Is Monica Quartermaine From General Hospital Ill? Leslie Charleson Health Update 2023


Leslie Charleson is a famous American actor who shot to stardom after playing the character of Monica Quartermaine in “General Hospital”, the very famous soap opera. Lately, many have noticed something unusual with her looks. Many speculations have risen about her illness, plastic surgery, and health.

Leslie was born in February 1945 in Kansas City, and started her acting career with “A Flame In The Wind”, in 1964. Two years later, in 1966, she signed up as part of the cast for “As The World Turns”, and after two more years, she was cast in an episode of “The Wild Wild West” in 1968.  Besides her appearances on TV soaps and serials, Leslie also starred in various movies including the hit sci-fi film “The Day Of The Dolphin”. She also appeared on various TV sitcoms as a guest star, with her appearances in “Dharma & Greg” in 2001 and “Friends” in 2004, being especially memorable.

Leslie Charleson garnered extensive recognition and fame for her acting prowess and versatility and bagged several prestigious accolades including four Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series. With an illustrious career that spans several decades, Leslie Charleson has become an iconic figure and is hailed with much regard in the entertainment industry even today, in the domain of drama and soap operas.

Is Monica From GH Suffering From Any Illness In 2023?

During a recent appearance of the 78-year-old Leslie Charleson in the “General Hospital”, fans seemed to have noticed some changes in her appearance. While some people felt that she looked that way perhaps because of her age, others seemed to believe that there was something wrong with her health since she looked different in the photos taken during the promos.

While there is no information about her latest health status prompting us to believe that she is healthy and doing well, some users on Reddit have been referring to her “fall”. Not much is known in that direction as well, but the audience of “General Hospital” has observed how aged and frail she appeared in the drama – someone commented that Leslie could barely walk or even sit. The fact that Leslie was found missing in some major milestone episodes of the soap opera triggered rumors about her not keeping well.

As per reports, several years ago, Leslie had taken leaves on medical grounds, when she fell over on her patio because of her pet dog Riley Rose. She wanted to let her pet out for a walk on her brick patio, but accidentally she tripped and fell, resulting in a fractured hip.

She had to undergo a surgical procedure after fracturing her hip bone and was advised by her doctor to take enough rest at home. But she was not the one to rest – she got rid of her walking aids very soon and decided to go for physical therapy and then started horse riding! A woman with a sharp sense of humor, Leslie joked that she had been riding her horse for a couple of months and her doctor must not come to know of it!

Leslie Charleson Health Update

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no official information available to suggest that Leslie Charleson was suffering from some health disorder.

After Leslie recuperated from the surgery she had to undergo owing to her hip bone fracture, she said that she was in good spirits, and she was eager to get back to work and do more work. But she was somewhat disappointed by the fact that the surgery had shortened her leg, and she had no idea about it beforehand. She has to wear a filler in her shoe to lift her shortened leg – while it initially disturbed her natural body balance, she was planning to visit a doctor and rectify that issue.

Speculation About Her Plastic Surgery

For many years, there have been speculations about Charleson going under the knife, since people found striking differences in her before and after photos. The actor has never admitted or addressed any of these rumors or comments about her trying to look youthful via plastic surgery. But the way her facial skin looks wrinkle-free and curiously tight, even though she is 78 years old, is reason enough for people to suspect her for getting a facelift.

For people of her age, it is utmost natural that fine lines and wrinkles will appear on their face due to the natural process of aging. But Leslie’s face looks plump, flawless, and stunningly youthful, indicating high chances of plastic surgery. Netizens believe that she also resorted to Botox injections to complete her facelift – her skin, therefore, looks flawless, smooth, and fresh like that of a young person.

People have been slamming her with all sorts of comments about her alleged plastic surgery, saying that her face looks expressionless and unnatural. Some said that her plastic surgery had gone wrong, causing some difficulty in her speech as well; she supposedly could not utter her words enough, which prompted them to believe that the discomfort in her speech was a result of her botched cosmetic surgery.

Her Role As Monica Quartermaine In “General Hospital”

Monica Quartermaine, portrayed by Leslie Charleson, has become one of the most crucial parts of the overall “General Hospital” family since Charleson’s 1977 debut in the show. Monica is a cardiologist at General Hospital and the widow of the character Alan Quartermaine played by Stuart Damon. Monica’s role was initially played by Patsy Rahn in the year 1976 until she was replaced by Charleson in 1977, who played the character for the longest time in the history of American soaps and serials.

After a long gap since 2022, Monica is all set to return to the sets of “General Hospital” in December 2023, as suggested by a recent teaser of the TV drama. The audience has been overjoyed upon hearing that Leslie Charleson is set to return as well, which has piqued their curiosity.

While we all are curious to find out what kept Monica away from “General Hospital” for so long, we cannot wait to watch this superhit drama and find out what is in store.

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