Nischelle Turner Weight Loss 2023 And Her Ozempic Use Rumors Decoded.

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Nischelle Turner is one of the most popular entertainment journalists in the USA, known for being the cohost of the massive hit TV show “Entertainment Tonight”. People have been questioning a lot about Nischelle Turner weight loss and even some are speculating that she might have used Ozempic but she hasn’t said anything on the rumors yet.

Nischelle Turner’s Entertainment Tonight is known to have won the Emmy Awards six times, and for her contribution to this show, Nischelle Turner also won the Emmy Award in 2016. She joined Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent, way back in the year 2016, and steadily climbed up the ladder of success to become the cohost of the popular show in the year 2021.

Born in Columbia, Missouri, in the year 1975, Nischelle Renee Turner started her stellar career in journalism back in 1998 when she started working as a reporter with WEHT and a fill-in host in Evansville, Indiana. She studied at the University of Missouri and completed her degree in journalism and broadcast news from there. In the year 2000, she started working as a weekday correspondent and weekend anchor in New Orleans for WVUE-TV FOX8. Once she gained enough recognition in journalism, Nischelle moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and joined KTTV as a reporter on the show Good Day LA and anchor for their show Good Day LA Weekend. Her fearless coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its disasters won her many prestigious awards

In the course of her career, Nischelle Turner also worked as a sports journalist covering major football and basketball tournaments, working with big names such as Fox NFL Sunday. She is also a reputed contributor for CNN where she covers entertainment news on CNN Newsroom, CNN Tonight, New Day, and other shows. Turner is also known to have joined CNN’s coverage of major events in the world of entertainment namely Golden Globe Awards, Oscars, and Grammys. Apart from garnering extensive fame and recognition as an entertainment news expert, Nischelle Turner has anchored CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation series and also featured in several episodes of The Young and The Restless.

She created history by becoming the first Black lady in the 40-year-old history of Entertainment Tonight, to have anchored the nightly broadcast of the show.

Now, very recently, there have been rumors about this award-winning entertainment journalist for seemingly losing a lot of weight. So in this article, let us find out more about these speculations and see how much of those are based on facts.

Nischelle Turner Weight Loss. How She Lost It?

Since she is an entertainment correspondent on a daily television show, viewers and her followers are used to seeing Nischelle Turner on screen daily. So it is only natural that even the slightest changes in her appearance will strike her audiences and they will be able to perceive any changes to her weight or looks. And that is exactly what has happened – people who watch her show daily on ET are now saying that they feel that she might have lost some weight.

However, most viewers have dismissed these speculations saying that it must be her outfit, the lighting, or the image quality that makes her appear thinner than before, for, they feel that Nischelle Turner has not lost any weight in 2023 but her before after pictures says the different thing.

Nischelle Turner Weight Loss
Nischelle Turner Weight Loss Image Credit: Instagram / Nischelle Turner

Turner has always been slim and svelte, and she had acquired immense admiration and fandom for her captivating appearance and her wonderful choice of outfits that perfectly complemented her fit physique. Her fans feel that she had never looked like she needed to shed any extra pounds, so these sudden speculations about her weight loss transformation seem to have appeared out of nowhere and seem pretty much unfounded. They strongly believe that even if she did undergo some weight fluctuations, it was not significant at all, which should spark rumors or discussions. 

Nischelle is known to be very conscious about staying fit,  watching what she eats, and practicing yoga every day without fail. According to some news sources, she is so much into fitness and maintaining her well-being that she would never even think of allowing herself to slack and go out of shape. In some news from a few years ago, she said that once she had started feeling that she had become too indulgent for a few months, which prompted her to get into shape and adopt a daily fitness regimen when actually she had not put on much weight at all.

But she looks pretty much the same at present without any changes to her body weight for several years now.

Did She Use Ozempic?

If you closely follow celebrity scoops and news, it is likely that you have already heard the name “Ozempic“, many times before. Many celebs, influencers, and public figures battling with obesity, are known to opt for Ozempic to lose weight quickly. However, Ozempic is not approved to be used for weight loss; it is a scheduled drug that is primarily used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in adults. It is administered as a weekly dose of injection that helps lower high blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production from the pancreas.  

Various celebrities have talked about using this drug in their weight loss journey. However, there is no news or official statement or any bit of evidence to suggest the possibility of Nischelle Turner resorting to Ozempic to lose weight.

She began her weight loss journey after being diagnosed with fibroids when she was 35 years old. Nischelle Turner mentioned in an interview that due to these fibroids her stomach had grown so much, that it seemed like she was three months pregnant. She even underwent major surgery to get the fibroids removed, not once but thrice, as the fibroids kept recurring. Subsequently, it took a toll on her physical and mental health, after which she felt that she definitely needed to do something to get back in shape.


After her last surgery, Nischelle Turner chose to completely reset her physique and started working out under the guidance of a health and wellness mentor to heal herself both inside and outside. Since then she has been looking after her wellbeing and maintaining her weight consistently.

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