Susan Page Plastic Surgery. Her Makeover And Facelift Rumors

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Susan Page plastic surgery rumors are on the rise after people have noticed some change in her appearance and makeover in recent videos.

Susan Page is no new name to those who regularly follow the US news and political updates. She is frequently seen speaking as an analyst on popular programs on television, such as Fox News Sunday, Face The Nation, PBS NewsHour, NBC News, and others. Susan Page is the chief of the Washington DC Bureau of USA Today, and an award-winning American journalist, biographer, and political commentator. Page is highly acclaimed as one of the most prominent political correspondents of today, having covered eleven US presidential campaigns and seven administrations of the White House.

Before she began her stellar career in journalism, Susan Page completed her bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University and then went on to complete her master’s degree at Columbia University. Originally hailing from Wichita in Kansas, Page is also the recipient of the highly prestigious Pulitzer Fellowship award. She is married to Carl Leubsdorf, who is also a renowned American journalist.

In the course of her outstanding career, which spans more than thirty years, Page has frequently been in the headlines, having interviewed many dignitaries and newsmakers like physicist Stephen Hawking, former US Secretary Henry Kissinger, and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Recently, the 69-year-old American journalist has been in the news again; this time for her changed appearance. And invariably, the rumor mills have started rolling again that Page might have undergone plastic surgery.

In this post, let us quickly find out more about these rumors – how much of it is fact and how much is fiction!

Susan Page Plastic Surgery. Rumors About Her Neck And Facelift

These sudden rumors about Susan Page and her makeover are not entirely based on the imagination of the public! They raised suspicions only after watching the most recent telecast of NBC News where she appeared. There were some distinct differences in her facial features, as the viewers pointed out, although somewhat inconspicuous.

Susan Page On NBC News Panel

Her face seemed somewhat thinner than usual, which might be a result of some highly skillful plastic surgery or might be the result of a skilled makeup artist. Besides, her neck and double chin had also completely disappeared! It is natural for a person of her age to have some saggy skin on the neck and under the chin region, and you will see that in her earlier photos too.

But in the NBC News program, her facial and neck skin seemed pretty tightened, which led to suspicions of a possible neck and facelift. However, we do not yet know anything for certain, for Susan Page has not shared any statement or mentioned anything addressing these rumors. 

Her makeover

Susan Page is not only recognized for her outstanding political correspondences but also for her overall persona – the way she carries herself with grace and confidence and the way she presents herself to the world. 

Even when her followers and viewers are spreading conjectures about her sudden makeover and suspected facelift surgery, there are some possible explanations that are logical.

Many people believe that this graceful veteran journalist must have an excellent makeup artist who skilfully highlights her beauty and elegance. And along with makeup, lighting in the news studio also plays a critical role in how she appears. So it might be these reasons for her changed look and not plastic surgery, as some people might think.


One of the most eminent political journalists in the USA, Susan Page gained worldwide recognition for her political insights and analyses. Rumors of her plastic surgery or facelift might come as a surprise to many of her viewers. It might baffle many people as to why would she even need a sudden makeover. She is an inspiration indeed for the whole personality that she is.

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