Amy Schumer’s Swollen Face. Is It Plastic Surgery?


We all have been wowed by Amy Schumer in the rom-com film, “I Feel Pretty”, where she plays the protagonist, a plain and ordinary woman, Renee Bennett. But Amy Schumer goes a long way back in Hollywood – she garnered fame and recognition primarily as a standup comedian before she ventured into acting and production. 

Born in June 1981 in Manhattan, New York City, Amy Schumer is an American comedian, actor, director, producer, and writer who shot to fame for her comic session at “Last Comic Standing”. If you have ever watched “Inside Amy Schumer”, the popular sketch comedy series, you already know that she is the star of this show. She was one of the highest-earning comedians in the USA and the only woman to make it to that list.

Amy Schumer is noted for her self-deprecating humor and says that she draws much of her comedic influence from Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Wendy Liebman, and actor Goldie Hawn. 

Apart from being renowned for her standup comedy, Schumer is also an accomplished author, with a best-selling book titled “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”, her memoir that was released in 2016.

She made her acting debut with the movie “Trainwreck”, back in 2015, which earned her nominations for Best Actress in Motion Picture Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globe Awards, and also the Writers Guild of America Award in the segment of Best Original Screenplay. Other films starring Amy Schumer include “Snatched”, “The Humans”, “Thank You For Your Service”, and “Trolls Band Together”.

Known to keep it real and transparent, the actor-comedian has talked about many things about her life, including body-shaming. Over the years, people have discussed her and her body weight and posted insensitive comments on her photos on social media. However, that did not deter Schumer from enjoying her life the way she wants to; she said in an interview that she does not care what trolls have to say about her.  She is a brilliant example of a person who is super comfortable in her skin and does not care what others think of her.

What Happened To Amy Schumer’s Face?

A frequent target of the scrutinizing spotlight of the public, Amy Schumer has often been bombarded with comments on her body. She recently posted a shirtless selfie in her bathroom, wearing only her undergarments, which Schumer used to let her fans know about her extra 40 pounds of weight. This is the perfect example of her unmatched confidence and self-love, and turning a deaf ear to mindless chatter is the best way to deal with negativity.

But much before that, people have always been curious to know why Amy Schumer’s face always looks bloated and puffed. More than the fact that she was overweight, what drew their attention was her face – which looked puffed up, which some people have described as the face of “a middle age cabbage patch doll”. 

Well, we did not have to roam far enough, for the award-winning actor and comedian herself spoke candidly about it to her fans. She said that at one time she had decided to opt for face fillers to achieve a fuller-looking face. However, she ended up looking like the Disney negative character named “Maleficent”, as she preferred to describe her look. 

Amy Schumer With Jimmy Fallon

She talked about her decision to get injected with face fillers because she thought she needed them, but it turned out that she did not need fillers in her cheeks. So she again decided to get them dissolved when she realized that she already had enough of them naturally. She even posted a photo on Instagram, that showed her making a peace sign with her fingers, as she waited at her dermatologist’s clinic, with numbing cream smeared on her face. The caption she used for her post was of course not without a dose of humor – she said that she tried getting cheek fillers, but it turned out that she was already full. However, she thanked God that you can actually dissolve these fillers.

Her doctor, Dr. LoGerfo, also shared a photo and explained that while cheek fillers can be effective in softening wrinkles on the face and replacing cheek volume, the placement must be correct to avoid undesirable results. Her cheek fillers were injected in the incorrect position, which made her face puffy and bloated.

Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery

Now, Amy Schumer is one celebrity who is known for being candid about matters that others shy away from discussing. One such topic is that of plastic surgery – while you will hardly come across a handful of Hollywood celebs talking about undergoing plastic surgery treatment options, here is Amy Schumer, the famous comedian-actor, talking about it openly.

Keeping it real with her fans and followers, Schumer talked about going under the knife and trying to get cheek fillers to replace the lost volume of her cheeks. Before getting cheek fillers, she said that she had also resorted to CoolSculpting, a fat-freezing treatment, on her chin area. 

In another time at Chelsea Handler’s podcast titled “Dear Chelsea”, Amy also revealed that back in January 2022, she had resorted to liposuction treatment around the lower abdomen and stomach region. She posted a beach photo of herself, flaunting her flat and toned tummy, and said that after getting liposuction following her endometriosis and hysterectomy, she said that she finally felt good.

Schumer added that she had never thought that she would undergo liposuction in her life, or any other cosmetic surgery treatment for that matter. However, she did divulge that she was tired of how she looked, which prompted her to go for liposuction and reduce her body weight to 170 pounds.

However, with her recent topless selfie on social media, we believe a lot has changed for Amy Schumer now. She does not care what trolls say about her and very much believes in being happy from within. She has shown tremendous confidence and positivity in herself, which is inspiring.

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