Is Pregnancy The Reason Behind Gina Carano’s Weight Gain? Fired & Lawsuit.


Gina Carano, also popularly known as “the face of women’s MMA”, is an American actor and former MMA professional. She has currently retired from mixed martial arts competitions, but it was Carano, along with Brazilian-American Cris Cyborg, who were the first ladies to have featured in a major event during Strikeforce 2009.

Born in April 1982 in Dallas County, Texas, Gina Carano was brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada; she is a major in psychology and earned her graduate degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She kickstarted her MMA career in Thai boxing, also known as Muay Thai. After her Muay Thai record of scoring 12-1-1, Gina Carano bagged an offer with World Extreme Fighting to compete in the first-ever women’s MMA event in Nevada. Her opponent in that bout was Leiticia Pestova, whom she defeated in barely 38 seconds. Her sensational victory against Pestova earned her next invitation, to fight Rosi Sexton at the World Pro Fighting event in Las Vegas, in which Carano again won. 

Those who ardently follow MMA bouts know that Gina Carano was a competitor in Strikeforce and EliteXC from 2006 to 2009, wherein she achieved a record compilation of 7-1. Apart from being a leader in the ring, Gina Carano is also an accomplished actor, having played lead roles in action movies such as “Haywire” in 2011, followed by her appearances in Hollywood blockbusters like “Deadpool”, and “Fast & Furious 6”. She also played the role of Cara Dune in “The Mandalorian”, which is a hugely popular Disney+ space series. 

She Gained Weight Recently

As per news reports, there was a time when Gina Carano was fat-shamed by a man at her gym, but instead of taking the comment as discouragement, she ended up asking her bully to train her in Thai boxing, i.e., Muay Thai. This was at the time when Carano was with her then-boyfriend Kevin Ross, who was a celebrity Muay Thai fighter. In an interview, she admitted that she had put on some weight during that time and got bullied while she was accompanying her boyfriend to the gym.

The next time people started talking about her weight gain was after her appearance on the series “The Mandalorian”. Gina Carano was seen in the first two seasons of this live-action space series and as per comments posted on social media, the audience noticed the changes in her body weight throughout these two seasons where she appeared.

She is a highly accomplished MMA professional who has to stay active and fit for the sake of her career as well. The fact that she has gained all those extra pounds has triggered her fans and followers, who cannot help but wonder what might be happening to her. People have been wondering if she has stopped working out and if that is the case, why she decided to go that way.

Carano posted a picture of herself from her recent appearance at the premiere of “Terror On The Prairie”, where she looked every bit stunning in a gorgeous gown. However, her followers on Instagram did not fail to notice or even comment on her weight gain, which was pretty much obvious. The hate comments about her body started flooding the post and went over to such an extent that Carano decided to limit the comments after a point in time.

Is She Pregnant?

Gaining body weight is undoubtedly a very natural phenomenon that can happen to any of us, and celebs are no exception to this. However, whenever a celebrity or public personality seems to have gained even a few extra pounds, people take no time to start judging them and spreading rumors. The same thing happened with Gina Carano, the former MMA fighter after the public noticed that she had gained body weight. The most common speculation that arises when a celeb gains weight is she must be expecting a child.

Yes, people are now wondering whether Gina Carano is pregnant since she looks pretty much heavier than before. However, there is no news or evidence in any form that is worth considering as an indication to confirm the rumors that are going all over social media. We do not know as yet whether Carano is pregnant – her team has also not published or announced any statement about this matter. So until we get some valid proof or statement, the public’s reactions or speculations are nothing but unfounded chatter.

While people have been bombarding her with pregnancy rumors, some of them have come up with logical explanations too. They believe that after she retires from professional MMA bouts, Gina Carano might not be working out as rigorously as before, or her acting stints might require her to put on weight. When a professional sportsperson like her goes to the gym less frequently or stops engaging in strenuous workouts, it is natural to plump up and gain weight.

Gina Carano Was Fired And A Lawsuit?

On 6th February 2024, actor Gina Carano filed a legal case against Lucasfilm and The Walk Disney Co., its parent organization, in the context of her “wrongful termination” in 2021 from “The Mandalorian”. Carano alleges in her lawsuit that she was sacked for expressing her right-wing political views on social media. This lawsuit is being backed by Elon Musk, and has been lodged in the California federal court with assistance from X, formerly “Twitter”. Carano was terminated after she likened the handling of American conservatives to that dealt out to the Jews by the Nazis in Germany. 

At the time of her firing, Lucasfilm stated that Carano’s social media posts vilifying people for their religious and cultural identities, were “abhorrent and unacceptable”, which is why they were prompted to terminate her. 

As of now, Lucasfilm and Disney have not yet filed any response to the lawsuit, and no representatives were available for comments. Through this legal action, Gina Carano seeks damages and an order from the court so that she is recast on the show.

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