Peter Doocy Wife Illness. Is Hillary Vaughn Suffering From Cancer? Why Is Peter Missing From The Show?

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Peter Doocy wife illness is one of the most searched topics online in recent times. Even some have speculated that Peter Doocy’s wife might be suffering from cancer and that’s why Peter Doocy is away and absent from the show.

Peter Doocy is an eminent American journalist, currently working with Fox News as their White House Correspondent. 

With speculations doing their rounds about newscaster Peter Doocy’s wife being unwell, it is natural for people to want to know how much of it is true. This article tries to shed light on whether this is a rumor or fact.

Who Is Peter And Whom Is He Married To?

Born in July 1987, Peter completed his Bachelor of Arts in the field of Political Science from Villanova University. After completing his graduation, Peter was recruited by Fox News Channel in the year 2009 as a general assignment reporter. He shot to fame after he exclusively interviewed Navy SEAL Robert J O’Neill in 2014, who is said to have shot Osama Bin Laden. This exclusive interview was major breaking news all over the world and garnered the highest ratings and viewership ever in the history of Fox News, catapulting Peter Doocy to global fame 

A couple of years back, in 2021, Peter Doocy married Hillary Vaughn, his fellow Fox Business Network correspondent. In 2014 Hillary joined the Fox News Channel as a junior reporter and later on in 2016 moved to Fox Network. She is widely acknowledged for her impeccable journalistic talent over the years, especially in 2020 when she was covering the latest updates during the coronavirus outbreak

In the year 2020, during the Democratic Party presidential runoffs and primaries, Peter Doocy was a familiar face on Fox News, reporting on the campaign of Joe Biden, then-presidential nominee. Later on in January 2021, Fox News officially appointed Doocy as their White House Correspondent to report on the elected President Biden’s administration.

During his stint as the news correspondent at the White House, Peter Doocy has also been representing the news channel during the press briefings and has driven major headlines with his sharp questions on various federal policies on the domestic and international fronts. 

Peter Doocy Wife Illness. What Is Hillary Vaughn’s Illness?

There have been rampant speculations about Hillary Vaughn being unwell. Some sources, claiming to be authentic, have reported that she has been keeping unwell for quite some time. However, it must be clarified here that there is no available evidence or publicly conveyed statement that actually supports such rumors. Vaughn is in excellent health and does not seem to be suffering from any known medical conditions.

In fact, there are reports countering speculations of her illness, saying that Peter Doocy’s wife is in perfect health. For quite some time, fans of Peter Doocy have been concerned upon hearing the news of his wife suffering from cancer. The celebrity journalist couple has earned huge admiration from people all over the world, and they got married just about two years ago in 2021.

So news of Hillary Vaughn being unwell took everyone by shock and only caused them to wonder what would happen to this lovely journalist duo. But it is sensible to realize that respecting their privacy is more important than being overtly interested in the private lives of famous personalities and spreading false news. 

Credible sources have refuted all conjectures related to Hillary suffering from cancer or any other health ailment. She is reported to be perfectly hale and hearty. Besides, a positive reassurance against such speculations is the heartwarming news about the couple recently welcoming their first child together, a beautiful baby girl. In the family photo published, both Hillary Vaughn and Peter Doocy can be seen glowing and beaming with pride and adoration as they hold their baby girl.

The news of the couple welcoming their first child is a clear message that it is wise to rely only on official statements and trustworthy news sources for the most accurate and updated information about the health status of an individual or their professional activities. 

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Why Has Peter Been Absent From Fox?

Now that we finally know that those were all rumors about his wife, why do we not see the American journalist covering the latest news on the channel? Why does Peter Doocy seem to be absent from Fox News amidst all the action going on today?

Well, the only reason is that Doocy is currently on paternity leave. 

Peter Doocy has been missing in action on Fox News since the early days of July 2023, and there has been no official public confirmation of the reason for his absence. And with no available information about his absence, the public automatically gave into conjecturing about what the possibilities might be. While some people started thinking that Doocy might have been fired, others preferred to believe that he is holidaying in some exotic location.

Peter Doocy With Wife Hillary Vaughn
Peter Doocy With Wife Hillary Vaughn And Daughter Source: Instagram / Peter Doocy

However, putting all speculations to rest, Doocy’s wife Hillary said in an interview that he is currently on paternity leave to spend more time with his newborn daughter.

The couple shared the joyous news of becoming parents to their first child, daughter Bridget Blake Doocy, in February 2023. They shared this splendid news with viewers on a certain cooking show on television and were greeted with much adulation and enthusiasm by all their fellow co-hosts on the show and celebrated this wonderful occasion. Their colleagues and fans have also conveyed their best wishes to the new parents through messages of congratulations and support as they embark upon this life-altering journey as parents. 

This joyous event is a major milestone in the celebrity couple’s lives and marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for them as they set foot into parenthood. It is also a positive reassurance of their health and happiness.


Hillary Vaughn confirming the reason behind Peter Doocy’s absence from Fox News White House broadcasts serves as a solid notice to all those indulging in speculations about the couple’s private lives. There is no credible source as yet, that mentions Vaughn suffering from cancer or any other ailment.

So this not only banishes rumors effectively but also spreads positivity and warmth with the news of the eminent couple becoming parents to a lovely baby girl, Bridget.

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