Maria Taylor Weight Gain 2023. Sunday Night Football Host Is Pregnant.

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Stunning sportscaster Maria Taylor is popular not only for her expertise in sports hosting but also for her amazing physique. But recently people have been speculating a lot about Maria Taylor weight gain. Yes, definitely she gained a few pounds as she is pregnant.

Maria Taylor is bound to be a familiar face to all those who regularly follow NBC Sports; she is one of the most popular sportscasters today in the USA. Recently, she has been all over the headlines, not because of her sports commentary, but for something more personal. Viewers have noticed that Maria Taylor has gained quite a lot of weight, which makes for a significant physical transformation. That is what has grabbed attention and sparked rumors. 

Today, let us dig deeper and find out the how and why behind Maria’s weight gain. But before we get there, let us first find out more about Maria Taylor herself.

Maria Taylor, one of the top sportscasters in America, is very well known for her trailblazing work with eminent news networks such as ESPN, NBC Sports, and SEC Sports. With her amazing proficiency in a wide variety of sports, she has gained not only professional brilliance but also a huge mass of followers and fans. She is a known expert in diverse sports activities, especially college football, volleyball, and basketball.

Born in 1987 in Alpharetta, Georgia, Maria was always interested in sports which led her to participate in all kinds of sporting activities in high school and college. Standing at an impressive 6 feet and 2 inches, her height was a major advantage when Maria was on her college basketball and volleyball teams. She was also a part of the Junior National A2 volleyball team, representing the USA. Owing to her amazing aptitude for different kinds of sports, she even earned a scholarship and went to study at the University of Georgia. 

After completing her studies in college, Taylor made her debut working in television as a sports journalist. At first, she worked for the University of Georgia, but then she got a chance to work with ESPN and then the SEC Network in sports broadcasting. She started working with NBC Sports Network in 2020 and soon became one of the highest-paid sportscasters in the country. She is well-liked by her colleagues and huge fan following, because of her vast knowledge and proficiency in sports, and her efficient commentary that makes it entertaining and insightful for the viewers.

Maria Taylor Weight Gain. Did She Gain Some Weight?

The hugely popular sports commentator has recently struck her fans and viewers, on NBC Sports, with her weight gain. Maria Taylor’s rich background in sports and athletics since her high school and college days, as well as her remarkable height of 6 feet 2 inches, has always contributed to a typically athletic physique that is very intrinsic to Maria Taylor’s personality. She is admired by many, not only for her athletic prowess but also for her amazing height and stature and how she carries and presents herself on screen.

As such, the slightest change in her appearance can easily strike the public, who are always ready to set the rumors mills rolling. So it is not unnatural that they have observed her gain some extra pounds; and quite obviously because her physical transformation is quite noticeable.  

Maria Taylor Pregnant
Image Credit: Instagram / Maria Taylor

But this time around, her fans were actually on the right track when they started speculating reasons as to why she might have gained so much weight. They waited with bated breath to hear the wonderful news from the star sportscaster herself!

Is Maria Taylor pregnant?

Yes, Maria Taylor has stepped into the beautiful journey of pregnancy and motherhood; this is the reason why she has gained several extra pounds. 

While the air was rife with rumors about Maria possibly being pregnant, the news was declared by the sportscaster, herself. She took to her Instagram account, which has a whopping 330K followers, to announce this wonderful news to the world. She happily shared with everyone that she and her husband are expecting their first child, and also shared an adorable TikTok video when she first broke the news to her husband. 

Maria Taylor also posted a happy picture on Instagram of herself posing at the NFL Kickoff event, with a cute caption saying that she is celebrating the NFL Kickoff with her “own Franchise player in the making”.

In one post, she talks about her 3 difficult years in trying to conceive – her IVF journey, egg retrievals, and surgery. She said that the last few years were the most mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging in her life. So, she was in complete disbelief when she found out that she was actually pregnant; that she had finally stepped into the beautiful journey of motherhood.

She added that her husband has been extremely supportive and by her side all throughout, while they faced those struggles. But now they are more than happy and cannot wait to welcome their “sweet prince” into this world.

Maria On Sunday Night Football

Maria Taylor is all set to resume her role as the host of the 2023 campaign of Sunday Night Football. She was a college volleyball and basketball star herself and is one of the most incredibly versatile sports analysts and commentators in America today. Before she joined the NBC Sports Network in 2020, she used to work with ESPN. 

A recent news update from NBC Sports said that the stunning sportscaster is set to return to the upcoming NFL season opener. Maria Taylor will be the new host of the show “Football Night in America”. To that, she wrote in her preview that it felt like Christmas Eve. 

Earlier, Maria was a cohost of the program aired on Sunday primetime, along with Mike Tirico. In the NFL 2023 match that she was covering a few days ago, the winners of the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs, defeated the Detroit Lions 21-20, leaving viewers shocked. 


Upon knowing about her pregnancy, fans and followers have erupted in joy and showered Maria Taylor and her husband with heartfelt congratulatory messages. Just as they could not wait for her to be back on the NFL show, they can now hardly wait to see her holding her baby.

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