Pierre Boo Plastic Surgery. TikTokers Before-After Pictures.

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Everyone wants to know the reality of Pierre Boo plastic surgery. The TikTok star seems to be a big promoter of health and wellness and many times, he also advocates the use of plastic surgery to enhance one’s appearance.

With the growing number of users of social media platforms, numerous influencers are gaining popularity and serving as modern-day celebrities. From life hacks to scientific facts, creators are flooding the internet with their content and attracting viewership from around the globe. Many have now made a living out of content creation. With various perks of being a content creator comes the cons of being accessible to almost everyone on the planet, thereby being subjected to various speculations and rumors.

The celebrity in question today is Pierre Boo, a famous TikTok star who has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. Numerous fans of his have expressed their disbelief when they found out he is actually in his 30s while he resembles a teenager. While it is flattering for Pierre to have stood the test of aging, many believe that it couldn’t be achieved naturally and he must have gone under the knife to enhance his appearance. In this article, let’s explore who Pierre Boo is, details about his plastic surgery, and his overall view on the matter. let’s get started for more updates! 

Who is Pierre Boo? 

With the growing use of social media platforms, it is enabling the rise of several content creators who share their journeys in the form of vlogs, blog posts, reels, etc. One such creator is Pierre Boo who has managed to garner a huge audience that loves his content. Pierre Boo is a popular social media influencer with a predominant presence on TikTok. He also posts content on YouTube and has a huge viewership base. 

Pierre was born on 12th September 1990 in the city of Paris, France where he was raised along with his three siblings. He had also pursued his education there, following which Pierre started posting content on TikTok, the social media app featuring short-form videos where people can be found sharing life hacks, lifestyle tips, travel vlogs, etc. He first started posting content on TikTok in 2019 and soon started seeing amazing reach. He eventually ventured into YouTube and has seen great success there too. On TikTok, he had managed to garner over 4 million followers within a year. 

His content usually involves doing various dance videos, lip-syncs, and challenges. A few of his most viral videos also include his boyfriend,  who is a popular social media influencer himself. 

Pierre Boo TikTok Star

Pierre Boo Plastic Surgery. Did he undergo surgery? 

Pierre Boo is an active advocate of plastic surgery and is often found sharing his views on the matter. He claims that one should opt for plastic surgery only when the desirable appearance cannot be achieved by other methods. Also, he also speaks about how one should never undergo plastic surgery for the wrong reasons such as succumbing to unrealistic beauty standards, social pressure, etc. 

‘It’s the cherry on top of the cake. Your appearance, your health, and your well-being are like a big cake with layers. It starts with drinking water, eating well, working out, cosmetics, and the last layer of the cake is filler, botox, and plastic surgery. To fix those things that you can’t fix with anything else.’ Says Pierre. 

Pierre Boo himself had once admitted to having undergone cheek surgery on a viral video, however, the video was soon deleted. According to many, the TikTok star claimed that he had only once undergone plastic surgery and that was only to enhance the shape of his cheekbone. 

Many of his fans credit his plastic surgery to his almost unbelievable youthful appearance. Although Pierre is in his thirties, he almost resembles a teenager or seems to be in his early teens. However, it is important to note that taking good care of your health and investing in skin care early on in life also plays a significant role in retaining one’s youthful appearance and deferring aging. 

However, despite the truth behind the matter, it is important for us to note the prevalence of plastic surgery in the modern world and respect one’s personal choices without subjecting them to false rumors. 

Details about Cheekbone surgery

Cheekbone surgery is commonly called malar augmentation or cheek augmentation which is a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct or enhance the shape and contour of one’s cheekbones. By modifying the cheekbone structure, one can cause significant changes to the appearance of one’s face. There are various ways to achieve this, such as implants, bone grafting, fillers, etc. The treatment plan depends on the requirements and desired goal of the patient. 


Pierre Boo is a popular French social media influencer who has recently been hitting the news for rumors regarding his plastic surgery. According to a few, Pierre has admitted to having undergone plastic surgery to enhance his cheekbones, however, the video was soon taken down.

Another reason for these rumors could be because of Pierre’s dashing appearance, where he seems to have stood the test of aging and appears much younger than his actual age. However, while Pierre had spoken in support of plastic surgery in the past, he also emphasizes that one shouldn’t opt for such treatments for the wrong reasons. 

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