Mallory Lewis: Redditers Speculations About Her Plastic Surgery & Nose Job Decoded!


Mallory Lewis is an American ventriloquist, writer, TV producer, and puppeteer who shot to fame after puppeteering Lamb Chop. Born as Mallory Tarcher in July 1962 in New York City, she is the daughter of Jeremy Tarcher and Shari Lewis, who is the creator of the puppet character Lamb Chop. Mallory changed her surname to Lewis in honor of her mother and said that she used to sleep with Lamb Chop by her side when she was a child. 

Mallory Lewis worked very closely with her mom as the producer of the kid’s TV series “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along” and “The Charlie Horse Music Pizza”, a popular children’s show on TV. After her mother’s demise, when they decided that Lamb Chop should live on for its fans and followers, Mallory Lewis started performing with it in 2009. This was when she changed her name to Mallory Lewis, paying homage to her deceased mother, the famous Shari Lewis. Apart from being recognized as a famous puppeteer, Mallory is also an accomplished writer, having authored several books for children. Lewis is also actively involved in humanitarian endeavors and performs for organizations like the Fisher House Foundation, USO, and other military support groups.

Back in 2002, she helped generate 275,000 USD for the neuro-oncology program at UCLA; she is the founder of the women’s skydiving organization “Jump For The Cause”, which generated almost 2 million USD for research work on breast cancer. She is the recipient of the prestigious Sandy Hosey Lifetime Achievement Award presented to her by the Artists Music Guild. Mallory Lewis has also won an Emmy Award in the segment “Outstanding Writing In A Children’s Series” – she and her mother, Shari Lewis, also shared an Emmy Award.

Has Mallory Lewis Undergone Surgery?

Mallory Lewis has been captivating her audience across all age groups, with her enchanting and interesting puppeteering performance with Lamb Chop. She has been carrying forward the tradition created by her mother, by delivering joy and smiles for many years now, with her original sense of humor mixed with kindness and entertainment. A multidimensional artist, she has been credited with producing many successful projects and carved a solid niche for herself in the entertainment world. 

However, she has often been subjected to varied speculations when her fans and audience noticed something about her appearance while watching her perform. What diverted the focus of the audience away from her puppet was the fact that there seemed to be some changes in Mallory Lewis’ looks. The public has frequently talked about how Lewis’ looks keep changing over time and bombarded her with their speculations.

Mallory Lewis’ enchanting performances with Lamb Chop have an unmistakable appeal brought in by the quintessential charm in her appearance and her vibrant demeanor. However, her fans believe that Lewis must have resorted to cosmetic surgery enhancements in an attempt to preserve her youthful charm and prettiness. But we must mention here that despite countless rumors about her plastic surgery, Mallory has never uttered a single word or reaction to people’s comments. So it remains unconfirmed whether the famous puppeteer went under the knife to alter her appearance cosmetically, or not.

What Do People Say About Her Nose Surgery On Reddit?

People have been talking endlessly about Mallory Lewis’s “new nose“, more than anything else about her, and throwing around rave speculations across social media. Fans of Lewis, who have been watching her perform for many years now, were prompt to notice the change in her nose structure – it now appeared more swollen. 

Going by people’s observations and comments on social media, if you compare her before and after photos, you will also agree with them saying that Mallory’s nose now has a swollen bridge. It also appears kind of crooked, if you try to compare it with her “older nose” structure; and very distinctly, the height of her nose is also different than when she was young. The speculations that are circulating, regarding her plastic surgery, stemmed as soon as people noticed these clear differences in her photos.

So, fans and followers of Lewis seem to be pretty confident that the star puppeteer and children’s author has been under the knife to alter her nose structure. Besides a nose job, they also suspect her of going for other cosmetic upgrades, which have ultimately changed how her face looks. This has taken social media by storm, with Netizens bombarding her photos with comments about her looks and their suspicions. 

But, as we have stated before, there is no concrete evidence or information available on the Internet, nor any official statement or response from Mallory Lewis, to either deny or confirm these rumors about her “changed” nose. 

Her Mother Shari Lewis

Shari Lewis, mother of Mallory Lewis, was a famous American puppeteer, ventriloquist, children’s entertainer, and author, and the recipient of the highly esteemed Peabody Award. Born in January 1933, Shari Lewis was the creator of the sock puppet character Lamb Chop, which is regarded as one of her most adorable and loved creations. Her legacy was carried forward by her family and children, and Mallory, her daughter, started performing with Lamb Chop.

Talking about her decision to carry her mother’s legacy forward, Mallory Lewis said that since her mother was “one of the world’s greatest entertainers”, she does not wish to challenge that. But she wants to do everything she can for Lamb Chop, so she will keep her going along. 

Mallory never tried to imitate the voice of Lamb Chop, but after receiving the posthumous award for her mother, she puppeteered with Lamb Chop and tried to imitate its voice without lip movement, like her mother used to do.

Shari Lewis bagged the winner’s award on “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts”, the popular TV series aired on CBS channel. Before her death in August 1998, Shari sold the privileges to Lamb Chop to “DreamWorks”, but her daughter Mallory Lewis is still the owner of the rights to live performing with Lamb Chop.

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