The Top UG Online Degree Programs for the Women of 2023 and Beyond

Online degree programs are useless – that’s what most people thought until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Then, many had no option but to choose online education.

The CEO of edX mentions that they witnessed a 15-fold increase in the count of new registrations in April 2020.  

While things are different in 2023, edX is one of many successful organizations providing online degree programs. Online learning is particularly helpful for women as it helps them strike a balance between career and personal relationships.

Today, online undergraduate (UG) degree programs are among the most popular. And for any woman looking for admission to one, here are the top choices to consider:

Top Undergraduate Degree Programs Online for Women in 2023

Like the way of learning, the career choices preferred by women have undergone a drastic change. If you’re unsure about yours, here are some pointers:

Business Administration

Business administration can be an excellent career choice for anyone interested in finance and related fields. While there’s no specific reason why it is better for women, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is an in-demand career choice today.

Moreover, getting an online program degree in the subject makes way for several more career choices. For instance, one can then pursue MBA (Masters in Business Administration), business banking, apply for a role in foreign embassies, and more.

Healthcare and Nursing 

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare department, no matter which part of the world you live in. And an online degree program in nursing allows a woman to utilize most of its flexibility.

There are several roles in healthcare that appreciate dedicated and passionate individuals. Plus, one can impact the industry significantly without even doing a clinical job.

Now pursuing a career in nursing requires several skills, and the University of Indianapolis School of Nursing can offer the guidance you need. It holds a rank as one of the top universities and nursing schools, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Through its online nursing degree programs, the University of Indianapolis offers coaching both in clinical and non-clinical nursing. 

Computer Engineering

The engineering industry is always looking for young minds and fresh ideas. While it has huge demand in general, it is only recently that employers have recognized accredited online university degrees.

Computer engineering has risen to be among the most preferred fields when it comes to engineering programs, both online and offline. 

If you’re a woman that is fascinated by the practical application of computers and wants employment anywhere that deals with it, this is the best start to your career. 


Contrary to what most think, studying law does not only mean fighting for a client in court. In fact, with skills like good oral communication, a high sense of logical and analytical reasoning, and an innate desire to study law, there is a bright career in law for you.

From law firms to government departments, the best lawyers ensure a legal infrastructure runs desirably. It is a field with tons of responsibilities, but at the same time, it can be the most exciting too.


Anyone considering an online program degree can specialize in psychology. Thanks to the numerous accredited universities, getting an online bachelor’s degree in it is as valid as getting it from a regular university!

Now while there are numerous options here, one needs to consider factors such as future goals, budget, and the time they can commit to the program.   

As long as the university is recognized, your time and money will be worth it a few years down the road.

Designing Industry

There were many potential candidates to end this list today, but we chose the design because of how versatile and potent it is. From the fashion industry to graphics and gaming, the need for designers is ever-growing.

And those getting online degrees with bachelor’s in design can learn skills as well as those choosing traditional means. In the coming years, plenty of high-paying job opportunities are going to open up, while freelancing would also be an option for you.

Women are Overtaking Men, Even in College Degrees!

An observable trend in the last decade is more women attending colleges and getting bachelor’s degrees than men. Reports from all over the globe attest to this fact.

With the striking rise in the preference for online degrees for bachelor’s, 2023 and the coming years won’t be any exception. The general flexibility and affordability, combined with new developments in online education, will further encourage many.

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