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Woody Paige was recently in the news, towards the end of last year, for being inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall Of Fame, along with four other sports dignitaries namely Tony Boselli the Pro Football legend, Rudy Carey the boys’ basketball coach, Barney Chavous the Broncos defensive, and Scott Stocker the famous sports writer.

All five of them will be formally inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall Of Fame at the 59th annual banquet event that will be held at Hotel Hilton Denver City Center on April 17th, 2024. Paige, the renowned sports columnist has frequently caught the attention of the public, the last time was in last year Halloween, when he dressed up uniquely as Taylor Swift during the NFL coverage of ESPN. 

However, of late there have also been speculations about Woody Paige not keeping well – people have been talking about him suffering from some illness and other health concerns. In this post, we shall be finding out in detail as to what has happened to Paige.

Who Is Woody Paige?

Woodrow Wilson Paige Jr. aka Woody Paige is a famous American sports columnist who garnered extensive fame and popularity as a columnist for “The Denver Post” where he worked for 35 years. Paige is currently associated with the eminent publication platform “The Gazette” as their sports columnist since 2016 and regularly appears as a panelist on “Around the Horn”, the hugely popular sports talk show hosted on ESPN. 

Well known for his humor and witty comments, Paige was also the co-host of the morning talk show “Cold Pizza” which aired on ESPN2. He decided to join “Cold Pizza”, a daytime show on TV loosely based on sports and mainly designed for female viewership, while he was on a sabbatical during his association with “The Denver Post”. As part of the show, Paige was in a segment where he used to share light moments and banter with Skip Bayless another popular sports writer. After his association with “Cold Pizza” ended in May 2007, Woody Paige returned to working with the Denver Post. 

Born in June 1946, Woody Paige was into journalistic writing since his days in high school, when he used to write for the “Whitehaven Press” back in 1963. Later, he went on to study at the University of Tennessee and became a part of the Lambda Chi Alpha community in 1964. After completing his graduation from the University of Tennessee, Paige started writing for leading journals and publication platforms like “Knoxville Journal”, “Rocky Mountain News” of Denver, and “The Commercial Appeal” of Memphis.

His contributions earned him widespread recognition, and he was also honored by the University of Tennessee with an “Accomplished Alumni Award” back in 2012. 

Woody Paige’s role in “Around The Horn” is considered by many as the chief reason behind his comeback shot to fame and recognition. He has earned much awe and respect as well as appreciation from his followers owing to the unfiltered commentary and spontaneity he exhibited on the show. However, some people have also considered his words or actions as controversial, which led this show to major popularity – and Woody Paige became the most successful as well as unsuccessful panelist on the show.

The chalkboard that he displays on every segment of this show, the one that hangs behind him with hilarious quotes such as “I’m chalk-bored”, is one of the trademark humor of Paige that the audience greatly appreciates.

Is He Sick?

Paige can easily be considered one of the most truthful and insightful analysts on media today and also one of the most dedicated sports panelists with profound knowledge of his field of work. There have been endless rumors doing the rounds on social media about Woody Paige, who is now 77 years old, which say that the popular sports writer and author is suffering from some serious health condition.

It all began about five or six years ago when a user on Reddit randomly posted a question asking if Paige was suffering from some illness since he appeared to look very sick on a TV program. 

During the path of his career that spans several decades now, Paige has garnered a reputation for being a heavy drinker who loves parties and is also known for living on the edge. There was a time when he appeared to look a little bit disheveled during a TV program, which the audience did not fail to notice. However, the public was mostly unfazed about how he seemed to look because that was him anyway; it did not appear to them as something unusual.

His Health Update

In the absence of any data that suggests that Woody Paige is currently suffering from any known health issue, we can only say that the famous sports columnist is keeping healthy. Despite his age, he has been a regular on sports talk shows on TV channels and continues to engage his audience with his wit and candid commentary. 

There are no available reports to suggest that the 77-year-old sports columnist is sick or there is some underlying health condition. He has been appearing regularly on sports talk shows like usual and showing up everywhere he is supposed to be, which defies allegations that he might be ill. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that he is about to turn 78 years old this year, i.e., in 2024, so his age is another factor in why he might appear to look sick.

Interestingly, Paige’s influence and depth of knowledge pervades well beyond just sports. A couple of years ago when the USA was witnessing some major race riots, he published an article on his website in which he drew a comparison between the riots in the ‘60s and the current situation, regretting that nothing has changed in all these years. Apart from being an accomplished sports writer and columnist, he is also a member of the highly esteemed Pro Football Hall Of Fame board and is a voter in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

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