Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery, Nose Job, And Pregnancy Rumors.


Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery rumors are on the rise again after she appeared on Americal Idol Season 21. From her nose job to Botox & fillers and eyebrows, everything is on the troller’s target.

The world of judgments and rumors never fails in attracting us. There is always a constant pull that demands our attention when it comes to ‘gossip’! Unfortunately, an exciting and incredible rumor creates more hype on the internet than an original and informative piece of content.

The world of rumors, comments, and trolls has affected everyone on this planet, to say the least. It definitely must have affected you all, the readers as well to some extent. Noah Cyrus, the famous American singer, and actress was not an exception. She became the topic of the town as netizens started trolling and commenting on her socials regarding her nose. Did she ever get plastic surgery done?

What Really Happened To Noah Cyrus?

Noah Cyrus began her acting career when she was as young as 2. Her career in music bloomed much later. In 2016, she introduced herself to the world as a singer by singing her debut song, “Make Me Cry’. This has won people’s hearts and netizens showered her with a lot of admiration and support.

After this, Noah Cyrus started to grow exponentially in her career in music. “Chasing Colors” and “Stay Together” are a few of her amazing contributions that came much later.

Her career was at its peak and she was enjoying the attention of being in the limelight until….

January 2023 only attracted people with stronger opinions and baggage of judgments into Noah Cyrus’s life. True. The world by itself does not follow the fundamental principle of “live and let live”.

In January 2023, Cyrus made her way to the Paris Fashion Week. She was absolutely stunning and gorgeous. She was attracting all the eyes possible and booommmmm her Instagram was flooding with likes and comments.

After Fashion Week, there was a troll against Cyrus for getting her plastic surgery done! Is it really true?

Did Noah Cyrus Really Get Her Plastic Surgery Done?

When the entire world was honestly praising Cyrus for her courage and strength. Her face definitely looks different from her previous appearances but that might be due to her shaving off her eyebrows.

Apart from her eyebrows, there are other facial changes too like a difference in her cheeks, lips, and nose. All these alterations are behind her plastic surgery rumors. But till today, Noah Cyrus has not accepted anything about her plastic surgery.

Her new looks have gained a lot of public attraction. After appearing in Paris Fashion Week, she was the target of online trolls. But things got settled over time. But recently she appeared on American Idol season 21 and again all the same things started to happen.

Again she is on the target of trolls. Rumors of Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery are again on the rise. People are posting hateful comments on her social media profiles.

Fan Reaction To Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery Rumors

Noah Cyrus, after attending the Paris Fashion Week, posted a picture on her Instagram. She was no doubt attractive and gorgeous. The Almighty could have taken special care and attention to refining her beauty. Though her face was flawless and was shining brightly, deserving all the attention, the core emphasis fell on her ‘nose’.

Her nose looked distorted and changed. It was nowhere similar to her original nose.

OMG, she RUINED her beautiful face! Why! Just why?”, one person commented. There were hundreds of such comments that flooded Noah Cyrus’s Instagram after that. People failed to notice her strength and courage to make it that far. Another person commented on her missing eyebrows.

What About Noah Cyrus’ Nose Job? What Happened To Her Nose?

Though her pictures on the internet have a story to tell, though her tale of transformation is evident, Noah Cyrus has not addressed the rumors of her nose job specifically. She has neither made a statement in favor of nor against the rumors.

She seems to be affected by them and upset on hearing her tales that are fabricated by the netizens. For now, that is a tougher call to make whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not.

Noah Cyrus Nose Job
Source: Instagram/ Noah Cyrus

Did Noah Cyrus Really Have Time To Reply To Haters, Back Then?

Everything has a limit, likewise, it is the same for human tolerance, the balloon finally burst and Cyrus really had to reply to the haters.

Though Cyrus chose to ignore all of what was happening on her socials, the intensity of what they were coming was no doubt bothering her since 2020. Cyrus was being judged at every little thing possible. She finally decided to take action and reply back!

After losing her last bit of patience and tolerance, Noah Cyrus tweeted so.

I’m so f—king tired of y’all commenting on every damn thing I do since I was an f–king kid,” she began. “Y’all are gon say I’m breathing wrong next.”

“I am v aware there’s a lot of you who don't like me or the way I look. You guys have made it very clear since I was probably younger than 12. I’m used to it. But for the younger kids, pls don’t let them grow up with that kinda hatred. It f—ks someone up just chills the f—k out???”

She fought back courageously. Noah Cyrus tends to take judgments and criticism really seriously. She had also admitted to taking therapy for her anxiety and depression.

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Wait! Whaaatt? Is Noah Cyrus Pregnant?

This trending topic all over the internet might be stemming from her past. Taking a look at her Instagram pictures, Noah Cyrus appeared to be more normal than a pregnant woman. However, there could be a possibility of the ‘good news’ on the horizon but as of now, there are no official announcements made by her so far.

These assumptions might be possible because her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan’s fiancee, Annie Smith, was expecting a child in 2019. The breakup took a toll on Noah Cyrus’s mental health.

When there was a child expected, unfortunately, Annie Smith suffered a miscarriage. There was an official announcement made by her via a video and photo on her Instagram. With that pregnancy suffering a miscarriage, we can only assume that Noah Cyrus is not pregnant as of 2023.


While what happened to Noah Cyrus was really upsetting, we must focus on living and letting others live. In a world where judgments come as an undeniable offer, we must consciously make an effort in being human and letting others live in peace.

Just because the internet gives us the privilege of writing something hurtful by wearing an ‘anonymous’ mask, does that mean we should take it?

Focus on sharing true and original content, let alone sharing something creative and original! It’s never too late to start something healthy today.


Q: Is Noah Cyrus Really Undergone Plastic Surgery?

A: Even Though There Are Many Speculations About Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery, The Singer Has Not Accepted Anything About Her Plastic Surgery Or Nose Job.

Q: Is Noah Cyrus And Miley Cyrus Sisters?

A; Yes, They Both Are Sisters.

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