Why So Much Buzz About Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery And Her Weight Loss After her Documentary Release?

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On 18th October Collen’s documentary was released on Disney+ and after that, there have been many questions were raised about Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery to her weight loss.

Coleen Rooney, wife of English football star Wayne Rooney, is a much talked-about personality, who is a frequent target of public speculations about undergoing plastic surgery. Born in April 1986 in Liverpool, Coleen is a former TV personality best known for her own ITV show “Coleen’s Real Women“, which looked for real-life women to be the face of advertising campaigns instead of models. This show earned her the title “The nation’s favorite girl next door”, and Coleen garnered a huge base of fans and followers.

Coleen is also well known for her best-selling workout DVD called “Coleen McLoughlin’s Brand New Body Workout”, which gained her much fame and recognition in the UK. She launched her autobiography “Welcome To My World” was launched in 2007, after which “Coleen’s Real Style” was released the following year by Harper Collins publication. She married her teenage sweetheart Wayne Rooney the famous English footballer in 2008 and are parents to four sons.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery?

Many of her followers feel that Coleen Rooney has an “interesting face” that seems to be changing very frequently, but never seems to age. This is why she has often sparked rumors about going under the knife, with a report claiming that she had supposedly spent a whopping £50,000 for cosmetic surgery.

Going by her “ever-changing and never-aging” face, the public observes that with every passing year, Rooney keeps looking more and more refined than ever. People actually noticed her change for the first time back in 2019 when she attended a business launch event after her famous Wagatha Christie controversy. At that event, she was hardly recognizable and surprised people with her changed – more refined and slimmer face. Her lips also looked very plump, and the public could not help but notice how her cheeks looked so much fuller than before.

Coleen Rooney Plastic Surgery
Coleen Rooney’s Transformation Comparison Image: Instagram/Coleen Rooney

After that, people observed how Coleen’s appearance kept changing over the years, especially her bust line, which they feel has enhanced. Her recent Dubai vacation photos have again made her a target of speculations, with people claiming that she must have had breast augmentation surgery. She also sported glowing tight and bright skin, which they also did not fail to notice, thereby adding fuel to all the rumors.

After closely examining her before and after photos, experts feel that along with a breast augmentation surgery to make her look more curvy, Coleen Rooney has undergone several other cosmetic procedures. They believe that she must have resorted to Botox injections, cheek fillers as well, and lip-filler injections, which refined her looks and gave her that fresh face over the years.

What About Her Weight Loss?

Along with Coleen’s interesting fresh face that defies all signs of aging, her weight loss transformation is also a matter of great interest among the public. 

How Coleen Rooney Looked In 2015
How Coleen Rooney Looked In 2015 Image: Instagram/Coleen Rooney

Shedding the weight gained during pregnancy is an extremely challenging task that all new mothers will agree to, and post-pregnancy weight gain is also very natural. But Coleen grabbed all eyeballs as she appeared so much slimmer than ever, after giving birth to her second son Klay.

Coleen Rooney In 2017
Coleen Rooney In 2017 Image: Instagram/Coleen Rooney

As per reports, she went for a session for a specialized kind of fat removal procedure, after she religiously worked out at the gym following her second pregnancy. Sources claim that she wanted her pre-pregnancy body back and therefore decided to go for the special fat removal treatment which involves applying heat on the skin using ultrasound, such that it melts the fat. The melted fat is ultimately excreted via the liver over time. Reportedly, Coleen opted for the treatment, called Vaser Lipo, which includes a series of eight sessions at £999.

Coleen Rooney In 2020
Coleen Rooney In 2020 Image: Instagram/Coleen Rooney

It is claimed that this fat loss treatment produces guaranteed results since it facilitates fat removal right from day one. And we cannot disagree because Coleen Rooney looks every bit gorgeous and slender; it is unbelievable that she is a mother of four kids.

Coleen Rooney In 2023
Coleen Rooney In 2023 Image: Instagram/Coleen Rooney

Her Latest Documentary

People are eagerly waiting for Coleen’s documentary to release on October 18th, 2023, called “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story”. This documentary is all about the high-profile libel lawsuit that hit the headlines back in 2022 and will feature exclusive interviews with Coleen and her family. The highly publicized “Wagatha Christie” lawsuit came to light in 2019 when Rooney accused media personality Rebekah Vardy of leaking details about her personal life to the press. 

Rebekah Vardy filed a defamation case against Coleen Rooney, in which Vardy ultimately lost and had to pay £1.5 million to Coleen. Coleen chose to break her silence on this matter in an exclusive interview with “Vogue” in September 2023, which has got her fans all excited to watch the new docu-series that offers a glimpse into her life during the trial.

Final Take!

If you are also a fan of Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen, you can watch this brand-new documentary on the Disney+ channel.


  1. Has Coleen Rooney opted for any plastic surgery?

    It is speculated that she has spent around £50,000 on cosmetic surgery.

  2. Has she lost some weight?

    Her pictures are clear evidence of her weight loss. According to some reports, Coleen spent £999 on a procedure called Vaser Lipo for weight loss.

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