Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery. Lorraine Lyon From Fargo Season 5.

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Lorraine Lyon From Fargo Season 5 Jennifer Jason Leigh has been in the news recently not just because of her acting skills but also for her new and changed look. Many have been speculating about Jennifer Jason Leigh plastic surgery and changed cheeks.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, an American actor, producer, and screenwriter, is best known for her breakthrough portrayal of the character of Stacy Hamilton in the movie “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” released in 1982. 

Daughter of the famous writer Barbara Turner and husband Vic Morrow, Jennifer Jason Leigh is a critically acclaimed actor noted for stunning performances in films, TV shows, and more.

Who Is Jennifer Jason Leigh?

Jennifer first acted in a film called “Death Of A Stranger” in 1973, when she was just 9 years old, in a non-speaking role – that was her first venture into acting. After that, she would attend summer acting workshops, and while doing so, at the age of 14 years, she bagged a role in the Disney TV film “The Young Runaways” in 1978.

As she kept appearing in more TV shows and movies, she kept garnering widespread recognition and popularity, and also got membership of the Screen Actors Guild for one episode of “Baretta” that aired on TV in 1975; she was only 16 years old.

Rumors About Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery 

Recently, the rumor mills have been rolling spreading speculations in the air that Jennifer Jason Leigh has supposedly been under the knife to enhance her looks. Though she has asserted, time and again, that she does not believe in getting plastic surgery and is all about embracing her natural beauty, her before and after photos seem to give it all away.

Today, even at her age, Jennifer looks gorgeous – and her recent appearances have also made people feel that she is simply growing younger by the day. She is currently in her sixties, but Leigh’s face looks amazingly ageless and smooth, which has made people grow suspicious of whether she has got some “work” done to achieve that youthful look at this age.

From her recent photos, you will find that she bears no resemblance to her previous self, and her face wears an unnatural expression with weirdly stretchy skin, given her age. People suspect that she must have gone for a facelift which has resulted in her getting unusually smooth skin that is free of any wrinkles and fine lines that naturally develop as we advance in age. 

Even her cheeks appear to be much fuller than before, and her brow is smooth and wrinkle-free, which is possible only when you choose to get Botox injections or fillers. She might have opted for cheek fillers or implants to make her cheeks plumper and remove any signs of sagginess that generally come with age. 

People also want to believe that Jennifer Jason Leigh has done something to her nose, though the shape and length of her nose remain largely unchanged. But if you see her earlier photos, you will find that Jennifer’s eyes appeared wrinkly, which is a very natural thing to happen to people as we age.

But her recent photos have surprised the public because all the wrinkles around her eyes and her eye-bags have vanished, replaced by younger and smoother skin around the eyes. This outcome is possible if one chooses to go for an eyelid surgery that removes under-eye bags and wrinkles and “opens up” our eyes.

However, the actor has never addressed any of these speculations about her getting plastic surgery, and there is no evidence available to support such claims made by the public.

Her Role In Fargo Season 5

Fargo” is the Emmy-winning anthology crime series aired on FX which is roughly based on the film of the same name by Ethan and Joel Coen. This series will be back for its fans with its 5th season with a brand new flavor and a dark mystery waiting to unravel set in the Midwest in North Dakota and Minnesota.

This season boasts a brilliant case ensemble, with Emmy-nominated actor Juno Temple playing the role of Dorothy Lyon alongside David Rysdahl portraying the character of her loving husband Wayne. Jennifer Jason Leigh will be playing the role of Lorraine Lyon who is the no-nonsense MIL of Dorothy “Dot” Lyon. 

The plot of this season revolves around Dorothy and how she tries to evade her past without tearing apart her family. Both Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh have talked about their “matriarchal roles” in this season of Fargo and their excitement about getting a chance to work together. 

Final Take

Jennifer said in an interview that she takes great joy in being a part of this show’s cast and expressed her admiration for Juno Temple. She said that the specificity and tone of the story along with the stories are incredible and she loves all of them that she could not at first believe that she was going to be part of it. To her the whole experience has been “surreal”, and Juno Temple also shares the same feelings about this show.

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