Ana Navarro Weight Loss 2023 And Gain. Surgery And Diet Details.

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Ana Navarro weight loss is always a matter of talk for many people. The political strategist gained a lot of weight in previous years and later after following a healthy diet and with the help of a regular exercise routine Anna lost weight.

Ana Navarro is a Nicaraguan-American television personality who often appears on CNN and ABC News as a commentator. She also co-hosted the talk show The View which was nominated for the Emmys. Ana Navarro hails from a political family back in Nicaragua where her dad served as the Minister of Agriculture, and she later moved to the United States of America. 

She is known to be actively involved in politics and is a member of the Republican Party. Over the years, she has garnered popularity for her unique stance on political matters and how honest she was about her views. She highly condemned Donald Trump on his comments about immigration and is often seen voicing her opinions on several matters.

She was fearless in raising her voice against various social issues in the past which further made her a notable name in the industry. 

However, recently, her fans have taken to various social media platforms in support of her body transformation and applauded her for the same. Ana had mentioned how she is quick to put on weight, and she had especially struggled with weight management during the pandemic.

However, she seemed to have taken great measures to manage her weight now and looks as fabulous as ever. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about her weight loss journey in detail.

How Did Ana Navarro Gain Weight In The First Place? 

Ana Navarro had always been someone who could easily put on weight. She mentioned how she went to Las Vegas for two days and came back weighing 2 lbs more, blaming her surrounding temptations. Ana is also somebody who doesn’t really enjoy exercise, due to which it becomes almost a struggle for her to stay consistent with her workout and thereby manage weight. 

Ana Navarro spoke about her Pandemic experience and affirmed how she barely exercised throughout the lockdown but indulged in food and alcohol generously. This could have been another reason why she must have put on some weight during that period. However, she has come out of that cycle now and has taken measures to become fitter and healthier.

Ana Navarro Weight Loss

Ana Navarro has made several changes to her lifestyle, including diet, exercise, habits, etc. to remain consistent with her efforts. Let’s discuss all of them in detail down below. 

Ana Navarro Weight Loss
Source: Instagram/ Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

Anna Navarro Diet

Ana Navarro’s diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. On an average day, her plate looks colorful with all the different nutritious foods she consumes. This is extremely beneficial as this brings one a step closer to consuming all the nutrients necessary for the body instead of just consuming protein with low fiber, carbs with high fats, etc.

Having a balanced diet also helps one boost their metabolism and keeps their cravings in check as they will be having something different to eat every day. Apart from focusing on consuming a balanced diet, Ana Navarro also takes measures to fight cravings and make sure she sticks to her habits.

One such precautionary measure she takes is that she pre-orders her meals, so as to ensure she doesn’t resort to snacking or junk eating in a moment of weakness. This way, she has her food delivered right in time to curb her hunger. She has also tried being on the Weight Watchers diet for a brief while. 

Her Exercise Routine

Ana Navarro is not a fan of exercising and struggles to remain consistent with her workouts. During the pandemic, she hadn’t spent enough time exercising just like a few of us. However, she now makes an effort to be more disciplined with her workout as exercise is a key to healthy living. She had hired a personal trainer who helps her exercise regularly. Ana mostly does Pilates. 

“I don’t like exercise. The trick is finding something you like or at least, don’t hate doing." She says, "Pilates has really helped me get healthier. It uses your own body’s resistance to build strength.” 

Her work demands her to travel a lot, which is why she often struggles to maintain a daily routine. She once took to Instagram and wrote “Between travel and other crazy stuff going on right now, I hadn’t done Pilates in three weeks.” 

Sometimes, she flies for 12 hours and struggles to find the time to fit in her workout amidst her hectic schedule. However, she tries her best to make time for it anyway. 

“In life, we’re all gonna fall off the wagon every now and then.” She further wrote on Instagram. "It’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up and just try to get yourself back on, little by little."

Her Lifestyle Changes

Apart from focusing solely on diet and exercise, one must also focus on making certain lifestyle changes that can further simplify one’s weight loss journey. One of the changes Ana Navarro had made was to refrain from consuming alcohol while she is on air or at home.

She only indulges in it socially and claims that she is still working on it. Apart from this, she also makes it a point to make healthy choices while she is traveling which makes up a big chunk of her routine. 

She has also started playing pick-ball to burn some extra calories and often invites friends to join her. She thinks it is important to find things one enjoys as that improves our chances of sticking with them. 


Ana Navarro had spent a week at Rancho La Puerta, a fat farm and wellness center, and came back 6 lbs lighter. She claims that she had a drastic reboot at this family-owned facility and her weeklong stay had inspired her to start making healthier choices in life.

This facility promotes organic and sustainable practices, carving a holistic approach to health and wellness. Ana Navarro mentions that this trip had immensely benefited her and helped her along her weight loss journey. 

Did Ana Navarro Undergo Any Surgery For Weight Loss? 

Ana Navarro had not claimed to have undergone any surgery for her weight loss and has managed her weight through natural means. However, she did confess to taking Daxxify, which is popularly used in cosmetic procedures to prevent aging and boost collagen production. This is also helpful in preventing deleterious effects on the skin caused by drastic weight loss. 


Ana Navarro is a popular media personality who has hit the tabloids for her weight loss. She is often found sharing tips and insights about her weight loss and lifestyle on Instagram and gives us a peek into her life. Ana has struggled to manage her weight during the pandemic and decided to take certain measures to get fitter. In support of this, she made several dietary changes and lifestyle modifications.

In addition to this, a weeklong stay at a fat farm by the name of Rancho La Puerta has significantly helped her in her weight loss journey as it inspired her to make healthier choices in life. However, she did not opt for any surgical treatment to aid in her weight loss and had always focused on a more organic and natural approach to achieve her goal. 


  1. Did Ana Navarro Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

    No, She Did Not Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery But She Took The Help Of Daxxify.

  2. What Is Ana Novarro’s Healthy Diet For Losing Weight?

    Ana likes to consume foods with high protein, low fiber, carbs, high fats, etc. She likes to consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits.

  3. How Ana Novarro Lost Weight?

    Ana made a lot of lifestyle changes. She switched to a healthy and balanced diet, she started focusing on exercising, fat-farm, and taking Dixxfy also helped Ana in losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

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