affected her mental well-being. Stress is one of the main contributors to disrupting the hormones which can affect several biological functions. Hormonal imbalance can affect the metabolism of an individual making it easy to put on weight. 

However, in her recent pictures, she looks stunning and is in the shape of her life. She uploaded a few snaps from her recent swimsuit photoshoot. 

Recent Advents of Gemma Ward

Gemma’s career has been full of ups and downs. After her retirement in 2007, she was not seen in the modeling world for almost four years. Although she told the public that the retirement was a baseless speculation and she just wanted some time off. During this time, she was trolled by the critics for the abrupt weight gain. Later on, she told the fans that the break was because of Ledger’s death. 

She made a return in 2011 through a photoshoot and was signed by IMG Models in 2013. Since then she has been trying her best to make an impact on the fashion world. 

The questions soon turned to appreciation as she won Australian of The Year and Perth Citizen of The Year awards in 2023. These awards and appreciation might make 2023 one of the best years for Gemma Ward. 

Gemma’s Relationship With Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger, one of the finest actors best known for his role as Joker in the popular Batman movie- The Dark Knight. Heath shared a beautiful bond with Gemma, a glimpse of which she shared in 2011. She talked about their first meeting in New York and they both were struggling with things at that time. Heath was vocal about the testing situations with her and he wanted them to be with each other during these tough times. 

Heath Ledger lost his life to a medical overdose in January of 2008. The incident shook Gemma inside out and she wasn’t able to believe the reality. It was certainly one of the toughest times of her life and she stood tall facing everything. 

Final Words

Modeling-world can make you an overnight star and can take away the stardom in moments. Gemma witnessed both the positive and negative sides of the industry, still, she’s trying her best to make a memorable comeback.

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