Billy Gardell Weight Loss. Bob Hearts Abishola Actor’s Diet, Surgery, Ozempic, & Before After Pictures.


Billy Gardell weight loss is one of the most inspirational celebrity weight loss. Billy Gardell lost 140 pounds. For that, he also took the help of gastric bypass surgery. Apart from surgery, Bob Hearts Abishola actor follows a healthy diet and workout routine to maintain a healthy weight.

Billy Gardell, the talented actor and comedian who won our hearts with his role in the popular TV show “Mike & Molly,” and as Robert Wheeler in “Bob Hearts Abishola” has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Gardell has inspired many with his weight loss journey, from weighing over 350 pounds to shedding almost 140 pounds!!

But, well, how did Billy Gardell lose so much weight do it? What did it take? In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the major lifestyle changes that Gardell made to achieve his remarkable weight loss. Let’s dive right in!

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey

Billy’s weight loss journey has been an incredible transformation, as he has lost nearly 140 pounds. At his peak, he weighed 350 pounds. Gardell’s weight gain resulted from long-standing unhealthy eating habits, including junk food, smoking, and drinking. He lost over 140 pounds or 6.5 Kg by avoiding unhealthy foods and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

In an interview in 2022, Gardell confessed that he had always had weight issues. Since he was a kid, he had always been the fat kid. In addition to his weight issues, Gardell had also got addicted to some habits like smoking and drinking. He said that during his early stand-up career, drinking and smoking were considered to be a part of the culture.

The actor and stand-up comedian had these alcohol and smoking issues until 2008. At the time, he looked at his physical state and decided to make some healthy changes. It was at this time he stopped smoking and drinking. Even during an interview in 2019, he said that he had been sober for 11 years at that time.

But even after quitting his other vices, his weight was always his biggest problem. At one point in his life, Gardell weighed close to 350 pounds. It was around 2010 that Gardell decided to work on losing weight, and he adopted a weight loss plan that included simple exercises and dietary changes.

He began experimenting with new and effective methods, such as eliminating fizzy beverages, soda, alcohol, and processed foods from his diet and following a consistent exercise routine.

Billy Gardell Transformation
Billy Gardell Transformation

His Diet And Workout

His weight loss journey is a result of dedicatedly following strict diet and workout routines that proved to be extremely effective. Billy Gardell knew that exercise alone was not enough to achieve his weight loss goals, so he also incorporated a healthy diet into his daily routine. He started small by cooking healthier meals for himself and cutting out sodas from his daily diet.

During this journey, Gardell adopted a new diet consisting mainly of green veggies and lean meats. He also regularly included carbs like rice and oatmeal to balance out his diet perfectly. Although he never counted his calories, he made sure that his meals consisted of small portions that were easy to consume. Gardell also made sure not to eat the same thing daily to keep his meals fresh and exciting.

Gardell preferred quick and easy-to-prepare meals that could be finished in 30 minutes max to make things easier for himself. However, he later avoided carbs like white bread and rice because of his diabetes diagnosis.

Over the years, Gardell has also tried a plethora of dishes and recipes that have helped him in his weight loss journey. Some of these dishes he enjoyed, while others not so much. Some of his favorite recipes nowadays include a combination of different vegetables that are served with a chicken stir fry and topped off with brown rice, oatmeal pancakes with blueberries, and smoked salmon served with dill and lemon juice. He credits all these healthy yet tasteful dishes as the main reason for eating healthy.

But here’s the cool part: In addition to these amazing dishes, Gardell has made other changes in his diet over the years. He initially did not like vegetables, but now they are an important part of his daily meals. He revealed that his favorite vegetable is broccoli, and he used only to eat it at the start. Now, however, Gardell eats a lot more vegetables and has stated their importance in his weight loss journey!


Apart from the diet changes he made in his lifestyle, in an interview, Gardell revealed that he worked with a trainer to develop a specific workout routine tailored to type-two diabetes patients. An adjustable desk chair was one of the main tools used in his workout, which allowed him to exercise his core muscles while sitting.

In addition to the desk chair, Gardell also incorporated yoga as his main exercise tool. He found that practicing yoga improved his flexibility and helped with stress relief and relaxation. In addition, Gardell lifted weights twice a week to further increase his muscle mass as part of his diabetic management plan.

Gardell also included cardio in his routine and started running for 30 minutes daily. He understood the importance of keeping his body in motion and getting regular exercise.

Apart from the exercises mentioned above, Gardell did a wide variety of exercises to help him lose weight and manage his diabetes. He also found that cycling, Pilates, and weight training were all effective in increasing his core strength, building resistance, and relieving stress and depression. 

Billy Gardell Before After Picture
Billy Gardell Before After Picture

Has He Used Ozempic? TV Commercial

There has been no official confirmation on whether Billy Gardell has used Ozempic, an injection of semaglutide used to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity. While Gardell has certainly appeared in a commercial for a branded Ozempic campaign, nothing has been confirmed about his personal use of the drug. 

The “My Zone” commercial premiered during his sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola” in 2021. In the ad, Gardell, who is presented as an Ozempic user, discusses his ongoing journey to lower his A1C and lose weight through a combination of diet, exercise, and the Novo drug.

In 2019, Novo approached Gardell for an awareness campaign after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. As a result, Gardell and another patient participated in an online video series called “My Type 2 Transformation.” The series tracked Gardell’s progress as he received his first Ozempic shot and underwent a six-month program with a trainer, chef, and life coach to help him manage his disease.

While it is uncertain whether Gardell currently uses Ozempic or has used it in the past, his involvement in the campaign and video series suggests that he may have used the drug as part of his diabetes management plan.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Surgery

The actor underwent bariatric weight loss surgery after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. Gardell had already lost considerable weight before his surgery but believed that the procedure was the best solution for him to achieve long-term weight loss success.

In fact, during an interview with Kevin Frazier from ET, Gardell revealed that he had been working hard to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight to stay safe during the pandemic. However, he acknowledged that his decision to undergo surgery was not for everyone but something he had to do as he had become so large that exercising was painful.

He also said that he follows his regime diligently daily, which has become a new way of life for him. Following this, Gardell expressed his happiness in achieving small victories that brought him joy, such as shopping at a regular store or tying his shoes without taking a deep breath. He also mentioned that he can now free himself from burdens that only overweight people would understand. 

Gardell took all necessary steps to lose weight, including changing his eating habits, engaging in rigorous workouts, and undergoing surgery. Despite the ongoing challenges, he remained determined and finally lost an impressive 140 pounds, ultimately transforming his entire lifestyle!

Is He Ill?

As of now, Billy Gardell is healthy and free from any illnesses. In the past, Billy Gardell was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but he overcame it by losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

However, over the years, he faced weight issues due to unhealthy eating habits such as consuming junk food, smoking, and drinking. In 2010, he decided to take control of his weight loss journey when he weighed around 350 pounds.

Gardell tried various methods and significantly changed his diet, such as cutting out soda, alcohol, and processed foods. He also became more physically active by incorporating simple exercises like walking, yoga, cycling, weight training, and Pilates into his daily routine. These changes helped him get his health back on track. As a result, he feels healthier than ever and is proud of his achievements.


As we saw, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and making small but impactful changes to his diet and exercise routine, Gardell was able to lose over 140 pounds and beat his type 2 diabetes. His journey shows that it’s never too late to make positive changes to your health and that small steps can lead to big results. 

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your weight loss journey, take inspiration from Billy Gardell and keep pushing toward your goals with patience, determination, and a positive attitude.


Q: Does Billy Gardell Have Diabetes?

A: Yes, Billy Gardell Has Been Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes Since 2011.

Q: How Much Weight Did Billy Gardell From Bob Hearts Abishola Lose?

A: Billy Gardell HAs Lost Around 140 Pounds Of Weight.

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