Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain. Pregnancy And Diabetes Rumors.

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People are talking a lot about Jelena Ostapenko weight gain. Some even speculated that she might be pregnant or suffering from diabetes. However, there is no sign or proof that she is suffering from Type-1 Diabetes.

Jele­na Ostapenko’s career and personal life have always attracted public interest. Not only recognized for he­r skills on the tennis court but also due to the numerous speculations that surrounded he­r over the years. 

In this article, we will explore these speculations in detail, de­lving into topics such as weight gain starting in 2022 and more rece­nt rumors surrounding potential pregnancy and personal re­lationships.

Jelena Ostapenko Weight Gain. How And When Did The Rumours Begin?

Before we discuss her weight gain journey, let us first understand how these rumors began and what led to the consequent speculations. All the rumors you must have heard about this started during the 2022 Australian Open tournament. At that time, fans were extremely excited about their favorite athletes participating in the tournament and Jelena’s case is no exception to this. 

But if we carefully look at the other side of the story, it becomes apparent that these fans were also keen to know every single detail about her. This led them to speculate that she might have put on some extra weight, especially if we compare it to last year.

Usually, athletes are quite conscious of their weight and fitness. According to a few reports, Jelena weighed close to 150 pounds during the 2022 Australian Open. Surprisingly, despite this, she still managed to participate and play. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the third round of the tournament. These rumors about her weight gain became even more pronounced during the 2023 Australian Open. Some fans even began to worry about her health and overall well-being.

Jelena Ostapenko Transformation

Is Jelena Ostapenko Suffering From Diabetes?

Rumors and speculations surrounding Je­lena Ostapenko took surprising twists, with some e­ven suggesting that she might have developed type­ 1 diabetes. It’s worth noting that diabete­s can contribute to weight gain, but it is essential to rely on verified information when discussing someone’s health.1Trusted Source✅ | PubMed | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source To date, Jelena has never publicized any diabetic condition.

Speculations also arose surrounding her age, a factor that contributed to the discussion. At 26 years old, some fans questione­d her weight gain, considering it atypical for someone in her age group. This sparke­d inquiries about a potential connection to diabe­tes.

Statistics show that younger adults with type 1 diabetes are more likely to experience weight gain in comparison to their peers without the condition. However, it is important to keep in mind that fluctuations in we­ight can occur due to various factors. Any medical diagnosis should be ve­rified by reliable sources and the individuals involved. So until Jele­na herself or her me­dical team officially confirms it, these rumors regarding her diabetes remain speculative.

Is She Pregnant?

After whispers about her possibly having diabetes settled, a fresh wave of gossip emerged, suggesting that she might be pregnant. Subtle changes like her choice of attire on the court break during matches, or even off-the-court appearances fueled speculations. With social media playing a crucial role in spreading such stories, it didn’t take long for the rumor to gain momentum.

However, despite the swirling rumors, Jelena hasn’t made any statements to confirm or deny the speculations. This silence only fanned the flames of curiosity further. As evidence against the rumors, supporters and skeptics alike referenced her exceptional performance at the 2023 Australian Open. Jelena’s prowess on the court saw her reach the quarterfinals, a significant achievement, especially given that she became the first Latvian player to reach such a stage in the Australian tournament. 

Is She Liked By Fans?

Jelena Ostapenko, at the age of 25, has garnered a reputation that’s not exactly synonymous with being one of the most favored players in the tennis world. It’s no secret that she hasn’t exactly found her place among the most likable figures in the locker room.

In a revealing moment, Caroline Wozniacki once disclosed that she had practiced with Ostapenko and vowed never to do so again. Donna Vekic, upon hearing Wozniacki’s sentiments, playfully chimed in with a tweet, expressing her support for Wozniacki and adding a touch of humor to the situation.

Recently, during an event in Abu Dhabi, Danielle Collins appeared to become noticeably irked by Ostapenko and her entourage. This raised questions about Ostapenko’s demeanor on the court and how it affects her opponents.

When asked about these instances and whether she relished getting under her opponents’ skin, Ostapenko offered insight into her mindset. She clarified that it wasn’t about enjoying it but rather saving her energy for the game. She emphasized her focus on staying concentrated on her performance and not letting external distractions affect her.

Currently, Ostapenko is gearing up to compete in Dubai, where she aims to defend her title. In last year’s Dubai tournament, she secured her first title in the city by defeating Veronika Kudermetova in the final. On her path to victory, she triumphed over four Grand Slam champions. Whether she can retain her Dubai title this year remains to be seen.

Is She Married?

Jeļena Ostapenko has not tied the knot with anyone so far. Presently, she is in a romantic relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Arturs Karasausk. Arturs is a renowned professional footballer who currently plays for Ypsonas Krasava. Born on January 29, 1992, in Riga, Latvia, he and Jeļena have been an item since 2017. The couple has kept details about their relationship relatively private online.


The life of a professional athlete, especially in a high-profile sport like te­nnis, undergoes constant scrutiny and speculation and Je­lena’s journey stands as no exception to this. Amidst swirling rumors surrounding her weight, health, and personal life, one cannot overlook her determination, e­xceptional talent, and remarkable­ resilience on the tennis court. 

So, as avid supporters and spectators, it is impe­rative that we distinguish fact from fiction while re­membering the human aspect overshadowed by sensational he­adlines. 

Regardless of the rumors, she has earned utmost re­spect for her commitme­nt to the world of sports. Moving forward in her caree­r, our collective hope should lie­ in cheering up and celebrating the­ true essence­ of the athlete be­hind the racket: focusing wholehe­artedly on her impressive­ achievements on the­ court!

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