Stephanie Ruhle Made A Face And Later Apologised. Is She Suffering From Illness?

Key Takeaways

Stephanie Ruhle made a face and after that apologised on her show. At the end of her show just before the camera and mic went off, Stephanie was heard saying she was embarrassed and she apologized while talking with Martin Fletcher.

Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard is a senior Business Analyst with NBC News network and is also the famous host of the popular talk show “11th Hour”. Born in December 1975 in Park Ridge, New Jersey, Stephanie graduated from Lehigh University, where she completed her bachelor’s in international business in the year 1997. She traveled extensively in Italy, Guatemala, and Kenya as a part of her major subject. 

Before working with NBC News, Stephanie Ruhle was associated with Bloomberg Television as a news anchor and managing editor and also worked as editor-at-large with Bloomberg News channel. Before she joined Bloomberg, Stephanie worked in the finance industry for a long 14 years of her career. While she was working with Credit Suisse in their hedge fund sales department, she met her now-husband Andy Hubbard in the year 1998, who was her colleague there. 

Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard turned host of “11th Hour” last year, i.e., in 2022 March, and since then has garnered major attention among the public. It happens that in September of 2022, a certain Tiffany Farnsworth posted a tweet tagging “11th Hour” directing her comment at the talk show and its host, Stephanie. She wanted to know if “11th Hour” had any plans to replace their host, Stephanie Ruhle, or else just ask her to not make weird facial expressions on camera, while her talk show guests were speaking. Tiffany also commented about Stephanie’s face calling it “bothersome”.

Now, many of the regular audiences of “11th Hour” might have seen and will agree that host Stephanie is known for her facial expressions, which has been a topic of discussion, with haters feeling that she must be having some “issues”. So, as soon as Tiffany posted hate comments on Twitter, now X, the post received a barrage of replies and retweets, including a comment from Stephanie Ruhle herself.

Both haters and fans of Stephanie Ruhle started commenting on Tiffany’s post, some supporting and agreeing with her, while others showed solidarity with Ruhle Hubbard. 

Is She Suffering From Cancer Or Any Other Illness?

Popular public figures, like Stephanie Ruhle, are always under the public’s scrutiny spotlight, with rumors and gossip about their private lives almost always doing the rounds. So it is not abnormal for people to be curious upon hearing news about Ruhle Hubbard that she has cancer.

But is the American news and business correspondent really suffering from cancer or any illness? Well, there are no reports that suggest that she is, so we can easily assume that these are nothing but speculations about her that are being circulated by the public. 

The only illness that Stephanie officially confirmed on the MSNBC show was that during the year 2020 when the pandemic was wreaking havoc everywhere, she had also contracted the infection and had tested positive for COVID-19. Other than this, no piece of news report or any statement is available on the internet or social media that indicates anything wrong with her health. When she tested positive in 2020, she immediately isolated herself for two weeks and only after that returned to her work on TV. 

On her MSNBC show, she shared bits and details of her personal experience with COVID-19 and discussed the potential drawbacks of how the US government managed the virus. Stephanie Ruhle candidly talked about how from her own suffering she realized the deficiencies in the health management system of the country and emphasized the importance of responding and acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

Her Apology Today

On tonight’s show, Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard was seen talking with Martin Fletcher towards the fag end of the show, and then people heard her saying she was embarrassed, and she apologized. This happened before the camera went off and viewers heard it clearly and loud, which caught them surprised and curious. Social media users started asking why Stephanie had apologized at the end of the show and then started waves of comments from her fans and followers.

By now, we all know, more or less, that not all people are equally fond of MSNBC’s host Stephanie, and discussions on her apology simply opened up a can of worms. Those who are particularly not fans of her pointed out trivial things like her makeup and her facial expressions, which are disliked by many. Some people commented randomly about her personality – basically, people kept posting whatever they felt about her, both good and bad.

But the reason why she was heard apologizing on the show today is not yet known. 

Stephanie Ruhle


It is not unusual for senior news and business correspondents to have fans and haters, given their take on social issues and politics, which do not always align with every audience. But we cannot deny Stephanie’s rich industry experience, and her extensive knowledge and depth in her field of work.

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