Fascinating Story Of Kurt Alexander AKA Big Boy’s Weight Loss.


All of us who know Kurt Alexander AKA Big Boy, also know very well that losing weight has been a significant aspect of his life – something that he has talked about many times.

It was not until he almost came face to face with death, that he finally realized the seriousness of the problem with his body weight. Popularly referred to as “Big Boy“, it was owing to his body size and physique that Kurt was given that name. When asked about his weight loss experience, Kurt Alexander says that he was never in complete control of his dietary habits – whenever he got a chance he wanted to gorge on chicken nachos.

Fast food was his major weakness, and the repercussions of his excessive body weight were instantaneous and critical. He used to feel the weight on his back, his legs would tend to become numb when he had a walk a longer distance, and he even used to feel shortness of breath at times. Strangely, even after seeing his closest people, like his mom, fall victim to obesity, nothing struck him unless he got a health scare that forced him to think seriously about losing weight.

Who Is Big Boy?

As mentioned already, the name “Big Boy” was given to Kurt Alexander because of his large build. Kurt Alexander is a globally reputed American actor and radio host who is nationally syndicated – he has been the host of the extremely popular morning show aired on KPWR, which is Power 106, at Los Angeles Rhythmic Contemporary station. He garnered tremendous fame and popularity hosting this morning show on Power 106 radio station, but in February 2015 switched to KRRL, which is Real 92.3 station.

Big Boy was born in September 1969 in the West Side neighborhood of Chicago and relocated to Los Angeles when he was only 2 years old. He used to play DJ at the parties hosted at Culver City High School and got acquainted with the music industry; he also was friends with the band Baka Boyz, who used to host the Power 106 morning show then. That is how he came to become a radio host with that station, delivering hugely successful afternoon and nighttime programs.

During the late 1990s, Big Boy became a hugely popular name in the Los Angeles area, known for his wit and fantastic sense of humor. But his breakthrough in the national spotlight came in 1998 after he was recruited as the announcer of the TV talk show called “Vibe“, which was hosted by famous comedian Sinbad. 

Big Boy has received several prestigious accolades and awards many times – Radio Music Awards declared him “Personality Of The Year” four times, while “Radio And Records” magazine did three times. He was also presented the Marconi Award in 2002 and 2004 by the National Association of Broadcasters, and he was also voted to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.

Apart from being a radio host, Big Boy is also a notable actor and voiceover artist who lent his voice to many famous Hollywood films. He ventured into film production and did cameo roles in films like “Soul Plane“, “Malibu’s Most Wanted“, and “Charlie’s Angels 2“, and appeared several times on “Entourage“, the hit HBO TV series.

How Big Boy Lost Weight

Much of Kurt Alexander’s national public image was shaped by his large physique, which earned him the nickname of “Big Boy” – he used to weigh more than 500 pounds at some point in time. But after facing life-threatening consequences triggered by obesity, he decided to lose weight – in 2003, he went for a duodenal switch surgery that almost killed him, and he lost more than 250 pounds.

Big Boy says that after this extreme weight reduction surgical process, he had to fight for his life a few times – he was ‘in the intensive care unit for 10 days”, used to feed through a tube and undergo multiple blood transfusions. He also experienced highly critical health complications after the surgery, which led him to realize that he should have worked harder to lose weight.

Anyway, weight loss surgery was never his first option – he was able to shed 111 pounds in 2002 through exercise and diet, after being challenged by his longtime friend, actor Will Smith. But once he won the challenge, he started binge eating junk food and started gaining back all the weight he had lost.

His mother was also a victim of obesity – he lost her to congestive heart failure due to her excessive body weight; she also suffered from high BP, diabetes, and other weight-related health problems. But even after seeing her, Big Boy failed to realize until his health came at risk – he then started wondering what if he died early. So, after losing over 250 pounds through surgery, the star radio host now actively involves himself in physical exercises to keep his weight in check.

He regularly plays basketball with his kids, practices martial arts, and even appears in weight loss support groups. He says that he still loves food, but is now more aware of the nutritional aspects, portion size, as well as exercises. 

Podcast, Wife, And Net Worth

Radio icon Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander has his podcast named “Big Boy On Demand“, which you can catch on Apple Podcasts. His podcasts are hugely popular and often share juicy gossip about celebs laced with his iconic humor and quick wit.

With many years of fame and trailblazing success hosting radio shows, acting in films, and producing movies, as per reports, Big Boy’s current net worth is approximately 164 million USD.

He shares a blissful marital partnership with his wife, Veronica Alexander; they are proud parents to two children, a son and a daughter. Though they have appeared as a family many times at events and shows, Big Boy is a very private person and does not prefer to share many details about his family and their personal lives.

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