Faith Salie Illness. Her Health Update.

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Faith Salie Illness update. Faith Salie is a renowned American actor, comedian, TV, podcast, and radio host. She is a storytelling expert on the hugely popular The Moth podcast; her story has been viewed more than a whopping 4 million times!

With an Emmy Award to her credit, Faith Salie is also a part of CBS Sunday Morning and a member of the panel on the NPR show “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me”. But more than anything, Faith Salie is best known for playing the character of Sarina Douglas, the much-loved mutant, in the Star Trek movie “Deep Space Nine”.

Faith Salie attended one year of her undergraduate classes at Northwestern University, after which she went to Harvard for graduation. At Harvard University, she studied English literature and history and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude honors. The Jonathan Levy Award for Best Actress and the prestigious Bowdoin Prize for Literature at Harvard was also awarded to her. She was awarded the highly esteemed Rhodes scholarship, after which she completed her M. Phil in Modern English Literature from Magdalen College, Oxford.

Her keen interest in acting led Faith to begin stage performance when she was just a toddler, and later on, she started her professional career in children’s theatre when she turned 13. In college, she actively took part in musicals and plays. She has performed alongside well-known actors like Matt Damon, China Forbes, and Mo Rocca. Today, she has earned extensive recognition in the entertainment circuit, and a global base of fans, courtesy of her incredible range of talents.

Recently, some news about her illness has been of much concern to her followers. Let us find out more about it below.

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Faith Salie Illness. Is She Sick?

Lately, there have been rumors concerning Faith Salie; what is happening with her is what her fans want to know.

Her struggles with anorexia and depression have always been a topic of discussion after she openly addressed them in one of her interviews. Anorexia, which is a kind of eating disorder, makes people obsess excessively about their weight and diet; it can be potentially life-threatening in extreme cases.

Though she has a stellar career and a trailblazing educational background as a Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar, and pageant winner, her path has not been particularly smooth. Faith has also had to face various challenges in life, which shaped her as a person. In an interview, she spoke openly about her battles with health conditions such as depression and anorexia. She has also been candid about other personal struggles she has faced throughout her life.

Hollywood producer Nick Holly was the first husband of Faith Salie. They got married in 2005, and after 4 years, in 2009, they divorced. Nick Holly is also the brother of famous American actor Lauren Holly. After her divorce in 2009, Faith got married, for the second time in 2011, to John Semel, who is also a reputed actor and TV personality. She is currently with John Semel and reportedly happily married, with two children – a son and a daughter.

Starting with the uncertainties prevalent in the entertainment industry and the loss of her beloved mother, to her failed first marriage, Salie has been through them all. But she has been strong, trying to move forward and get past the trying times. In her interviews, she has spoken about how difficult it really is to work and move when you are suffering from serious health conditions and battling personal catastrophes. 

But the most commendable thing amidst all this is how her sheer determination and composure helped her navigate herself during those times of difficulty. 

Faith Salie

Her Health Update

Faith was born in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Later on, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career in the entertainment industry. But the dynamics of the entertainment business, odd and long working hours, marked by significant periods of instability in work, caused her to suffer from anorexia and depression. It was only aggravated by the passing of her mother, whom she was very close to, and then her failed marriage to Nick Holly.

Salie said in an interview that no matter how solid your professional background is and how well you think you have planned out your life, everything can go haywire and quite the opposite way of how you had imagined. It is natural for people to feel devastated and numb after going through unending challenges in the path of life. The same happened with Faith Salie as she tried to navigate her way through the ups and downs. 

Faith Salie DS9

As we have already mentioned, Faith Salie is perhaps best recognized for portraying the role of Sarina Douglas, who was a member of the Jack Packs in the hit film Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Jack Packs, led by Dr. Julian Bashir, were mutants or genetically engineered prodigies, but had no social skills.

Her character gained quick and extensive popularity, and Harvard graduate Faith Salie even bagged a second episode in the Star Trek series. People loved her character and found her emotions highly relatable, characterized by frequent feelings of being overwhelmed and ignored – things that a lot of us generally feel. 

However, despite her achievement, the young Faith could not enjoy her work because her mother was severely unwell and on the verge of death, and she had to be away from her for her shooting. She said that it was impossible for her to focus on work while she dealt with this traumatic phase in her life. Her mother’s death left her completely bereaved and dejected. 

Faith’s mother was very proud of her association with the Star Trek project. But sadly, she could not watch any of Faith’s episodes since the first one aired a month after her demise.


Faith Salie is quite an example of strength and inspiration, as she talks about how she found hope and love during despair and depression all around her. Her determination helped her fight back depression, and find hope, love, and a family. Today, Faith is happily married to John Semel; and the couple is proud parents to their two kids.

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