Dancing With The Stars Choreographer Judge: Mandy Moore Weight Gain And Illness.


Mandy Moore has joined the team of Dancing With The Stars team as a guest judge. As a new face appeared on the celebrity dance show, everyone wanted to know about the Choreographer Mandy Moore weight gain.

Mandy Moore, or Samantha “Mandy” Jo Moore, is an award-winning American choreographer, producer, dancer, and instructor, who shot to fame for her work in “So You Think You Can Dance”, the smash hit reality series.

She has also worked in popular Hollywood movies, such as “La La Land”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “American Hustle” and more, apart from various commercials and stage musicals. Mandy showed great interest in dance right from her childhood, and realizing her talent, her parents supported her in pursuing her passion. 

Mandy Moore” The Guest Judge On Dancing With The Stars

Season 32 of the top-rated American dance reality series “Dancing With The Stars”, which has been streaming since November 21st, 2023, has seen the entry of a new judge, who is none other than Mandy Moore.

Mandy has joined the show and substituted head judge Len Goodman after his retirement after the last season. She had earlier been a judge on “DWTS Juniors” and shares a special connection with Taylor Swift since she was the choreographer for her Eras Tour. The latest episode of DWTS was themed around Taylor Swift and saw celebs dancing to many of her hugely popular songs. 

Mandy Moore, the guest judge, has won three Emmy awards in 2017, 2018, and 2020, and bagged nominations not once but seven times for a Primetime Emmy Award in the segment of “Outstanding Choreography“. She has a stunning track record of choreographing for all four major awards ceremonies in the USA, namely, the Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Emmy Awards. 

She is one of those dance professionals who is eloquent in multiple dance forms including ballroom, contemporary jazz, folk, and tap dance. Mandy is an instructor at the EDGE Performing Arts Center and is also a member of the faculty at the children’s JUMP weekend conventions of dance. Besides, she conducts private dance workshops in studios across countries such as Italy, Korea, and Australia.

In the latest episode of DWTS, Moore was seen judging participants and giving scores to performances by the likes of Sasha Farber and Alyson Hannigan, Danialla Karagach, and Jason Mraz. Though viewers of this dance reality series were not quite expecting choreographer Mandy Moore on the sets, we cannot deny that she brought a solid unique perspective to the show with her expertise and knowledge. 

Is Mandy Moore Suffering From Any Illness?

Mandy Jo Moore has been associated with the entertainment industry of the USA for many years now – she was first hired for a few TV projects by Carrie Ann Inaba, and since then there has been no looking back. Her contributions to America’s TV and film industry have been indelible, and she has gained tremendous respect and recognition for her talent.

However, there has been a major case of mistaken identity involving her namesake, Mandy Moore the American actor, singer, and songwriter. Though both individuals are immensely famous have carved their niche in the US entertainment industry, and are well-loved for their respective skills and talents, one is frequently mistaken for the other.

It is crucial to set the record straight at the onset that the circulating news surrounding Mandy Moore’s health is related to the singer-songwriter and not the choreographer. There has been concerning news about Mandy Moore the singer-actor that she has been diagnosed with a rare blood ailment during her pregnancy, known as Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). The singer has been brave enough to have opened up and shared this news with the public herself. 

This blood disorder is an autoimmune disease due to which the platelet count keeps depleting in the blood. Since she has been suffering from this illness, singer Mandy Moore was unable to get epidural injection shots when she was due to deliver her baby in 2022. 

Details About Mandy Moore Weight Gain

Recently, people seem to notice how choreographer Mandy Moore has gained weight in the last few years, going by her before and after photos. And when you take into consideration the confusion about Mandy’s “health issues”, which we have talked about earlier, you can easily guess that people have been trying to link her weight gain due to some health concern.

But now that you already know that the famous choreographer has not been suffering from any serious health disorder, you can understand that her weight gain is only due to natural reasons. Gaining or losing weight over time is natural and happens to all of us, so there doesn’t need to be any underlying medical condition for that. As of today, there is no statement that she has shared with her fans, or any piece of news or evidence to suggest that she has some health disorder that has caused her to gain weight.

Fans have admired Mandy Moore for her excellence ever since she shot to stardom in the dance world, and they cannot help but marvel at how she beautifully moves her body to diverse rhythms, despite her weight gain. The way her body easily flows with music has not only stunned her fans and followers but also inspired hundreds of people all over the world. She is extremely agile and fit, not to mention an epitome of grace, which you can witness while she dances or teaches dance steps to people of all ages.

Her Latest Health Update

While some people expressed concerns about her health due to her weight gain, many others speculated that Mandy might be pregnant which is why she gained weight. However, the 47-year-old eminent choreographer has not shared any announcement or anything related to it on social media; so we can conclude that she is not expecting a baby, as of now.

Despite her fame and recognition, Mandy Moore chooses to keep her personal life away from the public spotlight, and it is best to respect their privacy. She has never revealed or commented on the rumors that have been circulating, she is enjoying life and working hard like all of us.


  1. Is Mandy Moore the guest judge from DWTS ill?

    No, she is fine and not suffering from any illness.

  2. What relation does Mandy have with Taylor Swift?

    Mandy is Taylor Swift’s choreographer.

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