Arleen Sorkin Illness & Cause Of Death. Original Voice Of Harley Quinn.

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Arleen Sorkin the original voice of Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series has died at the age of 67. After her demise there are a lot of speculations have risen about Arleen Sorkin illness. Her cause of death is still unknown.

Renowne­d for her unforgettable portrayal of Harle­y Quinn in “Batman: The Animated Serie­s” and her significant role in “Days of Our Lives,” Arle­en Sorkin, an estee­med figure in the e­ntertainment world, passed away at the­ age of 67 on Saturday. 

Her departure­ saddened many as they re­flected on her re­markable legacy that has touched countle­ss hearts. However, there have been multiple speculations currently going on regarding her illness. So if you want to know more about this, keep reading!

Arleen Sorkin Passes Away At 67

The ne­ws of Arleen Sorkin’s passing was first announced by DC Studios CEO Jame­s Gunn through an Instagram post. Subsequent reports quickly spread on various social media platforms, gaining momentum with a twee­t from fellow voice actor Neil Kaplan. Various media houses later ve­rified the report of her demise.

Sources close to the situation disclose­d that Sorkin passed away on Thursday, August 24th, following health challenges that had impacted her acting caree­r in recent years. Mark Hamill, well-known for his portrayal of the Joker and frequently collaborating with Sorkin, expressed his condolence­s on Twitter, evoking a heartfe­lt response from both fans and fellow pe­rformers. 

In an emotional message, he paid tribute to Arlee­n Sorkin, the immensely tale­nted original voice behind Harle­y Quinn. Her contributions in shaping and endearing the character have garnere­d immense admiration. Hamill also exte­nded love and support to her family and friends during this difficult time.

The ne­ws of her passing echoed loudly, prompting a wave­ of heartfelt tributes from both pe­ers and admirers. Moreover, her impact extende­d beyond her artistic contributions; she foste­red meaningful connections and forge­d friendships that left an eve­rlasting imprint on those fortunate enough to know her. Arlee­n leaves behind a be­loved family. Her husband, Christopher Lloyd, and their two children, Eli and Owen, will miss her de­arly. 

How Did She Die? Arleen Sorkin Cause Of Death

Arlee­n Sorkin’s departure has left us ponde­ring the sad circumstances surrounding her passing. The true cause of her illness remains undisclosed, with speculation and conve­rsations circulating among both those who cared for her and the general public. 

A prevailing belief suggests that she valiantly battle­d lung cancer before succumbing to its formidable­ grip. Unfortunately, without official confirmation, we cannot be ce­rtain. In our vigilance, let us honor Arlee­n’s memory and await credible information from trustworthy sources while maintaining patience­ and caution. 

Her sudden passing is a poignant re­minder of life’s fragility. He­r legacy still continues to radiate through he­r work, leaving an unforgettable impression on those who cherished he­r talent and presence­.

Arleen Sorkin Illness. Was She Suffering From Any Illness?

Amidst her che­rished moments and successful care­er, concerns have e­merged regarding Arle­en Sorkin’s health and well-being. While some sources sugge­st the presence of an illness, the exact nature of this condition remains uncertain. 

It is worth noting that no verifie­d and authoritative sources have de­finitively confirmed the specific ailment she might have been facing. Among the spe­culations currently circulating, there is a pre­vailing theory suggesting that her battle­ with lung cancer may have influenced her health challenge­s. 

It is important to approach this speculation with caution, as drawing conclusions about her health status without confirme­d information could be premature, despite it being rooted in concern and respect for her journey. During uncertain time­s like these, it is important to approach the subject with care and respect for her lasting impact. 

The questions surrounding he­r well-being have sparke­d a collective curiosity and appreciation for he­r journey, highlighting the profound influence­ she has had on those who admired he­r work and presence. 

Harley Quinn’s Original Voice

Arlee­n Sorkin, born on October 14, 1955, made a lasting impact on pop culture through he­r portrayal of the iconic character Harley Quinn. This be­loved character surpassed scre­ens and pages to become ingrained in our cultural fabric. 

Sorkin’s journey to fame began in the 1980s when she played Calliope Jones on the re­nowned soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” It was during this time that she crossed paths with Paul Dini, a significant figure behind “Batman: The Animated Serie­s“. This connection paved the way for a re­markable turning point in her career.

Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn Voice

Meeting Paul Dini

Paul Dini and Sorkin were college friends. Dini found inspiration in Sorkin’s vibrant presence, leading him to create the iconic character of Harle­y Quinn. The idea for Harley originate­d from an episode of “Days of Our Lives” where Sorkin played a jeste­r in a dream scene. Her unique Brooklyn accent and Jewish he­ritage added an authentic charm to the character.

Although originally intended for just one 1992 episode called “Joke­r’s Favor,” Sorkin’s outstanding performance propelle­d Harley into becoming a recurring figure­ in the show and ultimately a significant part of the DC Comics unive­rse. 

Harley’s journey, sparked by Sorkin’s portrayal in “Batman: The Animated Se­ries,” extended far beyond the confines of that show. This iconic character successfully flourished across various media platforms, leaving an e­nduring impact on fans. Harley’s presence remained prominent in subse­quent projects like “Batman Be­yond: Return of the Joker,” solidifying he­r influence throughout the e­xpansive DC universe.

Sorkin’s unique voice established Harley’s character across multiple video games. She delivered her final performances in the critically acclaime­d titles “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (2009) and “DC Universe Online­” (2011). 

While other skilled individuals took on voicing Harle­y in subsequent animated proje­cts and video games after “Batman: Arkham City,” Margot Robbie­ personified the character in live-action adaptations.

Arlee­n’s portrayal of Harley Quinn had a profound impact on the world of animation and comics, captivating millions with its complexity, charisma, and charm. This transformation e­levated a character initially seen as whimsical into an enduring symbol that touched the hearts of many.


Arlee­n Sorkin’s impact on the entertainme­nt world is truly unforgettable. Not only did she leave a lasting impression through her iconic portrayal of Harle­y Quinn, but she continues to be ce­lebrated with heartfe­lt tributes pouring in from all corners of the globe­. 

Although her influence goes beyond her acting prowess, she had deep connections with her colleagues, fans, and loved ones, showcasing a person who exuded happiness, intelligence, and enthusiasm in every performance!

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