Update About Ann Coulter’s Plastic Surgery, Her Health, And Her Married Life


Ann Coulter is an American lawyer, syndicated columnist, author, and social and political commentator, who is known for her conservative leanings. She garnered recognition as a “media pundit” during the latter half of the ’90s and came to be known for her outspoken views on the Clinton administration.

She used to write legal briefs for Paula Jones’ legal team – this experience helped her write her debut book about the impeachment of former US president Bill Clinton. A regular face on cable and print news, the syndicated column of Coulter, for Universal Press, appears in newspapers as well as conservative news websites.

Coulter was born in December 1961 in New York City and studied at New Canaan High School, where she graduated in 1980. A gifted writer from the young days, Ann Coulter helped establish the independent news publication “The Cornell Review”, when she studied at Cornell University.

A member of the Delta Gamma national fraternity, she pursued her Bachelor of Arts in history from Cornell and graduated cum laude in 1984. She earned her Juris Doctor in 1988 from the University Of Michigan Law School, where she was the editor of the “Michigan Law Review”. During her studies at Michigan, Ann Coulter was elected president of the local Federalist Society and she received training at the National Journalism Center.

After completing her law school, Coulter moved to Kansas City where she worked as a law clerk, before moving to New York City and specializing in corporate law. She has worked for the US Senate Judiciary Committee after the control of Congress was assumed by the Republican Party in 1994. 

She is a political commentator and an accomplished author, having published 13 books, and is known for her polemical views and style of writing. Ann Coulter also appears frequently on TV programs and radio talk shows and visits college campuses to deliver speeches on various social issues. She has often been a target of hecklers and protestors for her inflammatory views – at one time someone threw a pie at her when she was at the University of Arizona. 

Has She Undergone Surgery?

62-year-old Ann Coulter has often been the target of speculations spread by the public, alleging that she has most probably been under the knife. If you look at Coulter’s photos, one thing you cannot deny is that she looks way younger than her age. Even at 62, she looks stunning, standing at almost 5 feet and 9 inches in height, and with a physique to die for. 

Colter is in perfect shape, and her skin is smooth and devoid of any wrinkles – the usual fine lines, sagging, and other signs of aging are hardly visible on her face. And this we are saying, after carefully looking at her close-up photos too – Ann Coulter does not show any sign of aging! This is what has led the public to conjecture that it is only possible that she has had some cosmetic surgery treatment done on her to achieve this look.

Some reports say that she might have gone for a breast augmentation surgery because her bust line seemed enhanced compared to her earlier photos. Reportedly, she had once received an offer from “Playboy” magazine to pose for them in a bikini, which she had accepted. 

However, no statement or evidence is available anywhere, to even remotely indicate that Coulter has indeed resorted to plastic surgery. We can only say, that she is blessed with excellent genes and gorgeous good looks, which makes it hard for anyone to believe her age. She is not only knowledgeable and smart, but also scores very high in the good looks department!

Update About Her Health

Recently, Ann Hart Coulter was all over the news because her comments on former US president Donald Trump had triggered an outcry from the supporters of the ex-President. She had voiced her support for Trump during the presidential elections that took place in 2016, but nowadays she has been very clear with her disapproval and has become an outspoken critic of Trump.

She has openly called herself “a very stupid girl” for previously endorsing Donald Trump, saying that earlier her support was misguided. In an interview, when she was asked what the former President could do to “help us take America back”, Coulter had promptly answered on X, saying “Maybe he could die?” 

As of now, there is no current update on the health status of Ann Hart Coulter – she looks perfectly healthy and is doing fine. 

Her Married Life

Reportedly, Ann Coulter has not yet married, though she has been engaged quite a few times – about four times, as she said in one of her interviews. She quipped that though she got engaged four times, she is “not like every other American”, because she thought she would meet her Mr. Right before getting married and having kids. She has never revealed the names of her former fiances, commenting that she does not even remember all of them! According to her, she forgets about her exes barely 5 minutes after they have left.

Ann Coulter has often been speculated to be romantically involved with Jimmie Walker, the famous star of “Good Times”. However, she has been very clear and straight in rubbishing off such rumors saying that they are the best of friends and meet and work on many things together but no romance is brewing between them. 

Going by her track record, Ann Coulter has been romantically involved in her life with several prominent men, such as Bob Guccione Jr., the founder of “Spin” magazine. She reportedly dated Dinesh D’Souza, the famous writer and far-right filmmaker. Her list of exes also includes Democratic politician Andrew Stein who was also the ex-president of the New York City Council.

Senior Counsel to the US President, Kellyanne Conway told “New York” magazine, that her friend Ann Coulter had few options in her dating life – she probably dated her security guard too since she had no one else.

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