Fleur East Weight Gain. Is Pregnancy The Reason Behind Transformation of X-Factor Runner-Up?

Key Takeaways

X-Factor Runner-Up Fleur East was recently in the news because of her speculated weight gain. Many believe that pregnancy might be the reason behind her recent weight gain. But she is not pregnant in 2023.

Fleur East is a popular name in the entertainment & music industry. She got her fame from the season 11 of X-Factor UK.  Since then she has released several top-notch albums and has also appeared on a few TV shows. 

She is a multitalented lady, as she is an enthusiastic presenter along with a flawless vocal range. Since the beginning of her career, she has been a fitness freak. The recent weight gain transformation made her a center of attraction. She looks healthy and stunning with this transformation. So how was it possible and what can we learn from Fleur East’s weight gain? 

Fleur East Career

Fleur kickstarted her singing career on the talent show X-Factor season 11. She went to the finale and was a runner-up. On the reality show, I’m A Celebrity, she came fourth in 2018. In 2022, she went to the finals of Strictly Come Dancing. In 2023, she was a part of the Live Tour By Strictly Come Dancing. 

Recently she has been co-hosting Strictly: It Takes Two along with Janette Manrara. A recent announcement by BBC that Fleur was offered the role of Miss Meesha in the series Phoenix Rise. 

Fleur East

Her debut single (SAX)  was back in 2015 which turned out to be a massive hit. In 2015, her debut album “Love, Sax, and Flashbacks” was streamed which had 12 songs. Later in 2019, she joined Radio City which was yet another highlight of her career. Her second album was released in 2020 (Fearless). 

In 2022, she got a break in a musical movie “Tomorrow Morning”. Her career has been filled with exciting endeavors. She has been magnificent in every field. 

Fleur East Weight Gain And The Fitness Journey of Fleur East

The English singer is known for her fitness and toned body. She reveals the secret behind her fitness. 

Started Early

Fitness was introduced to Fleur at an early stage of her life. Push-ups were a regular part of her lifestyle, thanks to her father. She also used to do push-ups in her bedroom at the age of eight. She also revealed her inclination towards sports. During her high school days, she was a part of the netball team and was running 200 meters. She studies Journalism and Modern history at a university in London. She started dancing, which came to a halt due to her love for singing. Although, she was still hitting the gym. 

Weight Training

When she went to the gym, there were not many ladies doing weight training. The weight section was full of men, and women only used to do a bit of cardio. Fleur was 24 and saw weight training as a challenge. She was 100% up for it. Eventually, she made friends with trainers and started training with full intensity. 

X-Factor Runner-Up Fleur East

Fleur believes that the toned body is a by-product of weight training. “Everything I did before was cardio-driven, with weight I saw different results,” said Fleur in an interview with Get The Gloss. Weight training helped her to maintain a perfect body while making her stronger. She likes to squat, she can lift around 80 Kgs on a squat rack. 


Although her commitment to fitness is commendable, there are days when it gets really tough to get things going. Especially when she was on the X Factor tour, it wasn’t easy to go out in a public gym as fans were always around. At that time she turned to a home gym. 

Current Update

Now, she is working with a fitness app which is made by the women for the women. On that app, you can work with Fleur East as everything about her fitness regime is available there. She also studied at The G8 gym and got a qualification in PT. 


Fleur was inspired by a Netflix series called What The Health when she decided to go vegan. From eating chicken daily to giving it up completely, Fleur made a huge change in her lifestyle. Her friend told her that a vegan diet might kill her muscle gains. However, she was able to put on three Kg of muscle mass in the coming three months. The protein goal was completed with a plant-based diet. 

She did plenty of research before turning to veganism. The research helped her to become a better cook and make healthy dishes. On top of that, she takes a good sleep for a minimum of five hours. 

All these pointers helped her to gain healthy weight which is not easy for the majority of people. 

Is Fleur East Pregnant?

The rumors of Fleur expecting a baby had been hurling around for a while now. However, the truth is not what you would expect. Fleur is not pregnant in 2023 and she is not expecting a baby. This is yet another pregnancy rumor which is far from being true.

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