Matt Klotz From Big Brother Gained Weight And People Are On Fat Shaming Spree.

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Big Brother’s first-ever deaf contestant Matt Klotz has gained some weight and the internet is speculating a lot of things about Matt Klotz weight gain.

Season 25 of the extremely popular American reality show on television, “Big Brother“, is all the more exciting because of new twists in the tale and an utterly diverse cast that includes Matt Klotz. Matt Klotz is a houseguest on the smash hit TV show and a professional swimmer gearing up for the Olympics 2024. 

Matt has a commendable track record of winning gold medals and breaking world records in the Deaflympics and is the first deaf houseguest ever on Big Brother. His aim is to become a role model and inspire all people who are hearing impaired. He has been a terrific participant in this reality show and is continuously reaching newer heights as an amazing mental and physical contender with a powerful social game. As Big Brother season 25 progresses, we can see that Matt Klotz has already established himself as one of the most powerful contestants to reckon with. Born in May 1996 in Cameron Park, California, 27-year-old Matt Klotz is almost at the center of all the other competitors, since most of them out of the 17 are at least 30 years of age or older. An avid admirer of his idol Ryan Lochte, Matt had beat Ryan in a 100-meter swimming match-up. 

Matt Klotz Weight Gain Details

Matt Klotz has been enjoying his time on the premises of Big Brother and is one of the toughest competitors at present and the very first deaf contestant in the history of the show. During the premiere of Season 25 of this show, Matt revealed that he had to undergo 14 long years of speech therapy to finally learn how to talk. He is a man of incredible talent 

He has also talked about his weight gain during the show – Matt shared with his fans and followers in an interview that he has gained 15 pounds of weight, which shot up his body weight from 185 to 200 pounds. Now it is very natural for all contestants on Big Brother to gain weight and we have seen this happening in every season. The main reason is that during their participation in the show, most contestants sit around the whole day without doing any work. They are not even allowed access to gyms or workout sessions outside the Big Brother premises, for which they tend to put on weight.

Matt Klotz

Matt has been pretty cool with his weight gain – he is a professional Olympic-level swimmer who knows how to lose the extra pounds once the game is over. So, unlike many others, he is not at all worried about gaining 15 pounds.

Fat Shaming By People

Though Matt Klotz is least worried about his weight gain, the same cannot be said about Big Brother viewers who seem to have gone out of their way in body shaming him. Luckily, Matt does not know about anything that has been happening in the world outside of Big Brother, such as the format of the game show. 

However, a Twitter post has gone viral that shows his weight gain and how the fans are being awfully mean to him with their fat-shaming comments. While one social media user commented that he is adding a double chin and bidding bye-bye to his swimming career, another said that his swimming career is already over “af”. They have been sharing memes with his before and after pics indicating how much he has put on weight and how he used to look like before.

But there are also people who feel that fat-shaming Matt has gone a bit too far and Twitter should take some action against the haters. However, nothing of that kind has happened so far.

Big Brother Contestant Matt Klotz

Is He Completely Deaf?

As mentioned before, Matt Klotz is the first deaf contestant in the history of Big Brother, participating in season 25. Loyal followers of this reality show will agree that emotions always run high in the house on the show, but Matt has been visibly distraught because of swirling whispers throughout the house. But these whispers are not because some kind of conspiracy has been going around behind his back, but because he is deaf.

His hearing ability is not completely impaired, but he needs to wear a hearing aid to pick on any kind of noise from a normal regular conversation. After seventy-two days of being in the house and not being able to make sense of the whisperings, Matt gave in and broke down in tears owing to his hearing disability. 

He confessed that in his regular life, people knew not to whisper around him, but in the house, the continuous whisper took a toll on his mental health, lip-reading proved useless, and finally, he could not help himself from getting all emotional.


  1. Is Matt Klotz From Big Brother Completely Deaf?

    Yes, he is deaf and the first-ever deaf contestant in BB House.

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