Juno Temple Weight Loss. Keely Jones Ted Lasso And Eating Disorder


Juno Temple weight loss in Ted Lasso is always a curious topic for her fans. She has lost some pounds, not much, but her weight loss is visible though.

Juno Temple is a brilliant actor from England who has been seen ruling over fans’ hearts through her magnificent roles. She was born in London, England. Juno Temple has given many mindblowing movies but is famous for her role in Ted Lasso, a drama on Apple TV plus. She has not done much work in comedy but is famously known for her dramatic roles in movies. 

Juno Temple Weight Loss

Juno has been around the globe for quite some time now, not only because of her role in Ted Lasso but also for her body transformation seen on the show. Some of her fans assumed that she was suffering from an eating disorder because she lost a visible amount of weight, while others assumed it might be because of her character Keleey in Ted Lasso, who needed to be thin. But the actor has not answered or made remarks on these questions of her fans. 

She opened up about how she faced high anxiety during the pandemic in 2019. She stated in an interview how she started hating her body parts, and this hatred changed into fear, but later she accepted herself. She reminded herself it’s okay to be imperfect because no one is perfect in the world. Everyone is born with a specific size, structure and height, making every one different. 

Juno Temple revealed that her sleep modes also affected her physical and mental health. She became nocturnal, which affected her emotional levels as well. Many fans speculate that it is because of this routine that she lost weight. 

How She Lost Weight

Juno Temple is one of the most extraordinary actresses the film industry has ever had. She is always in the limelight due to her great acting skills. Her fans have recently picked some changes in her body because she has been in the news lately. 

Fans compared her past and present pictures and claimed that Juno Temple had lost weight. Her face seems to have been slimmer than earlier. The photos also show a transition in the body structure of then and now Juno Temple. Her collar bones are evident in the recent pictures, and her shoulder bones are a little visible now.

This transition in body weight might be because of her appearance in Ted Lasso. Celebrities sometimes need to put on a huge amount of weight or lose their body weight to fit into the movie character to make it realistic. 

The weight loss might not bother her, but her fans took it seriously after noticing the difference between her older and newer pictures.

Juno Temple Weight Loss

Diet and Workout

Juno Temple has always been cautious of what she puts into her stomach. She prefers to clean and healthy meals which are free from processed food. Juno enjoys natural healthy meals full of fresh salad made from whole vegetables. She says she will never skip fresh and real food because it is essential for the body and fulfills all the nutritional requirements, while processed and preserved food items are a source of health ailments.

In an interview, Juno said that she likes to pick up the raw products for her meal from Whole Foods. In this way, she ensures to get good quality farm products. According to some reports, Juno Temple loves to eat lean meat without fat. Whole grains and salad are her favorite. She eats a lot of green leafy vegetables in the form of salads. 

The actress says that her workout mantra is Dance which helps her to be fit and active. She revealed that dance makes her feel alive all day; hence, it is her favorite workout. Juno Temple said in an interview that she was not always into dance, but in the past, she had dance training to be a part of a film. That is how she got into this, and she has been doing it as a workout routine to stay fit. 

Her dance teacher was a woman named Rie, and she was also in the movie in which Juno Temple was taking dance lessons. She said her teacher was an extraordinary dancer. She is the best at doing the wonderful split dance along with a pole. 

Juno Temple disclosed that learning this dance form was challenging and looked intimidating. Juno feels grateful to be able to learn this form, and she said she would continue to do it as a part of her workout session. She loved this dance form, particularly because, as a woman, it makes you understand and love your body and gives you self-confidence.

Is She Suffering from Eating Disorder  

There is no such news that supports Juno Temple having eating disorders. This was a piece of blind news that was circulated from the comment sections of Twitter when Temple posted a picture of her attending the Emmy Awards. 

Temple was wearing a silver two-piece dress, to which her fans expressed concern. One of the fans commented that it was unbelievable to see the transition; she might be suffering from an eating disorder. The rest of the commenters seemed to support this comment.

Juno Temple Weight Loss Ted Lasso

Another one stated Juno looks older than her current age due to her weight loss. Juno Temple weight loss was most evident in the episode of Ted Lasso. Fans thought Juno lost weight due to her Ted Lasso role. They stated that her weight loss was easily noticeable.

Some other fans said they failed to recognize Juno Temple in Ted Lasso because she grew thinner. They added how they loved her in her previous films because of her looks; now, she was barely recognizable.

In Ted Lasso, Juno Temple played the character Keeley for three seasons. In an interview, she revealed how the character Keeley is similar to her in real life. 


Juno Temple is an amazing actor, and being an actor, she also has to maintain a healthy body image. She lost some weight to play a character in Ted Lasso, and her amazing weight loss attracted many fans’ curiosity about Juno Temple weight loss. People even speculated that this amazing woman was suffering from a health condition like an eating disorder or something, but all these were just rumors.

Juno is healthy and fit and not struggling with any Eating Disorders.

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