Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery. Is There Any Illness Behind Her Sudden Death?

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Suzanne Somers’s sudden death on 15th October 2023 shocked everyone. Many questions have been raised after her death from her illness to Suzanne Somers plastic surgery, people have been asking a lot about her. She was fighting breast cancer for years.

Suzanne Somers shot to stardom playing the blonde bombshell character of “Chrissy Snow” in “Three’s Company”, a hugely popular sitcom aired on the ABC channel during the 1970s. Her portrayal of “Carol Foster Lambert in the series “Step By Step” in the 1990s was another breakthrough role that Suzanne is famous for. Born Suzanne Marie Mahoney, in California in 1946, she was a famous American actor, singer, author, businessperson, and health spokesperson. She authored multiple books, including a book of poetry, four books on diet, and two autobiographies. Apart from starring in widely popular sitcoms, she also participated in “Dancing With The Stars” Season 20, which was aired in 2015, where she came ninth.

But Somers, known for being the ditzy, dazzling blonde in “Three’s Company” was more than just a blonde beauty. She was a woman whose life was marked by various highs and lows, including a near-fatal accident in 1971 wherein her then 6-year-old son was involved, and the wildfire engulfing her Malibu house in 2007. The recent shocking news of beloved Suzanne Somers’ death has left America’s entertainment industry saddened, as people are reminiscing about her life and her works. 

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery: Has She Really Undergone Any Surgery?

A few years back in 2020, there was news about the then 73-year-old Suzanne Somers hurting herself seriously after falling down a flight of stairs. Her husband, 84-year-old Alan Hamel, was also involved in the terrible fall, trying to help her, but he was not hurt.

When she took the fall, Suzanne was already moving around with the help of a crutch since she had fractured her hip some days before her fall down the stairs. After this serious injury, she went to visit the doctor who upon examination and X-ray tests informed them that the impact of the fall had displaced two of Suzanne’s vertebrae. This is when she had to go for a major neck surgery to correct the placement of her vertebrae which were pushed off their position.

According to some sources, the displaced vertebrae were putting enormous pressure on her nerves and causing her so much pain that “even tequila could not help” subside. Notably, in one of her interviews, Somers revealed that the secret to her glowing gorgeous skin is “clear tequila“.

Apart from her spine surgery, Suzanne Somers has been the target of plastic surgery rumors many times, as she has been under the public spotlight for many years. Starting from Botox on her forehead and cheek fillers to rhinoplasty and cosmetically upgraded nasolabial folds, there have been rave speculations about her going under the knife. Many also believe she got a mini facelift, looking at her unusually stretchy skin and curiously smooth jawline, given her age. Some sources also claim that she must have been on bio-identical hormone replacement treatment to reverse the effects of aging on her.

However, the stunning actor of the 1970s had never really addressed any of these rumors regarding her plastic surgery, so there is no official statement or any piece of news anywhere to suggest the likelihood of the public’s claims.

Her Sudden Death

Suzanne Somers was born on 16th October 1946, and this year, just before her 77th birthday on 15th October 2023, Suzanne left for her heavenly abode. Her publicist of many years, R Couri Hay, provided an official statement to CNN that Suzanne had passed away peacefully at her home during the early hours of 15th October. She is survived by her loving husband Alan, and Bruce her son, and was surrounded by them along with her immediate family at the time of her passing. 

Her family had got together on her birthday eve, to celebrate her 77th, but instead ended up celebrating her extraordinary life and all her achievements. They wanted to thank her fans and followers who have always loved her work throughout the years and adored her dearly.

Suzanne Somers Death
Suzanne Somers Death Image: Instagram/Suzanne Somers

Was She Suffering From Any Illness?

Somers was battling breast cancer for several years, and a few months ago, she revealed in an official statement that her breast cancer had recurred. An aggressive variant of breast cancer had afflicted her health, and she had been fighting this deadly disease for more than 23 years.

The “Three’s Companyactor had been very candid about her illness, with her first breast cancer diagnosis back in the year 2000, and had talked openly about the struggles it brought to her life over the years. She was diagnosed during a routine session of mammogram and eventually underwent a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy. Apart from breast cancer, she had also been suffering from some other kinds of this deadly disease.

We Will Remember Her Always!

Hollywood will remember the beautiful Suzanne Somers as a brave and tenacious woman of a highly positive mindset and a self-proclaimed fighter known to have battled the many challenges of life until she was taken down by cancer.


  1. Was Suzanne Somers suffering from any illness?

    Yes, she has been suffering from breast cancer since 2000.

  2. Is Suzanne Somers dead?

    Yes, Suzanne Somers died on the 15th of October, 2023.

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