Lucy Of “Tacoma FD”: Is Hassie Harrison Underwent Plastic Surgery?


Best known for portraying the character of Lucy on “Tacoma FD”, Hassie Harrison is an American actor who is making quite a name for herself in the field of acting. She was born in March 1990 in Dallas, Texas, and a lot of her passion for acting was shaped by her mother, who was deeply involved with children’s theater in Dallas. 

Hassie began her stint at college when she was 15 years old and studied European Cinema in Denmark’s Copenhagen. Later on, she also went to a drama school headed by Ivana Chubbuck, a famous acting coach, where she learned the modern techniques of film creativity and performance. Apart from this, Hassie Harrison also became a part of a popular American improv theatre group called “Upright Citizen’s Brigade, where she learned comedy skills. Fans and followers will agree that Hassie Harrison is much more than her gorgeous looks – she is a talented actor and a versatile one too.

Apart from her breakthrough role as Lucy in “Tacoma FD“, Hassie has also starred in numerous films, starting with “Yellowstone”, “The Iron Orchard”, “Back To Lyla” and “Dementia. Many people also recognize her from her appearance in other hit movies like “Quasi”, “Max Reload And The Nether Blaster” and “Southbound”, among others. For all those who have watched her perform in “Yellowstone”, you might already know that Hassie joined the cast of this series for its twentieth season in 2020. In this series, she plays the role of Laramie, whose real-life boyfriend, played by actor Ryan Bingham, is also her current boyfriend in real life – the couple has been dating since April 2023.

Hassie Harrison: Lucy McConkey In Tacoma FD Show

Tacoma FD” is a popular American sitcom that premiered on truTV, back in March 2019 – it has its premises set in a firehouse that is in Tacoma, Washington. Since Tacoma is known to be one of the rainiest cities in the USA, there are not many fires that firefighters in that city have to extinguish. The firefighters in Tacoma are always ready for their job – however, they ultimately get engaged in those aspects of their job that are less glamorous. 

Lucy McConky, played deftly by Hassie Harrison, is one of the main characters of this American drama series; Kirby Bliss Blanton was initially signed up for this role but later recast with Hassie. Lucy is the only female in the Tacoma Fire Department that is dominated by males – and the daughter of Terry McConky. Lucy’s character is friendly and loving and gets along well with the boys in the fire department, but she gets easily annoyed whenever her father tries to interfere. Lucy is a new firefighter in the show, who also shares a great relationship with Eddie Penisi, her uncle. 

In one of her interviews, Hassie Harrison said that when she was offered the role of Lucy McConky, she was positively enthusiastic about portraying the character of the new lady firefighter. This is because this new role was offering her a scope to venture and learn about acting in a comedic role as part of an ensemble cast. She has been very upbeat about playing Lucy, and working alongside experienced actors who are like mentors to her, helping her “navigate this wild west of a genre”.

Hassie, being a young actor, has proved her mettle and versatility, playing the role of Lucy and breathing freshness and vitality into the character. She has also had much fun on the sets, learning a thing or two from the other actors, and teaching them a thing or two about improvisational theatre.

Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery

Ever since Hassie Harrison shot to fame, her personal life has been a topic of buzzing discussion among the public who cannot seem to contain their curiosity. At first, her relationship status and alleged romantic involvements generated tremendous curiosity and gossip among her fans and followers. But then we all came to know that Hassie has been dating her on-screen beau from the show “Yellowstone”, in her real life too. 

And now, there have been endless speculations about Hassie going under the knife after the public seemed to have noticed subtle changes in her facial features. But let us mention here that there is no confirmation or denial offered by the actor herself, about all these claims that are being made; nevertheless, let us find out what people have to say.

After seeing her recent posts on Instagram, the public has started bombarding Harrison with allegations of plastic surgery. They seemed pretty certain, that she had undergone some cosmetic procedure to attain a sharper jawline since her facial contours appeared more chiseled than before. They are also suspicious that she has resorted to a nose job or rhinoplasty because her nose looks a tad bit sharper when compared to her earlier photos. Some social media users have also commented about the possibility of going for lip filler injections since Hassie’s lips look much fuller than before.

But some of her fans have highlighted Hassie’s dedication to staying active and fit, which, in turn, explains why she looks sharper and fitter than ever. They believe that a stunning physique and chiseled jawline like hers, can also be achieved by following a strict exercise and diet regimen. So needless to say, speculative comments about Hassie Harrison’s plastic surgery are divided.

However, the actor has not yet addressed any of these comments that people have shot at her since posting her recent pictures on Instagram. So we cannot comment for sure if there is any truth behind the claims and observations made by the public or whether these are simply baseless comments.

Final Take

Apart from being an accomplished actor known for her dedication to her craft, Hassie Harrison is also a social media sensation with millions of followers on Instagram. She has risen as a star in the world of entertainment and her fans want to see a lot more of her on screen.

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