Jacob Elordi’s Rumored Girlfriend Olivia Jade’s Plastic Surgery Speculations Decoded


Social media has been flooded with rampant speculations after people observed some changes in Olivia Jade’s appearance. According to her fans and followers, Olivia’s cheekbones appear slightly enlarged nowadays, adding a distinctive transformation to her overall facial features and appearance. As the trend goes, the public has invariably started suspecting her of going under the knife to get such prominent cheekbones. 

In this post, we are going to find out whether there is any truth behind the speculations being spread by people about Olivia Jade. But before that, for those who are uninitiated, let us first find out more about Olivia Jade and why she is famous. Olivia Jade has recently been all over the headlines for her alleged romantic relationship with the very handsome Jacob Elordi, or Noah Flynn of the Netflix trilogy “The Kissing Booth”. However, Olivia gained extreme media attention, much before her links to Jacob Elordi, due to her involvement in the 2019 college admissions scandal.

In 2019, the FBI exposed a scandal in which 50 parents allegedly paid bribes to get their kids admitted to elite institutions across the USA. Dubbed by the FBI as “Operation Varsity Blues”, it was revealed that her parents paid around 500,000 USD to secure admissions for Olivia and her sister Bella, to the University of Southern California, as crew recruits, though neither of them qualified for the spot. Olivia Jade appears in the Netflix docu-film “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal” about this major college admission scheme by Rick Singer. But according to an article published in “Teen Vogue”, it remains undetermined whether Olivia was aware of the alleged admission scheme.

Has Olivia Jade Opted For Plastic Surgery?

Now, going back to our original topic of discussion – people have been going gaga with their suspicions regarding the change in Olivia Jade’s appearance. 

If you compare her earlier photos and her most recent images, you can also clearly spot that her face does have subtle changes. People cannot stop themselves from discussing how her cheekbones look so much more prominent now, whereas they were not that pronounced earlier. Her pronounced cheekbones have sparked rumors across the internet, with her fans and followers commenting that she must have resorted to Botox injections or fillers.

Looking at her latest images, social media users have bombarded the comments section discussing that her cheekbones looked more sculpted and well-defined than before. This is only possible when one goes for Botox treatment options for cheek augmentation, and celebs are known to commonly resort to cosmetic upgrades like these. But some people have disagreed, saying that Olivia Jade’s face appears different maybe due to the makeup technique or the lighting used there, and not due to some plastic surgery procedure.

Apart from her pronounced cheekbones, people have also suspected her of undergoing other cosmetic upgrades such as rhinoplasty or nose job, since her nose appears sharper and pointed compared to her rounded nose structure before. They also suspect that she has gone for lip fillers to get plumper lips, as well as breast augmentation surgery and chin liposuction, which have collectively transformed her facial features to make them appear well-contoured and sharper than before.

However, due to the absence of any verifiable information about her plastic surgery, or the non-availability of any comment or reaction from Olivia Jade, we cannot confirm or deny the validity of people’s observations and their claims. So, as of now, these comments are simply unsubstantiated comments that people have been hurling at her on social media.

Who Is Olivia Jade?

Olivia Jade Giannulli is an American social media influencer and YouTuber, and the daughter of famous fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and actor Lori Loughlin. Born in September 1999, Olivia kickstarted her social media career on Instagram and YouTube when she was still a high school student, and by 2019, she garnered a massive follower base of one million. Her lifestyle channel on YouTube rapidly shot to extreme popularity and it was monetized through top-class commercial endorsements as well as ads for Sephora, Amazon, and other companies. 

Olivia has frequently featured in news headlines owing to her fair share of controversies and misadventures, of which we have already talked about the college admission scandal that took place in 2019. As a result of the scandal and the involvement of the Giannullis in it, cosmetic biggie Sephora decided to detach itself from Olivia Jade, officially announcing in March 2019 that the company would be concluding its makeup collaboration with her. TRESemme also officially declared that they ceased to collaborate with Olivia as their sales partner.  

Two years before the admissions bribery scheme was exposed by the FBI, in 2017, she had crashed her car while she was driving and filming herself singing along to the famous “Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder. This accident sparked major concerns about her lifestyle and driving habits among her followers on social media.

Jacob Elordi And Olivia Jade

Australian actor Jacob Elordi, whom we have also seen in the popular HBO series called “Euphoria”, was first rumored to be involved with Olivia Jade Giannulli in late 2021, after the duo was spotted having coffee together in Los Angeles. During that time, “People” magazine said that the duo were casually dating each other, while other sources denied that they were dating at all.

However, after being spotted together several times since then, a source close to them commented that they were going pretty strong. But in 2022 and 2023, with some split rumors in the air, when fans started to think about their relationship as an on-and-off thing, Jacob and Olivia were seen spending time together on vacation in Italy and a few months later at Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, along with her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli. 

Recently, there have been some speculations about the couple calling it quits – but as per a close source, they are far from breaking up; things are going very strong and seem to be growing “serious” this time.

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