Anthony Head Illness. Rupert Mannion Of Ted Lasso Limping And His Health Update.

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After the last episode of Ted Lasso, People are talking about Anthony Head illness a lot. People noticed that he was looking sick and was limping in the show. While it is yet unconfirmed whether Anthony has any issues in real life or it was just his character Rupert Mannion has a walking issue.

The internet is currently flooded with news and blogs covering the body transformations of various media personalities and celebrities. Several Actors are coming forward to share their weight loss journey and useful insights for people looking to achieve similar results.

However, body transformations are not always seen in a positive light as few celebrities have lost significant amounts of weight by battling chronic illnesses. One such famous celebrity who has been recently subjected to rumors and speculations about his illness is Anthony Head.  

While his fans are impressed with his recent performances, they couldn’t help but notice some changes in his appearance, prompting them to suspect that maybe their favorite actor had taken ill.

While not all illnesses result in significant weight loss or alter the person’s appearance, certain long-standing illnesses can severely impair the normal functioning of the body, thereby precipitating changes in their physical appearance.

In this article, we will be discussing exactly what is going on with Anthony Head’s health and if he is suffering from any disease. 

Anthony Head Illness And Health Update 

Rumors about Anthony Head’s illness have been going around the internet for quite a while now. While few accredit his transformation to weight loss and aging, many have speculated it to be the effect of an illness. However, there is no evidence to suggest that he is suffering from any illness.

Anthony Head had not revealed anything publicly to claim if he was sick and there are no reports from any reliable sources in the media to support the suspicions of his fans and admirers. 

While most of his fans are curious to know about his health condition in good faith, the trend of assuming someone has taken ill or is suffering from chronic diseases has become increasingly popular in recent times. Oftentimes, it is deemed inappropriate by many public figures and critics. 

To know if there will be any official statements released from trusted sources in the future, stay tuned in this space. 

Anthony Head Limping

Many have noticed that in the last episode of Ted Lasso, Anthony Head was facing difficulty in walking and was limping. We saw a Reddit thread on the topic talking about Anthony Head’s limping. After seeing him limping in the show, people are speculating that his character Rupert Mannion might be sick and Anthony himself in real life healthy.

Some even noticed Anthony in the show looks sick in close-up shots. There are a lot of speculations right now about Anthony Head illness but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Who Is Anthony Head? 

Anthony Head is one of the most talented British Actors and Stage Performers who had been associated with acting from a very young age. Coming from a film background, he had always known that he wanted to be in the field of acting and movies. His brother and he had participated in stageplays as a child which was where he was let to flourish as an actor and understand his capabilities. 

In the late 1980s, he gained popularity amongst the household due to his recurrent appearance in Nescafe Gold Blend TV commercials alongside Sharon Maughan. Soon, more and more people started noticing his skills which led to his casting in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Rupert Giles in 1997. Since then, he went to star in several movies and TV series which turned out to be immensely successful. 

He is best known for his roles in Little Britain, Merlin, Cabin Pressure, Despite the Falling Snow, The Archers, etc. However, he had recently been receiving great appreciation for his role as Rupert Mannion in Ted Lasso.

Rupert Mannion In Ted Lasso

Rupert Manion is a Billionaire Antagonist in the famous Apple TV series Ted Lasso played by Anthony Head. He was initially a recurring guest star in the show, however, he was promoted to a main cast member in the third season.

Ever since his debut on the show, he has managed to impress the audience with his brilliance. Due to his versatility, Anthony Head manages to bring balance to his performance in comedy scenes as well as more intense drama scenes. Moreover, his on-screen chemistry with other actors on the show adds to his overall performance. 

Although he started off as an antagonist in the show, his remarkable character development and story arc made him a relatable character for many people. He pulls off this transition effortlessly and puts up a phenomenal show. 

Lately, Rupert Manion’s recent plight in the season finale had stirred quite the buzz as the audience didn’t seem to have seen it coming. His club is now at risk as his sexual impropriety is made public knowledge. While in many ways, this is one of the ways Rebecca was getting back at him, it surely wasn’t something many had expected to see. 


Anthony Head is a popular British actor who has starred in multiple movies and performed in various stage shows. A few well-appreciated works of his include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Little Britain, Ted Lasso, etc. His role as Rupert Mannion in the comedy-drama Ted Lasso is one of his notable works in the recent past.

Anthony Head is known for his versatility and dedication to his work, which is why he puts in great effort to prepare for his roles both mentally and physically. 

Recently, rumors have been circulating on the internet about Anthony Head’s illness. The reason for this speculation is that many fans have taken to various social media platforms claiming they see considerable transformation in Anthony’s appearance. However, there is no reliable information that confirms the suspicion. Stay tuned to this space for more updates regarding Anthony Head’s health. 


  1. Why Is Anthony Head Limping In Ted Lasso?

    Many people noticed that the Rupert Mannion character played by Anthony Head was not able to walk properly in the last episode and was limping. This made people speculate that Anthony might be facing difficulty in real life, too. But that’s not clear yet.

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