Is Natalie Maines Lesbian? Update About Her Weight Gain, Illness, And Health.


Natalie Maines is a famous American musician – the lead singer of the band known as “The Chicks”, which is popular for playing country music. A lot has been talked about her personal life from her weight gain to speculations of being ill and lesbian, her name is on trend on social media platforms.

Born in Lubbock, Texas, in October 1974, Natalie Maines was admitted to the Berklee College of Music after auditioning for the diploma program and bagged a full vocal scholarship. However, one year later, in 1995, before even completing her studies there, Natalie dropped out of Berklee, and joined the famous all-girls country band called “Dixie Chicks“. With Natalie as their lead singer, replacing Laura Lynch, Dixie Chicks bagged 13 Grammy Awards and 10 Country Music Association Awards, from 1998 to 2007. Natalie was still the lead singer of Dixie Chicks when they earned 5 Grammy Awards after launching their album titled “Taking The Long Way”.  

Natalie Maines launched her solo music album with the name “Mother”, back in 2013, and Ben Harper was the co-producer of this. This album was a huge hit – it contained Natalie’s interpretation of iconic cover songs such as “Mother” by Pink Floyd, “Without You” by Eddie Vedder, and “Lover You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley. Apart from her musical prowess, Maines is a notable philanthropist and activist, who sings about feminism and motherhood. She has been dragged into some controversies a few times after she criticized the Iraq war and its aftermath. Her public feud with country music star Toby Keith, after she openly criticized his song named “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”, also made it to the headlines. 

Is Natalie Maines Ill? Her Health Update

The latest buzz surrounding Natalie Maines is whether she is unwell after her band “The Chickscanceled or rescheduled a few of their concerts. However, whether Maines has been experiencing any health concerns, is not known for certain as yet. 

The Chicks” have rescheduled several of their live performances citing reasons as some members or multiple members of their band are unwell. They decided to postpone their concerts so that the affected member could prioritize their wellness and get enough time to recover. The band has not shared any more details on this matter, so we do not know if it has to do anything with Natalie Maines’ health. But, fans and followers of “The Chicks” are waiting with much anticipation, to find out when the band plans to schedule their concert.

They have expressed their concern about Natalie Maines and shared their best wishes for her fast recovery so that they can again watch her perform live. It is not yet known if Natalie is suffering from any health disorder – she has chosen to keep it personal, but her followers have noticed her low presence for quite a while. 

She has dealt with some health issues earlier also – earlier too, her band had to cancel some of their shows on grounds of the ill health of its members. Moreover, in June 2022, while they were performing, Natalie Maines stopped their performance in the middle owing to troubles with her vocal health.

She addressed the audience and mentioned that she was undergoing treatment for some vocal issue – she added that she had to take a steroid shot so that she could perform. Some people said that she had suffered from some kind of allergies earlier, but the exact reason for the illness is not known this time.

Her Weight Gain

The fact that Natalie’s fans and followers have been asking about her health also stems from the fact that the singer has drastically put on several pounds. During her recent appearances, she has surprised the public with significant changes in her body weight and overall physique. People have been commenting all over social media and speculations are hanging heavy in the air as they are trying to relate her massive weight gain with her ongoing illness about which we have no idea as yet.

When it comes to weight gain among celebrities, the first and foremost thought that springs up in our mind is whether she is expecting a baby. Changes in body weight over time can happen very naturally to all of us, however, when it comes to celebs we tend to feel curious if their reason is pregnancy.

The same has been the case for Natalie Maines – Netizens have been discussing her weight gain and spreading rumors that she might be pregnant, which has led to her significant weight gain. But as of now, there is no data available anywhere or any official statement that says that might be expecting a child. Circulating fake news about celebrities is very common – since Maines’ pregnancy is not substantiated by any evidence, we can conclude that this is also fake news about the country singer.

Is She Lesbian?

There is no official information or any indication that Natalie is lesbian – she got married a couple of times, but none of her marital relations survived. The fact that none of her marriages to men stuck around, and her bold support for LGBTQ+ rights, has prompted many people to wonder if she is gay, but she is not. 

In many of her interviews, Maines openly shared her liberal views surrounding many social topics and how she actively supports gay marriage and equality rights. She said that she is “pro-gay marriage, pro-gay everything“- she is pro-choice and more liberal than any person can even believe. 

However, her unwavering support and activism for gay rights and equality do not necessarily reflect her own sexuality or sexual preferences. In the past, she has been with men only – she got married twice – which is evidence that she is straight. 

Natalie married her bassist boyfriend Michael Tarabay in 1997, but they got divorced after two years of marriage. Then, she married Adrian Pasdar in 2000 and officially divorced in 2019; the couple is parents to two sons. 

Many of Natalie Maines’ songs in her latest album “Gaslighter”, are influenced by her divorce, wherein she candidly expresses her emotionally-charged life experiences surrounding her divorce.

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