Jim Gaffigan Weight Loss And Diet Revealed! His Family And Kids.

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No more bread or sugar is the main reason behind Jim Gaffigan weight loss. The comedian has revealed secrets about what helped him in his health and weight loss journey over the years.

Jim Gaffigan is a world-famous American comedian who has garnered a separate base of global fan following with his one-of-a-kind humor that is mostly about his observations on life. For those who did not know, Gaffigan is also a writer, actor, producer, and twice bestselling author in the New York Times, who was also Grammy-nominated six times as a comedian. 

A three-time Emmy winner and one of Forbes 2019’s highest-earning comedians, Jim is famously touted for his “clean humor“, because he does not use profanity in his comedy routines. His genre is observational comedy, and he talks about parenthood, laziness, food, and religion. Apart from his comedy, Jim Gaffigan also starred in “The Jim Gaffigan Show“, a series based on his life, that was aired on TV Land. 

Details About Jim Gaffigan Weight Loss

In his recent shows, Jim Gaffigan has majorly surprised his fans and followers by showing up looking significantly slimmed down than before. This has sparked rave rumors about him losing weight, though it is not as if he has lost a lot of weight. His weight loss transformation is easy to notice because we have always seen Jim as a heavily built, tall man and loved him for his sharp sense of humor.

Many times, the topic of his stand-up comedy routines has been the fact that he is overweight and his love for food, and his fans find these the most enjoyable. They often feel that he is funnier when commenting on his weight and food. However, he remains as funny as ever, although he does not joke about being overweight anymore, and has lost a lot of weight.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan

According to some sources, Jim lost weight, not by hitting it hard at the gym but primarily by restricting his cravings for junk food items. He admitted several times that junk food is his all-time favorite, but then he decided to avoid eating junk, which is itself a big deal. He often described his holidays as eating at some new place where they had never been before, but that was only for laughs because he was being mindful of what he ate. 

This is not the first time Jim Gaffigan has lost weight – he had done so a couple of times earlier too, but then during the lockdown, he regained all the pounds that he had lost.

His Diet Revealed

Food has been a major topic in almost all of Jim Gaffigan’s comedy sessions, and his new comedy series “Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist“, also focuses mainly on eating and food in Spain and Canada. However, contrary to what we see in his new series, Jim does not eat anything and everything, as we might want to believe. He thrives on a very limited diet – one that is devoid of sugar in any form.

He says that he gorges on zucchinis but no more eats bread or sugar, which is extremely tough. He has shared his dinner routines in his impromptu YouTube videos. He said that he eats “pickled things” made by a friend of his, and has also started gardening, which gives him some amount of physical exercise, as well as, vegetables, now that he lives off them. He jokes that although he is not a fan of veggies, he cannot show that in front of his children. 

So he lost weight by adopting a strict diet plan, which included cutting down on carbs and sugars, which might sound like a keto diet, though he has never mentioned it anywhere. But Jim mentioned, that he would occasionally indulge in a simple cheat meal comprising bread and meat, whereas on all other days, he would thrive on lots of fruits and veggies. 

But he still loves his junk food and keeps empty boxes and packets as props in his office, so that he can gaze at them all day long! He is also obsessed with ice cream and candies now that he is the father of five children, but he manages to restrict his food intake, which has helped him lose weight.

Family And kids

Gaffigan is married to actor Jeannie Gaffigan since 2003 and they are parents to three sons and two daughters, who now live in their ritzy Manhattan home since 2015. 

Jim is very close to his family and prefers taking them along when on tours, and makes sure to keep up their “bedtime rituals” when he is working in the city. He is a devout Catholic and regularly goes to church with his family.

His family, fatherhood, or rather parenthood, and his children are also frequent topics in his stand-up comedy sessions. He even collaborates with his wife Jeannie for his comedy works.

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